Thursday, October 4, 2012

URGENT WARNING to My Readers in the Asheville, NC, Region

Warning For Christians in Asheville, NC: 

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

God often works in strange ways.... 

I was watching on YOUTUBE videos of the song  "Down to the River to Pray" this afternoon, and saw scenes from the movie "O Brother Where Art Thou" that reminded me of the Carolinas and folks talking just like back in the mountains of North Carolina, and all of a sudden I began to break down and cry from the depths of my soul. 

How I miss the Carolinas, and how deeply I love the simple down-home Christians in that region! I love Southern Gospel music as well. And now I live over 5000 miles away, in the Arctic Circle in Alaska, so very far from what was once home. 
Blue Ridge Parkway, WNC

While my friends back in the Carolinas are enjoying warm and balmy mild fall temperatures and lovely scenery as the leaves change, our foliage already has that dead look as nightly temperatures dip into the 20's and a harsh Arctic wind blows hard enough to shake the building I live in.

Previously I lived directly below CHARLOTTE, NC, FOR 13 YEARS, and had been heavily involved in various forms of ministry throughout that region for many years.
Asheville, North Carolina

My ministry included Christian pro-life in the mountains of North Carolina, and also ministry to various Christian families in the mountains of WNC around Asheville. Such families were being terrorized and victimized by the literal satanists of those mountains, including "bloody Madison county" right west of Asheville. Many people in that region are familiar with my report "ASHEVILLE SATANISM". Go to 

If you live is this region (WNC), and are not experienced in true spiritual warfare, I suggest you go to above link and read my reports, and then take the time to learn how to perform Biblical spiritual warfare against the hardcore satanism so prevalent throughout the Carolinas. One very important reason is because EVERY CHRISTIAN MUST UNDERSTAND what is about to come in America. Everything is in place for a martial law takeover in those mountains of Western North Carolina.

We are about to come under a brutal military dictatorship that many call "the NEW WORLD ORDER" agenda for America. Former satanists I have interviewed for my book, SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY, admitted to me bluntly that, for them, the NWO is Satan's manifest kingdom on earth, and that the satanists are the backbone of it. 

This agrees with Revelation 13, wherein the DRAGON, or Satan/Lucifer, gives his throne power and authority to this beast of a world government. As as such, thee satanists/Illuminati plan to ERADICATE THE CHRISTIANS WHO STAND IN THE WAY  of their establishing their NWO, under a future state of martial law to be imposed upon America in the future.

Preparations to deal harshly with Christians in the Carolinas, including Asheville and the WNC region, are all fully in place. They were in place when I left in 1996, to move out to the wild west and Montana. Fort Bragg, NC, is one US Army base that is training their men secretly to operate the modern guillotines to behead the Christians under martial law, as one Army source admitted to me in a previous report.

I spoke to one former satanist high priest, who had operated with the satanists of Asheville, NC, who admitted to me that my research was correct regarding martial law preparations in place in the Carolinas, including prisoner boxcars with shackles in place for Asheville, NC. Trains will haul these prisoner boxcars with shackles to various FEMA and HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps, with the intent of eliminating religious and political opposition to the NWO agenda being imposed by force in America someday.
I fully believe this man, because he was my father's former satanic high priest in Virginia Beach, VA, many years ago, before my father got saved and came out of this terrible darkness. His validity was further confirmed by Elaine Knost, subject of the Rebecca Brown series of books exposing satanism, available in Christian bookstores today.

Years of my previous research had uncovered that these FEMA prisoner boxcars with shackles would be used to haul political and religious opponents of the NWO agenda for America to the FEMA camps to be eliminated...brutally. Further research uncovered from various insiders revealed that CHRISTIANS RANKED HIGH ON THE LIST FOR REMOVAL AND DESTRUCTION IN THE CAMPS under martial law by the NWO.

But this is wholly predictable, when you understand that the term "NEW WORLD ORDER" is simply a modern term for WORLD GLOBALIST COMMUNISM. Communism was founded and heavily funded by satanists/Illuminati for their satanic world takeover agenda, and communists do this to Christians whenever they take over any nation. In Russia under the Bolshevik revolution, churches were seized and burned, and Christians rounded up and taken to horrific Gulag prison camps to be tortured, tempted to deny Christ, and in which millions perished for their unwavering faith and confession of Jesus Christ.

