Monday, June 17, 2013

The Amazing UNCOMPROMISED Pastor of Bozeman, Montana!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Our Almighty God is known for doing 
incredible and amazing things in the world today!

Only a few weeks ago, I went to a lovely Christian-owned coffee house in Whitefish, Montana. I was writing another report to post, and praying in my heart for God to lead me to all the right people. This delightful coffee house and frozen yogurt establishment is just the right place to bring friends and family on a hot summer day!
Red Caboose in lovely Whitefish, Montana

I am always praying for God to lead me to the right people, wherever I go. One of my greatest prayers is for God to lead me to pastors who are uncompromised and who know the truth about what is coming to America...and who are NOT afraid to warn God's people!

Can I be honest with my readers, and admit that such pastors are very few in this nation??? Tragically, they remain a distinct minority in America today. And whenever I discover one, it is as if I have found a great and priceless treasure to fellowship with.

Pastor Mark Vargas of ARK MISSIONS in Bozeman/Belgrade, Montana, is one of God's true remnant pastors. I encountered him one night in THE RED CABOOSE cafe in Whitefish, Montana a few weeks ago. 

Somehow, we began to talk with one another as he sat at one table with his wife. And immediately, we found ourselves on the same page, talking about America's future and what is coming to America. Amazing! He knew about the things I report on, and knew they were true.

I listened quietly as this committed pastor shared his heart and his vision, and his challenging labors in the Bozeman, Montana, area. Tears formed in my eyes as I listened intently. 

For here was a man after God's own heart! Here was a man who understood times and seasons in America! 

And here was a pastor who refused to be FEMA-coached and refused to betray his fellow Christians into the devouring jaws of the roaring NWO lion.

He shared with me his struggles and persecutions he suffered for his message, and my heart broke for them. They lived on the edge for his ministry, having a powerful message and ministry but limited financial support. 

They were so burned out from spiritual warfare, that the pastor and his wife finally had to come to the mountains around Glacier NP just to become refreshed and restored, so they could return to the battle back in Bozeman.
Wiccan covens in Montana

"The wiccans are attacking us spiritually in our area, " he admitted. There are many wiccan covens in the Bozeman area. Not only wiccans, but in fact hard-core satanist covens as well, as locals admitted to me previously when I researched in that region.

Pray for the salvation of the wiccans and the satanists of this region, and of America and the world today. I once was lost in occult darkness for many years, groping to find hope in the darkness. 

But I found nothing in that occult darkness, until I finally turned to God's solution for SIN, Jesus Christ the Son of God! 

I rejoiced the very day I burned over sixty books on the occult, smashed my crystal ball, torched my Ouija board, and turned my entire life over to Jesus Christ my Savior! ONLY He could rescue from the soul damning darkness I once walked in, depressed beyond words and facing eternal damnation. Thank you, Jesus!

Many NWO agenda communists live there in Bozeman, Montana, as well, often connected with the university, MSU of Bozeman. Bozeman, Montana, is in fact a very "red" city. There are many Marxist/socialist professors in MSU. 

And frankly, that also means ANTICHRIST professors, and people for the NWO Marxist/socialist progressive agenda in America as well. And that is exactly what they are impressing upon their students in every one of their classrooms.

But Jesus died to save them as well: pray for them. Many Communists, finally disillusioned by communism, have come to Jesus Christ throughout the years.

Pastor Mark also admitted he was not popular with the FEMA-coached pastors reportedly prevalent in Bozeman. Several churches are reportedly involved in FEMA agendas for martial law here in Bozeman, Montana.

But he and his wife refuse to compromise the truth in this hour! They refuse to counsel God's precious people to meekly surrender to the forces of hell behind the NWO agenda for America, or to throw up their hands and to be marched to prisoner boxcars with shackles, only  to be horribly destroyed under martial law.

Your  precious support for me, enabled me to provide gasoline funds that very night for his transportation needs, to return from Whitefish to Bozeman and his ministry. They were so deeply touched as we prayed that night and I handed them the fuel funds they had prayed for earlier. But I told them it all came from Jesus and His people.

But then, isn't this what the true Body of Christ is all about, anyhow? Aren't we called to love one another as Christ loved us, and to lay down our lives for one another? Are we not called to bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ? LOVE is the commandment of Jesus to His disciples! What joy it is to walk in LOVE.

"By THIS shall ALL MEN KNOW, that YOU are my disciples, if you have LOVE TOWARDS ONE ANOTHER."~Jesus Christ~

"You will never know the price I have paid for this present ministry, " Pastor Mark told me today as we discussed many things. He gave up his prosperous ministries in Florida, with a thousand members in his congregation at one time, to come to Montana to preach a dynamic message as a wake-up call to God's endangered people in this region. And he has suffered and truly paid the price for his obedience to God.

He has a small congregation now. Unfortunately, many Christians are unwilling to receive the truth in this hour.

Funds have become very limited as a result. It is very difficult to find a job in Montana at this time. But he and his wife know that God is mightily using them in this region of America, and they steadfastly refuse to turn back.

Pastor Mark further realizes from reports such as mine, and confirmed by many others, that the prisoner boxcars are here....the detention camps are here...the modern military guillotines are here...the NWO agenda is firmly in place here in Montana and in this region as well. 
But Pastor Mark's response to all of the above, is that of  TRUE and committed man of God. Being a faithful shepherd of the flock God has set him over here (and NOT "a hireling"), he gently but faithfully warns them of things to come, and is helping to prepare God's elect to face these things and to OVERCOME in Jesus' mighty Name!

As a true man of God, Pastor Mark realizes that God does NOT measure success in ministry by how many people are in his congregation, or by how much money he receives weekly. 

Rather, he knows that true success in the sight of God, is to be faithful to preach the message he has been given in this hour, and to walk worthy of Jesus Christ in holiness and integrity. And to be faithful to warn God's people and to prepare them to stand faithful to Jesus Christ unto the end.

Ever since I arrived here and attended my first church service at THE ARK MINISTRIES, and met the wonderful and committed members of his congregation, I have been humbled and so blessed to see what God is doing here. 

Pastor Mark is an answer to my prayers of so many years, that God would raise up fearless and uncompromised pastors who would indeed warn the people of God of the kinds of things I report on, and lay down their lives to this end for them. 

The message of TRUE DISCIPLESHIP must be preached in this hour. The timeless and eternal message of denying self and embracing the cross to follow Jesus Christ regardless of the cost, must be emphasized throughout the churches in America today, as never before. 

For ONLY TRUE DISCIPLESHIP will endure the coming times of persecution and martyrdom of the Christians in North America under martial law. And this is the message that Pastor Mark preaches without compromise.

May God bless this man, Pastor Mark Vargas, and his wife Mindy and family!

Beloved readers, will you please stand in love, in faith and in prayer with this dynamic man of God, Pastor Mark, who faces so many challenges in this region??? 

Please consider sending him financial support as well.Here is his mailing address:

Pastor Mark Vargas
Ark Missions, 
60 Frank Road, 
Apartment K, 
Belgrade, Montana 

We MUST choose to stand together with those who are on the front lines for Jesus Christ at this time in America.

The dragon is poised to devour and consume the elect of God in America. Woe unto us as Christians, if we fail to stand united together against the devourer Satan and his legions of darkness in this hour!

And intercessory prayer for his essential outreach and his family costs nothing...yet is so vital!

Thank you for being the true members of the Body of Christ, and for caring.

I love you, and am praying for you, my readers. May all of you be accounted worthy to overcome all these things we face, in the mighty Name of Jesus our Savior, and to stand before the Son of Man in VICTORY AT LAST!

Pray for me to be upheld in this traveling ministry of encouragement to our brethren in Christ at this time. 

Your financial support provides for my food and transportation costs to continue this important outreach to others nationwide. And enables me to contribute to worthy ministries such as Pastor Mark's.

Thank you for your love!

~Pamela Rae Schuffert~


  1. I am Mark and Tim's Sister. Mindi's Sister in Law. I have a Music Ministry. Jesus is almost here for us all. God is showing us so many signs. Also, God shows me in my dreams many things. The devil separated our Family. After fasting and great prayer warriors, that bind is now broken. He deceived even the saved and is still proceeding to do so. But God is using this separation for the good. I am in California where it snows. Here, we are ready. God told me where to move. The Mountains. Amen for My brother and his Family. Amen

  2. Thank you for making Pastor Vargas known to me. Can you ask him if he is aware of STEVE QUAYLE who does many interviews on the Hagmann & Hagmann report? He can catch some of those on YouTube. Steve Q is also in Bozeman. A true man of God! Web site is: