Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ministering to the Homeless Across America

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Living on the road for my ministry and journalism enables me to reach many people in need all across America. The following is an excerpt from an email I recently sent a reader:

....Did alot of ministry to homeless on the street I always do when I am traveling.  One woman's situation was pathetic. Brilliant woman, formerly married to military intelligence. She has even been in deep underground bases/cities. She is a very real born again Christian, a beautiful woman. 

The military is now tormenting and stalking her because of the corruption she discovered through her husband in the military and intelligence, and they feel she is a threat because of what she knows. She has to remain mobile now, has had attempts on her life, they even send their men to tail her and taunt her right to her face to keep her unnerved and worn out.

I had prayed yesterday for God to lead me to the people He wanted me to minister to while here filming. And He did. She was so frail, so heart bled for her. We prayed together and I then Asked God how I could help her. In her situation, she obviously needed money for gas.  I could relate perfectly. And so blessed her with $50 for gas.

THIS is what true Christianity is all about. It is about love. It is about caring and giving. It is about encouraging. And I love it. Pray for her. God knows her name.

The four homeless people I ministered to were there on a street old couple and a younger couple as well. The old man was sitting on an upturned bucket, trying to get an ancient camp stove to somehow light (it looked like something from an antique store and I doubted if he could ever get it to light!) 

He couldn't light it and gave up. As the sun was going down it got cold. I looked at them and prayed about what to do to bless them in Jesus' name.

I then went to my vehicle and got my Coleman's camp stove, only about a month old. I gave it to the surprised older couple, and a few canisters of propane for it. He looked so cold, and so I gave him a new sweatshirt and woolen gloves for his hands. My folding camp chair was perfect for him as well, instead of that hard uncomfortable bucket. I distributed food and other things as they shared what they needed.
Homeless in America

Then the older man spoke up. I had not even mentioned Jesus yet to them.

"SO how long have you been a REAL CHRISTIAN???" 

This was a shocker. I had not even told them yet that I was a Christian...but was going to and going to minister to them.

I thought about this question, and realized something.

Sometimes our actions speak much louder to the world around us, than even our words of "I AM A CHRISTIAN." 

Without my saying anything, he knew I was A REAL CHRISTIAN. Jesus said that the world would know we are His disciples BY OUR LOVE. Words without appropriately corresponding actions are worthless and empty. Jesus not only SPOKE the Word: HE LIVED THAT WORD!

Walking in His love has the power to change lives around us! 

Love is so beautiful! Loves touches hearts where words alone cannot. Jesus not only SPOKE love, He LIVED love daily. And we are also called to walk and live in His love.

It is so wonderful when we follow Jesus and walk and live in LOVE. This is my life, and what I love to do more than anything else. I have found that no matter how poor I may be by the world's standards, I always somehow have enough to give to those suffering around me. 

An extra shirt or pair of socks. A can or two of food. A Christian Bible. Some extra change. And PRAYER and LOVE and COMPASSION are all free!

I love living on the road for this reason, because then I can minister to THE WHOLE WORLD AROUND ME...and my car becomes my pulpit. The world around me is my "church" and I become "the minister." Love it.

The people I encounter are those who often slip through the cracks of the modern church world. I am conscious of the fact that many of the people I encounter and minister to while traveling on the road, would normally never set foot in a church today. 

Many of them have never even listened to televangelist greats. But they HAVE heard the Gospel through ME!

And so I continue to minister to many of those who fall through the cracks of America's church apparatus.

Thank you for truly helping to make this vitally needed ministry possible. This is the Body of Christ in ACTION. 

We MUST work together as His Body, 
to bring His will to come to pass in America.

If BAD people are destroying this nation, then GOOD people walking with Jesus can RESTORE and help SAVE this nation. It's as simple as that. With God, all things are possible. And every day there is a new generation springing up, who can be reached for Jesus and then help to change the world by His power. 

Because of Jesus, 
there is always hope 
for the world... 
and for America.
God's love manifested through us
can change the world!

Why don't YOU go out today and
help change your world around you also?

-Pamela Rae Schuffert- 

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  1. John 15:15 KJV
    [15] Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.

    Proverbs 18:24 KJV
    [24] A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

    God Bless! From, Brother John