Saturday, June 1, 2013

Correcting Misconceptions About This Ministry

Dealing with "COINTELPRO" On the Internet

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Once again, I feel the need to address certain misconceptions regarding me and this ministry of investigative journalism. 

I received a rather rude and derogatory communication from a person yesterday, accusing me of hosting a "fear-mongering for profit" website.

Oh, really??? A "for profit"  ministry and website???


Let me explain to you just how much "profiting" I have done in my 18 years of this investigative journalism for the American people.

When I first became involved in this work, I gave up everything I ever had...a comfortable home on the grounds of a luxurious resort PLUS several jobs,  to purchase a truck and RV so that I could go on the road to investigate and report to the American people what was coming to our nation.

Early in this ministry, I purchased air time at my own expense, paying $800 a month for a weekly broadcast DEFENDERS OF LIBERTY on WWCR out of Nashville, TN. It was not listener supported. I paid out of my own pocket for this broadcast to warn America.

During this time, I also published a book of my travels and research to uncover the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. Every copy I sold was AT COST, for the amount I paid to have each copy made, and the cost of postage. 

My philosophy is that no one should be deprived of the precious truth, because they do not have the money to pay for a book, or a DVD, etc.

For years I have been blogging and have had several websites. These websites made my investigative journalism reports FREE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. 

On my present blog of several years, I have now published about a thousand reports, and every one of them was made free to the public. Countless hours go into writing these reports...and never have I been paid for even ONE of those hours.

A little support comes in occasionally from a handful of readers. God bless them!

What has cost me thousands of dollars personally, plus countless hours of labor, much danger involved in research and investigation, countless miles of travel to investigative and report on location, I have consistently made available FREE OF CHARGE to the endangered American people. Report after report after report...

Far from being "for profit,"such work has put my life and health at risk repeatedly.

Many of the pawn shops across this nation have at times received my treasured personal possessions, pawned because I needed the basic survival tools of food and gas to continue...and because there in no money in this kind of reporting. I am uncomfortable in asking people for anything, even in exchange for my labors.

Personal computers, musical instruments and more personal possessions were slowly parted with over the years, to enable me to continue to warn my fellow Americans. 

Through this process throughout the years, I have been stripped of all but the bare basics essential to daily survival. And actually, that is fine. Doing anything worthwhile for God and others, is worth the sacrifice. Even the Bible states, "Having food and clothing, let us be content."

You can determine how successful and serious a person is in any field, NOT by how much money they rake in for their work, but by HOW MUCH THEY PERSONALLY SACRIFICE for their work to continue on behalf of others. 

God measures success by our obedience to Him and our sacrifice for His work to continue.

Because it is always too expensive to stay in a motel room every night, I have been compelled to learn the fine art of CAR CAMPING to continue in journalism. I know now how to survive cold winter nights without any heat, even dipping down to -30 degrees with winds howling and snow drifting up to your vehicle's windows (experienced in Wyoming and Montana.). A thick mattress covered with a big sheepskin rug beneath you, and a-40 degree down sleeping bag ABOVE you...and a nice warm sweatsuit set for PJ's!

It really works...or I would be quite dead by now.

Hmmm...let's see. If my reporting were ever a "for profit" ministry, having been in this for 18 years now, I should be swimming in cash by now...just like the televangelists of today! Or even Alex Jones! I should have a nice expensive mansion, many cars, a walk-in wardrobe closet, fame and acclaim, and more.

But in fact, I DO NOT. My vehicle has become my ONLY home on the road to perform my Christian outreach and journalism. 

I have had no dwelling of my own to "go home" to for 12 years now. 

I suffer much persecution. It comes with the turf, as they say. My life has been threatened for my honesty in reporting. I have been threatened because of my Christian ministry as well. There have been already several death attempts on my life, and once planned abduction that God rescued me out of miraculously.

For "profit?" I never had a threat from the FBI or anyone else, UNTIL I begin this work. And then, the FBI came to my webmaster and threatened me through him, telling him that on a scale of 1-10 I rated an 8  in their priorities to TERMINATE me for my reporting. "We don't like the truth she's telling the American people," they warned him.

"Tell her, that her time is very short..." they said. 

Where is the alleged "profit"...??? Rather, this work has cost me my personal safety forever! And someday I will undoubtedly pay with my life. This is a realistic assessment. May God have mercy in the day of judgment upon those who make such baseless accusations against me.

I do not receive any six figure or any other comfortable salary for my hard and dangerous labors. Rather, I have to pray in every cent just to supply the bare basics for survival. 

