Thursday, October 4, 2012

"They" Hacked Into My Computer And SHUT IT DOWN After I Published THIS REPORT

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have learned through years of journalism, that you can KNOW your info is accurate, when GOV/MIL retaliation strikes immediately afterwards. And only recently it did!

The very night I published my report about internal missiles from our bases secretly re-directed at Washington DC and other internal targets for a martial law agenda, what must have been government retaliation with the intent of stopping my reporting actually happened.

(See report here: )

I posted that report on my blog, sent it to some email recipients, and posted it on And later that evening, I carefully shut down the laptop I have been using for reporting since I have been here, and finally went to bed. 

Jumping out of bed the next morning, I rushed to the computer to turn it on to see what intel reports from across the nation had come in, and discovered that THE COMPUTER WAS COMPLETELY DEAD...fried...history! The computer was working fine the night before, and was a relatively new computer. I realized that it had been hacked into and terminated.

How many of your realize that the government/military/intelligence have the power to do this whenever and wherever they want to??? I discovered that a long time ago, when they fried my friend ED PACK's computer after he got too smart, knew too much and talked too much. (He had actually warned me about the OKC BOMBING 3 months BEFORE it happened, thanks to White House insiders he had links with and later shared details with me. he had also been at WACO, filming it live as it happened.)They created a power surge aimed at his home only, and fried all his electronics equipment and his computer especially.

One friend of mine, Sharon, lost her NEW computer after she let me use it at her home to type reports with info exposing the NWO agenda. They created a power surge and blew out her modem, and she had to use her warranty to get her new computer modem fully replaced...and refused to let me use her computer ever since! She knew clearly what had happened...especially when her home was buzzed by two black military helicopters every single night for a month, after I used her computer to post sensitive information.

They have super technology now that doesn't even have to use power surges, and can permanently turn off your cell phone or computers, etc.

I realized that I may be on to something very BIG about disaster planned by NWO forces to come to WASHINGTON DC. Not only did they fry my computer the night after I reported on the potential for missiles from our own bases to hit DC for  a false flag/martial law disaster (and other cities as well) but NOW various websites are carrying reports of strange activities at MOUNT WEATHER, VA, hideout for the Washington DC elites in case of nuclear threat, etc.

And is now reporting that OBAMA's WHITE HOUSE SCHEDULE IS NOW EMPTY...and certain other elites are even canceling their speaking engagements now...and people are wondering whether A BIG FALSE FLAG DISASTER IS ABOUT TO COME DOWN, including in Washington DC, for a "SHOCK-TOBER" MARTIAL LAW TAKEOVER PRIOR TO ELECTIONS!!!

I have been praying intently all day long now, for God Himself to restrain their NWO agenda insanity.

Thankfully, I have access to other computers and I have not missed a day of reporting since the night they killed my donated laptop.

The Bible warns us Christians to WATCH and PRAY. 

Well, if ever there was a time in America for Christians to do so, IT IS NOW! PRAYER CAN HOLD BACK SUCH PLANNED HORRORS! 

I have been praying hourly for God to cancel out NWO disasters (false flags) for the sake of His elect and so many innocent victims, in His great mercy. Many of us suspect they want to deliberately disrupt the elections by false flag disasters, in order to trigger martial law, and lock OBAMA INTO POWER.

You must pray, too. My reports are published with the intent of raising up millions of prayer warriors across America, who can intercede for our nation and help turn back the plans of the ungodly for our nation in this critical hour.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. This is why you should download a copy of Knoppix OS and then your computer and router off of a dedicated solar power system. Knoppix is a free, open source download. It runs from the disc, so the hard drive is not utilized. Completely isolated and anon web surfing and posting immune to viruses.

  2. Guess what Pam? They will NEVER get my neck. I have 3 (three) guns, 2 fists, and teeth. I will die before they forcibly lay a finger on me!!! Hopefully many of them will die first: For a thousand will fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand!