Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Readers Ask...How Can I support Your Work?

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

It is Sunday morning here in beautiful Montana.  I am watching the sun rise over these majestic mountains. Beautiful words from "Here I Am to Worship" Christian praise music are filling my heart as I listen. Such comfort Christian music provides!

But I am also painfully aware that just beyond these mountains, new detention camps are being built for anticipated NWO resistance. In these mountains, many sightings of the infamous prisoner boxcars with shackles have taken place throughout recent years. 

And I know Christians will become a major target in America's grim NWO future, to be arrested and taken to these boxcars, then sent to detention camps, and to be brutally murdered for their faith. And for this reason, I cannot stop praying over this region and nation for my endangered fellow Christians and Patriots, in the battle against the dark forces of NWO tyranny.

A scene from Australia

In checking my emails, I discovered that I just received an email from a reader in Australia. Below is that email.

Pamela a while ago you had a place where you could receive a paypal donation. Would it be possible to do this again. I live in Australia and follow your page always. May God bless you and continually keep you covered with his precious blood and surrounded by your guardian angels.
                                                      Thanking You
I am so thankful for emails from a handful of kind readers, who tell me that they are praying for me and who tell me that  they care. Being a single woman in ministry, with therefore no family to receive love and comfort or support from in this battlefield, 
the love of the Body of Christ means more 
to me than anything else in this world.
Besides my faith in Jesus, the precious love of the Body of Christ is all I have to sustain me. No material value can be placed on the value of true Biblical love and compassion. Thankfully, this is also one thing I am always able to give out abundantly to those around me, regardless of whether I have finances or not. 
And I covet that precious love from the Body of Christ. This is often a sad and a lonely battlefield for Christ. To know what I know, is heartache so many times.
Recently, after all the turmoil of May and the frantic reporting to warn America of the potential for major false flag disasters, I visited a local school of Christian ministry for prayer. These situations burn you out!
There was one precious sister in Christ mature enough to understand the situations that I shared with her, and she then took the time to pray with me. Her love, fellowship and her prayers meant more to me than what you will ever know. 
For the benefit of my friend from Australia, and for others who desire to share in this important work, I am going to publish my PAYPAL link again. It is with the understanding that I made clear in a previous article, that I have never been in ministry for money or profit. And that filthy Illuminati currency is NOT my God!
But unfortunately, finances are essential in this world we live in today. I am still living on the edge, in my vehicle to perform this traveling journalism and ministry. My personal dangers have recently increased. There is no guaranteed salary or retirement benefits whenever you step "outside the box" to do whatever God calls you to do.

And I am so very grateful for the handful of wonderful Christians who understand the value of love and supporting fellow laborers giving their lives for the calling of God. The Body of Christ was never meant to function alone, without mutual love and compassion and caring. 
Here is that link:

Thank you for caring and being the Body of Christ to ME, as I have strived to be for YOU. Every article is written with YOU in mind, because I love my fellow Christians and can never remain silent in this hour.

None of this journalism is for me: I already know perfectly what is planned to come to America, and the coming persecution of the Christians therein. 

This journalism and intercessory prayer nonstop has been FOR YOU.

And not ONLY in North America are these NWO persecutions coming, but also WORLDWIDE! My brothers and sisters in Christ face these same persecutions worldwide from the NWO globalist agenda in THEIR nations as well. In Germany, the UK, Australia,and beyond, the worldwide persecutions of satan's NWO are coming. And for many Christians in Muslim and communist countries, such persecutions have ALREADY COME.

I am so thankful we are ONE IN CHRIST throughout the world!

TRUE DISCIPLESHIP is every Christian's answer to emerging victoriously from the coming battles.We must all choose to embrace the cross and to follow Jesus faithfully, and to successfully enter into all He has promised to OVERCOMERS.

He bore the cross for us! Can't we bear bear our cross for HIM? The salvation of our very souls depends upon our remaining faithful to Him, even unto death.

God bless you all and give you the grace and power to stand in victory against the coming storm.

"In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us."
~Romans 8:37~

Your sister in Christ, Pamela
I have recently received several emails from beloved readers who had sent me lovely cards filled with encouragement. They were concerned that they had not heard back from me. I explained that due to the intense nature of last month, May 2013, I had been putting out far more reports than normal, and as physically and emotionally exhausted from all that had happened last month.

Normally, I also respond with lovely thank you cards and personal correspondence to readers who send mail. Due to the circumstances of last month, I simply was not able to as yet.

I APOLOGIZE! This was not deliberate. I hope to get thank you cards and correspondence out to my readers who wrote to me, as soon as I am able.

Thank you so much for your love, your support and your lovely cards! May God bless your kindness, and bring you safely through the times to come. We are all in this together!-Pamela Rae

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