This same pattern of persecution of the saints has followed in every nation wherein communism has taken over: China, Kampuchea, North Korea, Cuba and beyond. And now, I state without apology that this same type of persecution is coming to North America as well. All the groundwork is fully in place. When Jesus declared in Matthew 24 that ALL NATIONS would hate His children and deliver them up to tribulation and to be put to death for His sake BEFORE HIS RETURN, He MEANT ALL NATIONS. 

And therefore North America must be included.

Christians of the WNC region, I am writing this out of deep concern and much prayer for you. I am a veteran of many years in spiritual warfare in your region.I am outraged over what the enemy has planned against God's precious children in my nation, and there in your region. The words of my father's former satanist high priest still burn in my ears today, as he confirmed the reality of the prisoner boxcars with shackles, hidden out of eyesight but nevertheless present in your region, and how they plan to use them to eliminate the Christians throughout your region.

"Yeah...your research is correct...they have the prisoner boxcars with shackles here is Asheville...they were being stored in the Biltmore Village region but later they moved them out of sight...there ARE guillotines in those boxcars...but theirs have ONE MORE THING in them..."
Old Train Station, Biltmore Village, Asheville, NC

I remember rolling my eyes and saying sarcastically, "And what would that be...satanic altars even?" He looked shocked and replied, "Yes...but how did YOU know?" I said, "Jericho, I know the hearts of the satanists in that region...I know they believe that every Christian arrested under martial law and taken to the camps to be killed will be secretly counted as ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN to get power from him to bring down the NWO... so why not???" He admitted this was true about the prisoner boxcars in Asheville, NC.

Perhaps it is a good thing you cannot feel the anger I am experiencing in my heart even as I write this.

Another credible information source is one person whom I interviewed across from Innsbruck Mall on Tunnel Road in Asheville. This person was military linked, in fact. The person shared with me how she was one of only a few professional truck drivers with high security clearance who made food deliveries to the deep underground military bases and underground detention camps across America. I told her immediately that I knew all about the D.U.M.B. underground bases in America, and the detention camps as well.

When I asked her if she knew about the prisoner boxcars with shackles in the Asheville area, including about the military guillotines as well, she replied affirmative. "I have two family members who sit on City Council here is Asheville...they know all about this...but they are very quiet about it and do not talk about this often..." 

This is because of the highly covert nature of such FEMA black ops. They do NOT want the general public knowing about such operations in any city or region. They fear public outrage and subsequent uprising by the public against such terrible plans for the American people. The government instructs people with such information to never discuss this openly in the public sectors.

Beloved Body of Christ, I hope you have an appropriate response prepared for these horrific murderers and madmen throughout your region when they come to arrest you JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN and attempt to take you and your loved ones to boxcars and shackles and camps under martial law!

I can never forget what one pro-life leader told me about his encounter with hundreds of satanists in the Asheville, NC, region one year. He was standing with a large group of Christian pro-lifers holding a rally, when all of a sudden about 200 satanists and pagans appeared dressed in occult clothes and wearing occult symbols.

He told me that many were carrying large picket signs as they surrounded the Christian pro-lifers. Do you want to know what these signs all said? "BEHOLD YOUR FUTURE EXECUTIONERS!" They these satanists began chanting repeatedly THOSE VERY SAME WORDS.

"Behold your future executioners...behold your future executioners..." Over and over for several hours throughout that entire pro-life rally. As I have explained in many of my reports throughout the years, every satanist worth their title knows all about martial law and the NWO agenda for America...because they consider it THEIR NWO AGENDA! 

Former satanists I have interviewed on this subject, have sat with me and admitted they believe that the NWO is satan's kingdom on earth and that they are the backbone of it. AND AS SUCH, THE CHRISTIANS HAVE TO GO!

"We satanists in the CIA sat around discussing, 'how the heck do you get rid of the Christians who stand in the way of our NWO in America?' We hated the Christians more than any other group in America, because we knew they would never accept our satanic NWO."

"We finally came up with the idea of concentration camps in America....I even helped plan some of them...and although now I greatly regret my role in planning the NWO agenda against Christians in the CIA, the detention camps stand to this day and WILL BE ACTIVATED UNDER MARTIAL LAW."

"I tell will be BRUTAL RAPE, TORTURE AND DEATH for the Christians in the camps once they get their hands on them when martial law is declared..." Interestingly, this is exactly what happens to Christians whenever they are arrested in countries when COMMUNISTS TAKE OVER THAT COUNTRY. Their churches are seized, they are arrested and sent off to gulags and detention camps where they are brutally tortured and many martyred for their faith. And this is exactly what is planned to come to AMERICA.

(From my month-long series of interviews with former satanist high priestess and former CIA assassin Elaine Knost in Okeechobee, Florida, after she had come out to become a Christian. During these interviews, she finally made admissions she never dared previously publish in a series of books exposing satanism, for legal reasons. But I exhorted her to TELL AMERICA THE TRUTH in this critical hour, and she finally did, admitting to the deeply covert information I later published in my reports and in my book SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY.-PRS)

Brothers and sisters in Christ in this Asheville/WNC region, haven't these NWO satanists  made their intentions against YOU quite clear???

THESE PEOPLE KILL. I have written graphic reports of what these satanist murderers do throughout your mountains of WNC, including what they do TO CHRISTIANS. Your mountains are already filled with the blood of the innocents who have died on their satanic altars, including Christians who were abducted and sacrificed BECAUSE THEY WERE CHRISTIANS. 
These precious Christians were tempted to deny Christ and join the satanists, and when they would not, they were tortured to death. Some abducted Christians have been nailed to crosses also by the satanists of WNC. Take a good look at those mountains all around has already happened throughout your region!

And when martial law and anarchy comes to those mountains, these murderers will then be emboldened to join the NWO military forces and come after the CHRISTIANS in your region, and help the government to brutally eliminate them.

I am haunted by my years of research and  deep memories of shocking revelations of things to come. I look at the precious families and innocent children all around me, knowing what wicked people have planned for our nation, and I cannot help but weep with anguish for my nation and for my fellow Christians as well. I am praying with tears even as I write this article, because I love God's people so much, including in this region of Western North Carolina. My intercession never stops, ever.

I have found that Christians are often their own worst enemies. When they do not want to hear the truth about things to come to our nation, and walk away from reports such as this, and refuse to fast and pray and prepare, they are then simply allowing the enemy to carry out his wicked plans against them unchallenged.

Christians in America cannot afford to be naive in this hour! Your ignorance becomes the cloak of darkness under which these murderers can then successfully operate..and then get away with murder! And it is YOUR murder in the FEMA boxcars and prison camps, Christians in America, that these NWO people are planning even as you read this! Don't let this happen unchallenged. Prepare NOW, spiritually and practically, to face these people when the hour of attack on your home and family comes. 

The NWO satanists have already shed enough innocent blood throughout WNC and our entire nation, in fact. The abductions, murders and sacrifices of the innocents throughout our nation by America's satanists/Illuminati MUST be confronted and brought to AN END

And if not by God's people, the Christians who have been given spiritual authority against satan and his dark kingdom, then by WHOM? Jesus Christ has already commissioned His Church to wage war against satan and his kingdom, using His authority and His word and His blood to defeat the enemy. 

But how many Christians have chosen to walk in this power and authority? I DO. I am so weary of these murderers and what they have gotten away with already. WE ARE HERE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD TODAY! And standing together in the power of Jesus Christ and united as His Body, WE CAN!!!

I refuse to sit back as these NWO murderers plan to destroy the people of God from my nation. These are my brothers and sisters in Christ! This is MY nation that my Pilgrim ancestors dedicated to the Lord God Almighty in 1620. This is MY nation wherein my ancestors fought for our freedom in the American Revolution. This is MY nation wherein my circuit-riding preacher ancestors helped to lay the foundations for a Christian nation UNDER GOD.

I will not give my nation up to the plans of those who worship and serve a defeated foe called satan! None of us who call ourselves Christians in America can, either!

"THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE ONE EARTH AS IT IN IN HEAVEN." The will of Almighty God, and the will of his arch-enemy satan, remain utterly opposed to one another. God is not schizophrenic! God is FOR His people, and against the will of satan and his people!  

We as Christians are to labor to bring forth God's kingdom and His will in the earth today. And we are called to battle the kingdom of satan, which also means confronting his satanic NWO, relentlessly as well. We are never called as Christians to sit back and allow satan to have his will unchallenged in the world. 

The devil is once again coming to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY, this time in America under martial law. 
Don't let him and his henchmen do it!