Therefore the honest reality is, if my readers, who directly benefit from my reports, do not send occasional support, I simply do not eat nor do I have gas. It is as simple as that. No one can live in a vacuum of continually giving out, without receiving as well at some point. How long could any of you afford to work, without receiving pay???

There have been times when I have been literally stranded in rest areas or truck stops across America for lack of funds to continue, having to patiently pray for God to send a financial miracle so I can continue in my work. And this is AFTER having exhausted personal possessions at the local pawn shop.

Thus is the nature of NOT-FOR-PROFIT sacrificial work and ministry.

You know, COULD  have placed limitations on who could read my investigative reports, and who could not. I could have published many books by now, charged alot, and left many people out of the information loop who simply cannot afford the luxury of buying books at this time.

Whenever I am on radio, no one pays me...nor do I expect financial reimbursement. My concern is for my fellow Americans. Every interview is for their benefit.

But I decided long ago that this information was so important, that I could never do this to my fellow Americans. Everyone deserves to KNOW THE TRUTH, regardless of whether they have that thing called "money," or not. And Jesus Himself would agree! 

Jesus spoke the eternal truth of God freely to all, rich and poor alike, freely. And so have I.

I can never forget my years of involvement in Christian pro-life outreach to the unborn. It was often dangerous, and exhausting, and very sacrificial. I remember one time where I had just gotten out of jail for one act of Christian pro-life rescue. I went to a Christian seminar where a well-known televangelist with a church in Colorado was speaking. 

She closed her message by mentioning that she had done a study on Psalms, filled with hope and encouragement, that everyone facing challenges in life should have. And then had produced a series of recordings on this message.

Oh, how I wanted that! But then, she stated that it would be available to everyone that day "...for only twenty dollars." My heart was crushed. I did not have even $20. I wanted to cry. No one had ever paid me to save the unborn, and to go to jail as a result of our obedience to God.

So often, there is little or no financial reward in genuine sacrificial Christian ministry. There was none in my pro-life outreach to the unborn: Christian pro-lifers are in the battle for far MORE important things that mere money! We are in this pro-life battle for the LIVES OF THE CHILDREN TO BE SAVED FROM DEATH.

True Christian ministry has far higher motives than mere filthy Illuminati currency, which is often not even worth the value of the paper it is printed on! (It is now all fiat currency in America today.)

In truth, I have joyfully sacrificed everything I once held dear, to take up the cross and to follow Jesus Christ. And this is simply Scriptural obedience. And it is "joy unspeakable and full of glory" in spite of tears and challenges and heartache at times.

My life takes on new dimensions of JOY, of PEACE, of STRENGTH and FULFILLMENT and HOPE, as I seek to embrace the cross to follow this magnificent Savior and Comforter, Jesus Christ! What a wonderful life mine is! Christ is greater than all our sufferings and trials! I have found the secret of true joy and fulfillment...and it is NOT in material things and filthy money. 

True fulfillment is found in Jesus Christ ALONE.

I have discovered through the privilege of experiencing extreme poverty for Christ's sake, that I do not need the "things-things-things" of this world, to be content or happy. Material things so often bring great financial debt and bondage. Love of material things can become hindrances to God using us fully. Love of money can lead to great sorrow, and many temptations as well.

God has His plan of purging us of the things of this world and it's ways. Throughout 42 years of various forms of exciting Christian ministry, God has ALWAYS met my basic needs. 

There was never any real substantial financial recompense in any ministries I was involved with...but I was never in ministry for money to begin with. God forbid. 

And anyone who has entered into ministry with the dollar sign in their eyes and in their heart, needs to either repent, or get out of Christian ministry forever.

So what do I have left of this world as I follow Christ and continue to lay down my life for His calling? 

My vehicle (which is my only home). 

Some clothing and personal care items... several musical instruments to worship and praise Him upon that I use for ministry to others as well...a Bible and some Christian books to freely distribute to others...and my personal backpack and camping items.

And that is about all. For 18 years of labor on behalf of an endangered Body of Christ in America, and on behalf of my fellow American people, this is all I own in this world. How can anyone rightfully accuse me somehow of being in ministry for profit? After faithfully warning people to prepare for coming crises and to store various things, I now cannot even afford to provide for myself the things essential for survival, except for a backpack and a few camping items.

I do not receive any monthly checks from the government (and don't want to.)

I have sacrificed both of my job fields forever, because of this work, professional child care and elder care in their home. Would you want YOUR children taken care of, by someone whose life has become a target for termination??? Or taking care of your elderly loved ones in their homes? 

Because of personal dangers involved in my journalism, I can never expose families and their loved ones to danger by my working for them. My financially supporting careers of child and elder care are now gone forever.

