Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Military Update on the MODERN GUILLOTINES

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
I have spoken recently to a retired US military source, personally. Due to his amazing background, he knew much that others in the military are not made aware of. He  was in the SUPER SOLDIER program, also called a UNISOL. However, he considered himself successfully emerged from his programming and indoctrination, to come out and fight the very NWO that had programmed him.

I cannot fully reveal everything he shared with me about the super soldier program in the military. It is far beyond Hollywood theatrics, and very real and very high tech. It would take too long in this article to explain. Perhaps in a future article. 

But what he revealed was certainly mind-boggling to me. And this explains the kind of soldiers they may use in the future to commit NWO atrocities against people, without compassion or conscience. Super-soldiers are bred to obey without hesitation, kill without conscience, and to have zero compassion.

Even as the CIA uses exposure to satanism and dark rituals to further mind control people, so does the US military SUPER SOLDIERS program. The CIA uses the horrors of satanic rituals for what is called TRAUMA based or induced programming, believing that trauma opens the mind up to further programming. And from what he revealed to me, so does the US military in it's mind control programming. 

In fact, he even admitted that MICHAEL AQUINO, military satanist and psy-ops specialist extraordinaire, was directly involved in his military programming. He said that Aquino's nickname was "Dr. Type-type" at that time.

(I will be definitely writing a future article on Aquino and the Temple of Set and his role in the NWO agenda for America...especially as he works with the spy guys at the NSA.)

My military source admitted he had also been exposed to brain surgery, surgical implants, had a tracking chip implanted, and much more in the attempt to create the perfect killing machine, the SUPER SOLDIER.

When I asked him, he fully admitted that he had been exposed to the NWO agenda and satanic programming as well. However, he (as many others) had finally decided to come out of all this to fight back.


As a former participant in the NWO agenda in the US military, he was fully aware of the modern military guillotines. He shared with me what he knows about this. He admitted that these modern guillotines are in all branches of the US military now. 

I previously reported on the prevalence of them in the US Army, based upon information from Doc Marquis and Staff Sergeant Donnie Boysel of Fort Lewis, Washington. Both were stationed there at Fort Lewis and both were fully aware of the military guillotines. 

Doc knew from the perspective of an Illuminati infiltrator into the US Army, recruiting people into the NWO agenda while serving in the Army. Staff Sergeant Boysel was stationed there and knew from his training about these guillotines. He was going to instruct his platoon of 64 men in how to operate them, in fact.

My recent military source told me even more, however. The ones he had seen, including in USAF bases, were shiny steel, folded down in the middle, and able to be set up and taken down by two men. The metal was seemingly coated with a teflon-type material. I suppose to make the guillotines easier to clean after use (sigh...) 

He admitted that they are indeed installed in many of the prisoner boxcars with shackles I have reported on throughout the years, and further confirmed the grim reality of my prisoner boxcars reporting.

"Have you actually SEEN these guillotines?" Yes, he admitted he had.

"Have you also seen them actually being used on people?" Yes. 

Doc Marquis admitted to me that in their Illuminati rituals, the guillotines were also used on victims. This recent military source had participated in his past in military satanist rituals in which the guillotines were also used. Oh, what deep, dark secrets the US military often conceals from the public! And their darkness goes far beyond anything I have ever reported on, especially in the deep underground military bases.

"Can you confirm that the prisoner boxcars with shackles indeed have the military guillotines installed in them?" Yes.

"Have you actually seen these prisoner boxcars with shackles?" Yes.

As a former programmed SUPER SOLDIER whose purpose was to serve the NWO agenda, he had indeed been exposed to all these and knew about this first hand.

Well, my fellow Americans, how do you feel, realizing that YOUR TAX DOLLARS have paid for the horrors I have just described??? How do you feel, knowing that your tax dollars are paying for the training of our US military to commit crimes against humanity under martial law, including with these modern military guillotines?

And my fellow Christians, how do YOU feel, knowing that these guillotines will be used someday in America to tempt you to deny your faith in Jesus your Savior, and to instead join their satanic NWO instead??? All this preparation for AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST is going on, behind our backs, in our own US military bases and with our American troops!

I don't know about you, but knowledge of such horrors as the above, have served to forge me into a committed intercessory PRAYER WARRIOR as never before. 

It is not hard to envision the coming atrocities about to be inflicted upon my fellow Americans and fellow Christians in this nation under martial law, with revelations such as the above. 

I am angry...but am channeling that justifiable anger to Biblical responses that can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the future of AMERICA. And INTERCESSORY PRAYER is part of that response. We must  ALL become a part of the answer through faith and prayer, because we are ALL a part of this endangered nation!

Your prayers for our nation are critical at this time. I pray constantly for God to raise up millions of Christian intercessors NATIONWIDE! SO many events are covertly in place for their martial law/NWO agenda. The planted nukes across this nation remain in place. The missiles re-directed at internal targets for their agenda, remain in place. The FEMA/DHS detention camps silently awaiting their future deliveries of  suffering and dying humanity, remain in place.

These heinous plans for America's destruction, and YOURS, cannot be stopped WITHOUT YOU! We are all in this battle together. Personally, I will never sit back in apathy as these satan-driven murderers proceed with their heinous NWO plans for my nation and my people. How can I? I know too much to be apathetic and do nothing.

Let's face it: if BAD people are working hard to destroy our nation, just think about what GOOD people can actually do to turn America around! But if we sit back and DO NOTHING, the NWO madmen will proceed as planned, unstopped. Only godly people can effectively counter the DARKNESS, with THE LIGHT and power that Jesus Christ gives to each one of us who trust in Him. 

Are there enough godly people in America to make the difference??? YOU DECIDE. And then purpose to become someone who MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!

Because TOGETHER...we CAN!

"I can do all things through Christ Jesus 
Who strengthens me."
To My International Readers-

Although the above article is written from an American perspective and how such things will affect my nation, I want to make clear that my research has confirmed the military guillotines are to be found worldwide. They will someday be operated by UN/NATO forces, also Russian and Chinese military, in various locations worldwide.

I am convinced that these modern guillotines must be the fulfillment of Revelation 20:4, the souls of those "beheaded for the witness of Jesus" under a worldwide antichrist government inspired by satan himself, as revealed in Revelation 13.

Interestingly, Jewish people that I discussed this with, frankly admitted to me personally that my reporting was correct, and that Orthodox Jewish beliefs declare Christian to be both idolaters and blasphemers of God due to their faith in Jesus. This makes Gentile believers in Jesus subject to execution by beheading under the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS.

One Jew even commented to me, "Your reporting is correct...and the antichrist you Christians fear will be OUR NEW MESSIAH to lead us to world victory...and to get rid of you Christians who stand in our way!"

So, my dear Jewish readers, must your "world victory" involve the worldwide massacre of Christians with your Noahide Laws to be enforced internationally someday??? Is the future Zionist world kingdom you envision, to be built upon the blood of the saints and martyrs of Jesus Christ worldwide???

And what if Jesus really IS the Messiah, and everything Isaiah your prophet declared the Messiah would be???

"And He shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace..." If Isaiah the Jewish prophet could call the Messiah divine, why should we Christians face beheading under your Noahide Laws for blasphemy for also calling Him DIVINE???

Do you as Zionist Jews really want to bring such great bloodguilt upon yourselves and Israel as well, by this plan to genocide the Christians of the world? (Jerusalem is home to the world headquarters of the B'nei Noach and Noahide Laws for Gentiles movement, under their modern day Sanhedrin.)

I can only look at such Jews so deceived by a satanic NWO agenda, and weep within for their eternal souls. 

To reject the loving and wonderful Messiah, Jesus, and to then seek to destroy His followers worldwide, can only bring the greatest of wrath of Almighty God who sent His Son to this world, and bring forth eternal damnation of all those so sadly deceived. 

I pray with love daily for the Jews so deceived by this false and heretic agenda. None of this is of the one true God of Abraham, Israel, and the one true Messiah, Jesus. May Jesus their Messiah convict them deeply and lead them into all truth. Thank God for the Jews worldwide who have discovered the joys of JESUS THEIR MESSIAH, and have found the truth at last. 

Christian readers worldwide, please join with me in prayer for the tragically deceived Jews who support this Zionist/"behead the Christians" agenda. Remember: if WE die, we have eternal life and go to be with God in eternal glory. But if these Jews die without salvation through their Messiah, the Bible makes clear their eternal end.  

The UNBELIEVING will have their part in the place of eternal torment, called "the lake of fire," forever and without reprieve. NO true Christian wishes this for anyone. Nor does Almighty God Himself! That is WHY He sent His son to the world, so that whosoever believes in Him shall NOT PERISH, but have eternal life!

While the kingdom of satan is certainly built on the dead bodies of millions of his opponents, God's holy and merciful and divine kingdom is NOT. 

The Zionist agenda which plans for millions of Christians to be ruthlessly murdered worldwide is NOT of God, nor ever can be. In fact, it is inspired by Lucifer himself. And many of these very Jews who support the NWO are in fact Sabbateans, or satanists. In rejecting Jesus as Messiah, they have embraced a "strong delusion" that will lead to eternal damnation. (II Thessalonians 2:10-12 )

Should any of this really be surprising? Any Bible scholar knows this is not the first time that Jews have turned to false gods and idols in place of the Living God of Abraham! Jewish prophets of antiquity were sent to the Jews many times, who had turned aside to worship Baal and Molech, and to even offer their children as human sacrifices. What judgments God brought upon them for their spiritual harlotry and abominations!

And so it is today with the Jews who reject the God of Israel and His Messiah, and turn to Lucifer instead. These are the Jews of the NWO who espouse the bloody sacrifices of millions of dead Christians, to bring forth their Zionist world order. God have mercy upon, enlighten and save these Jews so deceived.

My international readers, these guillotines are indeed  in place worldwide. The infamous Rothschild banking family and those working with them, are among the worldwide funders of these guillotines being manufactured and distributed worldwide for future genocide of NWO resistance and Christian martyrdom. They make it no secret that their spiritual father is LUCIFER, and that the NWO is theirs.

As we see the international bankers attempting to create financial chaos in many European nations, with the hopes that it will lead to mass rioting and civil unrest and the European version of MARTIAL LAW and NATO troops patrolling such nations, the unveiling of the guillotines and detention camps in Europe and elsewhere may not be far off. 


-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Pamela: Don't forget the Jesuits, they killed millions of christians. The Catolicism killed 200 millions of Christians in the last 2000 years. And the Jesuits are very important for the NWO.


    Same satanic team.

    And YES, we need pray EVERY DAY, EVERY TIME.

    "Pray and Be Alone With God" - Paul Washer:

    God Bless You.

  2. Maybe 6-7 years ago, I had a chance encounter with an ex-truck driver. He said that, at one time, he was to drive a load to an underground city under Omaha. He told me that, while underground, he passed by and counted 90 Guillotines there. He didn't say how long ago that he had driven there. That was the first I had heard of these machines, or even the underground cities, and now, well your article here confirms his story to me.

  3. Everyone should distribute this article far and wide!
    God Bless! From, Brother John : ] 1Ti 6:18
    TheBibleFormula & Equation Gen1:1+Rev22:21=1Jn5:7 Words10 + 12 = 22 Letters44 + 44 = 88 Vowels17 + 17 = 34 Cnsnts27 + 27 = 54
    The KJB Told The Truth All Along.

  4. Hi,

    Could you please give some sources concerning guillotines in Russia/China where ever they are? I am one of your international reader Eager to share this news.

    If you have any source available for the orthodox, I take as well ;)

    you can contact me on my website there is a contact form under accueil, which means home, or the big contact icon.

    God bless you.


  5. all any of this does is justfy my beliefs, it all has 2 happ, iv been taught 2 take my head, so take it, this is a short vac in this school yard on earth, its not that great here anyway. while im accending to the next lvl they will be assending to be worm food for ever, and remember we win in the end ! i mean if you had any doubts in your religion , this should make them stronger. when it happens let go of anger let go of monatary stuff, and hope are beliefs in raptura are going 2 happ soon

  6. About fifteen years ago I watched a documentary on The History Channel about the guillotine. At the end of this documentary - and I shall never forget these words - the announcer said "Have we seent he last of the guillotine?" It reminded me of what John wrote in Revelation 20:4. But thank God for pre-Tribulation Rapture! If you confess Jesus as the Son of God and know that He died for your sins and arose from the grave you will be snatched off this mudball called Earth before these blades begin to fall.