"Having done all , stand..."
"Resist the devil and he will flee from you!"
"Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy the works of the devil."
"Put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD..."
Revelation 12:11

Christians in Western North Carolina ( and the REST of America,) you have been warned. Now...what are YOU going to do about it??? It is YOUR future that is clearly at stake! Christians are the only people group in the world to whom God has given spiritual authority and a mandate to rise up against the works of the devil and to destroy them throughout the world today. And if we fail to use what God has given us, satan will only succeed in goal to come and STEAL, KILL AND DESTROY.The choice is yours...and the consequences as well.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. The praying and fasting sound good and well, but what else would you have us do? We are supposed to turn the other cheek. Jesus would not kill and neither should we. Besides, the end is inevitable. We cannot stop it. How do I get in touch with you though?

  2. Actually…. “Bloody Madison” aka Madison County, North Carolina, received such a nickname from a historical event concerning the struggle of our nation during the civil war…. Look up the historical facts on the Shelton Laurel Massacre for more information.
    In 1862, a group of Union sympathizers and Confederate deserters raided the home ( and various other properties throughout Marshall) of Colonel Lawrence Allen, commander of the 64th North Carolina, who was away in Virginia. Outraged Marshall residents rounded up the criminals and executed them with a firing squad, only to later find out not all of those executed were guilty. There is a granite marker that memorializes the sight were the executed were buried together in a single grave by sympathetic Shelton Laurel residents. This was simply a characteristic of the divide and struggle for control that took place in North Carolina during and after the Civil War…
    The majority or residents in rural Western North Carolina are conservative Christians who are very active in the local church and community. Don’t let Pam Schuffert feed you these lies. In fact she only wants to incite fear and pandemonium. She is not truly a Christian and is just trying to make sane, tolerant, religious people look crazy, intolerant, and bigoted so that people will disregard all things Christian related as a negative brainwashing scheme. Please see the following link, for more background information on her.
    This lady just twists WNC history into lies to induce fear. Please educate yourself before you buy her garbage. Research the historical facts of the places she includes in her fabricated stories to find out the real truth.

  3. Anonymous - now here in 2015 and knowing a global money is about to be born. Look at copy of the cover of USA Today on 5/21/15. Tell me what you see. Front Page. and then tell me would you stake everything you own on this woman being a liar or madness? Go to the Yale university lab report on the strontium, barium and aluminum being dumped on us every day by the now contacted commercial jets. also beryllium and polymers and now last week one famous person who is sending up balloons of sulfates - the Global Seismic event - over 40 previously dormant volcanoes - ISIS ready to pop out our power. American soldiers spread out amongst the population after the countries police departments received massive armored cars and Humvees and my own very small town tanks and helicopters. Space-x building a massive space station for some of the world's elite to live in the pods Mr. Bigilow has orbiting right now. rockets going up from every major country doing some form of the same thing in order to try and escape the mayhem here. That's just a drop in the bucket. Religious people are about religion but those who are true followers of Jesus already know about the coming events and weep for the people that won't make it. As Christians death has lost it's sting and the tribulation won't last but for 7 years. We know the times and anyone who has done any sort of ministry to those who are demonized which is nearly everyone know that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. The warfare she speaks of I have encountered but not on as such a wide scale as she because she has put herself out there for the cause of Christ while I was doing something else. Have a look at Perry Stone or Sid Roth or the weeks news! Anyone who gets a gov. check will be in for a shock. Or knowing about about Columbia SC and the full detention camp there, (for I met some that had fled it) after I heard about it. Now that there is one being built in Weaverville? Is she really crazy? That's what many of the "religious" people thought about Jesus, The prayers of the righteous avails much. It's past time we all should be on our knees for souls instead going against what God is doing through her. I know about the evil in Madison county because I'm from the next county to it. I know the Shelton's history and that ain't what she's referring to. Jesus didn't much care for religion and it's empty rituals when the very people were unclean through sin. Let us all clean our own house - body and soul so that we can worship the Father in Spirit and Truth for He desires such to worship Him. Let us be a witness for Christ outwardly while inwardly intercede for the lost with prayers and fastings. Let us ask the Holy ghost to reside in us and He will tell us things to come as is written. This woman uncovered an agenda early while now we who are concerned for end time things are just now learning how far we are into the NYO. NBC was quoted as saying "We will all be micro chipped by 2017" And the news is rampant with demonstrations of how simple and easy it will be to take the chip even, the host took one. Look at conscious Life News for they even have a "vitachip" one can swallow! No Christain will take it so what do you think they will do anonymous?