But my personal sacrifice is the expression of MY LOVE FOR MY FELLOW AMERICANS, and fellow Christians nationwide and worldwide. 

Jesus declared, that no greater love has any person, than to lay down one's life for others.

The more research I performed throughout the years, to uncover the horrific plans for our nation, the more my heart broke for millions of precious Americans who would be victimized by the heinous NWO agenda for America. My compassion and love for my fellow Christians and Americans grew throughout the years, as I began to realize what exactly was coming to our nation.

You must understand that every report you read, is a direct product of that love and concern for YOU, because of my research.

So then, is my reporting somehow "fear-mongering for profit...???" I think not. 

Think again, and judge by the facts.

Be careful therefore in how you judge others, Christian especially. KNOW the facts and KNOW that person's heart before you ever bring false accusations against that person. GO to that person and get to know them FIRST, personally, before you ever come to any conclusions.

The US government has published much COINTELPRO disinformation on the Internet, against truth-tellers like myself, to attempt to discredit us. I know several who are paid to attempt to discredit me, in fact. And they continually use terms like "fear-mongering" and "for profit" to seek to try to turn readers away from my important reports.

Thus is the nature of the corrupt government we have in America today.

One such COINTELPRO source is with the FBI, and the other working with the CIA. I have known both personally, attempted to minister to them, and it grieves me to now see them used by satan for this purpose. All I can do is pray for their salvation, and that God will show His true people the truth, and go on.

And one other slanderer is a nutcase false prophet who plagiarizes from honest reporting like mine, and turns it into her "for profit"  books of fake "prophecy" and makes alot of money in this way. And she is in fact  a witch, and teaches KARMA AND REINCARNATION. She attacked me viciously when I told her that karma and reincarnation WERE UNSCRIPTURAL.

She even boasts that she is responsible for "9/11" and that she cursed the Twin Towers to bring judgment on America, as one friend of mine who was visiting her at that time stated to me later. "I brought them down," she stated loudly as she vigorously struck the floor with a broomstick, my startled friend told me who witnessed all this. Oh, what kinds of people the world is filled with today!

Jesus never promised that we would be loved by the world for our Christian testimony! In fact, He promised just the OPPOSITE:

"Blessed are you when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely for My sake and the sake of the Gospel. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for GREAT IS YOUR REWARD IN HEAVEN, for so men persecuted the prophets that were before you."

Jesus said, "WOE unto you, when all men speak well of you, for so men spoke of the false prophets who were before you."

But how many Christians today do not believe this! I grieves me when I witness Christians adding to my grief, believing government slander on the Internet regarding me, and then republishing this without even the courtesy to come to me first to ask me "could this possibly be true?" Or getting to know me and knowing my heart.

They obviously do not believe what Jesus had to say about this.

Truthfully, nothing surprises me anymore in this world. I have simply learned to keep my eyes on Jesus Christ instead, and press on towards the goals He has given me.

So there you have it, my friends.

Pray for my health and my safety.  Things are not getting any better in America, only worse. And as "wicked men shall become worse and worse" as Paul the Apostle warned Timothy, we will see more persecution for righteousness' sake coming to the true Christians of the world today, and in America as well.

All my work REMAINS available freely on the Internet whenever possible. 

But I will ALSO state that reader support is always welcome, whenever God lays it on someone's heart. In fact, it is critical for my survival at this time. Can we expect anyone to live in a continual vacuum of repeatedly giving out  and sacrificing for others, and NOT have to receive back as well at times???

How long could YOU work at your present job, and NOT be paid...??? Simply think about it. God's people out on the frontlines of battle for the truth are not "supersaints." We suffer and have needs like anyone else...and due to the nature of our work, maybe even more needs than normal lifestyle people.

But regardless of whether you send support or not, these reports remain free online to the world and my fellow Americans always. YOU are loved, and YOU are important. And that is why these reports shall continue...because of God's love for YOU.


Continue to pray for this nation, and our world in turmoil today. I have NO DOUBT that many potential crises and tragedies were averted last month, due to journalism such as mine that INSPIRES INTERCESSORY PRAYER.


And continue to pray for my safety, and for my needs to be met so I can continue in this important ministry for so many.

God's great blessings to you all, 

~Pamela Rae Schuffert~
P. O. Box 2396
Columbia Falls, Montana 59912


  1. James 5:16 KJV
    [16] Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

    God Bless! From, Brother John
    : ] 1Ti 6:18

  2. God bless you my dear sister. Your labor will never go in VAIN and YOUR REWARD in HEAVEN can NEVER BE STOLEN.
    Jesus Christ is LORD!