Friday, October 26, 2012

Shattering Halloween Horrors Through Spiritual Warfare

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Every year, Halloween horrors unfold across North America, and the entire globe. Illuminati/satanists/Luciferians “celebrate” the ancient pagan ritual time of SAMHAIN. The traditional dates are October 30, 31, and November 1st.

For many people, especially in North America, Halloween APPEARS outwardly to be a time of fun and parties, costumes and dress up, games and candy. Often, a jolly jack-o-lantern is carved out of a bright orange pumpkin, and a candle is placed therein. The pumpkin is then placed on the front porch.

Parents often dress up their little children in costumes and take them out TRICK OR TREATING. Candy is given out from house to house, pictures are taken by proud parents of their children looking so adorable in their cute costumes, and finally everyone goes to bed.

For many Americans , that is where Halloween ends.

But for those into the dark side, Halloween revelries already began October 30th, and will continue thru November 1st. While millions of Americans are sleeping on the 31st of October, the satanists are coming together to meet in various locations for grim rituals that plainly reveal what “HELL-oween” is really all about.

We called Halloween 'celebrating Satan's birthday,” admitted one former satanist I interviewed in the mountains of North Carolina. For years I interviewed former satanists willing to talk, including surviving victims as well. Law enforcement and satanic crime investigators also added their information as I gathered material to publish to warn the public.

The truth is, Halloween for the satanists consists of three days and night of horrific rituals involving torture and rape and murder/sacrifice of the innocent victims they have gathered from around September 15, the time abduction of victims for Halloween sacrifice begins in earnest.

During this time prior to Halloween, satanist vans with blacked out side and back windows (or rental trucks, etc.) have been prowling the streets of America, their trained abduction teams hidden inside with knock-out drugs and duct tape and chains, seeking hapless victims to prey upon.

The lone child playing unsupervised in a city park...a lone jogger on a lonely country road...that infant left in a stroller unwatched for 30 seconds...a child left alone in a toy aisle of a large store...a teenager unsuspecting person at a party taking another drink unaware that a knock-out drug has been secretly placed in their beverage...the lone hiker confident that he/she is safe in wilderness hiking and camping because it is “a national park”...a child walking home from a friend's house alone in the dark...

Satanist abductors (called in satanism “hunters and huntresses”) prey on all of the above and more. I have documented accounts of satanist abduction of all of the above examples.

What happens to these hapless victims???

When a satanist van pulls up to a victim, their trained abduction team seizes the person and throws them into the back of the van or truck. They are quickly injected with a knock-out drug, their hands and feet bound with duct tape, and their mouth sealed as well, and the van then rushes them to the place where victims are held prior to sacrifice.

Places where ritual sacrifice take place are often referred to as “slaughter houses.” Such places of ritual sacrifice can be a barn in the countryside, a satanist mansion or estate, large caverns or “grottoes,” even basements and attics.

What happens to these victims once it is time for sacrifice? Former satanists and eye-witness survivors have told me horror stories of little children chained to altars and chain sawed into pieces while screaming for mercy.

People abducted BECAUSE THEY WERE CHRISTIANS and nailed to crosses to mock out the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. Or chained to satanic altars and tempted to deny Jesus and join the satanists...and when they would NOT, they were systematically tortured to death.
Pregnant women abducted, chained to altars, their unborn child cut out and sacrificed first, and then the mother.

Infants skinned alive to the screams of “hail satan.” Then cannibalized.

Often these ruthless satanists turn these horrific rituals into snuff films that sell for thousands of dollars on the black market.

Skulls and other body parts salvaged from rituals are often sent to “body parts shops” where they are then sold on the black market, because they alleged have occult powers in them following the rituals.

One eye witness told me of abducted victims chained to altars, satanic designs cut into their flesh, and then molten metal poured into the carvings as they used their bodies as human molds for satanic jewelry. “The victims died just from the trauma of the horrible experience, “ one woman told me.

Did you know that the Department of Social Services is frequently infiltrated by these satanists? They then go to various poorer homes in the communities they service, and seize the children for the DSS after declaring that the homes were unfit for the children to live in.

Such children were often turned over to satanist families to be used in rituals in “foster homes,” or sold on the black markets to satanist covens or pedophile rings.A former CIA operative admitted this to me one day, after I told him I suspected this was going on in the mountains of NC.

According to former high level satanists and confirmed by former FBI investigators, victims every year (abducted and killed) number in the upper hundreds of thousands just in North America alone.

Frankly, I am outraged by all of this. That's why I worked for many years with families and people under attack from satanists. That's why I wrote a book and many articles exposing this horrific darkness in America. That's why I spend time in prayer constantly against Satan, against his followers and their evil works worldwide.

Many Christians may not know it, but their greatest evil work is their NEW WORLD ORDER they are seeking to set up over AMERICA and the entire world. “ONE NATION UNDER LUCIFER” is their admitted goal!

I am convinced that there is SO MUCH MORE we can all do to stop this horror in our nation. And I am convinced that Christians engaging in sincere and Biblical spiritual warfare is a major key to confront this darkness with successfully with, and overcome them and WIN.

After all, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was sent into this sinful world to destroy Satan and his evil works.

Spiritual warfare can be so simple, yet so powerful. Often we complicate things. The Bible warns us not to be moved from the simplicity of the Gospel.

Here are some basic simple truths that are powerful when used against the enemy. Always remember: Jesus Christ was sent into this world to destroy the works of the devil and to set mankind free from his demonic control and power.
Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy the works of the devil.”

Jesus declared to his disciple Ananias that He would use the Apostle Paul to bring men to Him, and to turn them from the power of satan instead to the power of the Living God.

There is POWER in the NAME OF JESUS. The NAME OF JESUS CHRIST can be used to rebuke satan, and to rebuke demons and to bind them (stop them and remove them) as well.

The BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST is also an all-powerful weapon against satan and his works and followers. In fact, Jesus Christ shed His blood to defeat Satan's claims on the world and mankind, and to destroy the power of SIN.

There is POWER in the WORD OF GOD! When Satan came to Jesus to tempt Him to sin during His forty day fast in the wilderness, Jesus rebuked him WITH THE WORD OF GOD! “Depart from me, satan, FOR IT IS WRITTEN....”Jesus let the Word of God do the battle for Him! In fact, Jesus Christ is called THE WORD OF GOD in Revelation.

Frankly, I am weary beyond words of these miserable satanists getting away with murder literally every Halloween...and Mayday...and Beltane...and Solstices...and IMBOLC...and every other date of satanic sacrifice rituals or nights of a full moon.

The wrath of God is ready to be poured out on this nation for the shedding of innocent blood in our land, whether by ABORTION (legalized human sacrifice) or satanic ritual sacrifice. God will judge any nation that claims to be”one nation under God” but then turns to idolatry and demon/satan worship and human sacrifice and abominations such as America's satanists or Illuminati or Craft/Brotherhood or Luciferians commit!

And America is filled with satanists in every state. Did you know that we have even had Presidents and Vice Presidents, Congressmen and Senators, etc., who by night are hard-core satanists??? Did you know that our police and sheriff's departments and the intelligence community are infiltrated with satanists, who then use their positions in law enforcement or intelligence, to cover for the satanists on the outside???

Did you know that satanism is rampant in all four branches of the US military also?

American also has satanist-front churches. Nice little churches that LOOK like any other Christian church across America, but in fact are pastored by secret satanists and filled with secret satanists. This is one way they conceal their true nature, hiding inside pretend churches. And many Christians are deceived by them.

America's SCHOOL SYSTEMS and Universities are filled with satanist infiltrators with an agenda! They WANT prayer taken out of schools! They WANT no more mention of the God of the Bible! They WANT to sow unbelief in the hearts of America's youth!

One school I investigated in Indiana, the principal was a satanic high priestess, many of the teachers were satanists, and children were secretly being taken out of their classrooms, one at a time, and taken to nearby homes of satanists and exposed to satanic rituals. They were then returned to the school after being threatened with DEATH to their whole families if they ever told anyone what they had seen and done. I can never forget what one family told me about the children's terrible experiences in former Dearborn Hills Elementary school. They had to move out of state after that. That school was later shut down.

However, the principal was considered untouchable, because her husband was CIA! Another black op mind control experiment on hapless children by the CIA...???

I am convinced form the Word of God that Christian INTERCESSORY PRAYER and SPIRITUAL WARFARE using what God has already given us through JESUS CHRIST, can CONFRONT THIS KIND OF HORRIFIC DARKNESS and stop satan's deadly rampage throughout our nation!

I have to laugh when I think of how one concerned group confronted the satanists successfully in their region. I met with some military men, who told me how they uncovered a coven of satanists meeting in a building regularly in the wooded hills in their area. They knew these satanists were also into torture and sacrifice.

We decided to have a little fun with these we got some ordnance from our military base, and watched for the next time they set up their ritual. We were hidden in the woods all around them. After they went into the building, we fired small rockets and explosives aimed towards their building. THEY ALL RAN SCREAMING FROM THE BUILDING...and the ritual was OVER!!!” They laughed as they told me that. Hmmmmmm!

Well, I can't exactly call THAT “spiritual” warfare...but nevertheless it stopped them cold! The Bible also says, “Faith without WORKS is dead.” But I am not telling you to do what they did! You'll have to prayerfully make your OWN decision about how you will confront such darkness in YOUR region of this nation.

But it all begins with SPIRITUAL WARFARE based on eternal Bible truths.

How can any of us merely sit back this HALLOWEEN SEASON in a state of indifference, as these wicked murderers proceed to abduct and then brutally torture and sacrifice even little infants and children...all across this nation???

As Christians, we are called to ACTION.

Christian readers, I challenge YOU to discover and use the weapons of spiritual warfare that God has given us all through Jesus Christ, and put them into effective use this Halloween...and throughout the REST of the year as well.

Remember that the same satanists who are doing these terrible things during Halloween, are also working feverishly to establish satan's NEW WORLD ORDER in America as well! And what these murderers do to innocent victims by night now, they plan to do to the REST of us by day under martial law, to get rid of all opposition to satan's kingdom!

Christians across America, it is time to shake off apathy and ignorance and indifference, and to DO something about this shameful scourge of satanism in America today! And according to God' eternal Word, WE CAN!!!

I am praying at this time against all Halloween sacrifice at this time, and for the release of every intended victim, and for this darkness to be EXPOSED and STOPPED throughout America...and the WORLD as well. I am using every tool God has given us to come against these murderers, in Jesus' mighty Name.

Are YOU taking the time to pray and exercising spiritual warfare as well???

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. I'm with u on all that u wrote. I'm afraid for my family and American but I know from experience that prayer works. We don't engage in halloween at all. In fact, when it comes around each year I start wondering what the satanist, witches, occultists are up too and hope that someone will expose them somehow. I'm a strong believer in Christ now and I understand now why there was the one kid in our class whose parents would have him removed from class on holidays. He couldn't participate in holiday parties. I didn't get it then but now I do. Man how I wish I knew things back then that I know now! My life would be different. But yes I will be praying for the exposure of satanists and the victims. I live in Texas I do believe they are vastly populated here for some reason.Thanks to people like u that care about Jesus' message sent from God to warn his followers. Thank you!

  2. I'm with u on what u posted. I'm afraid for my family and america. We don't engage in halloween at all. We it comes around, I wonder what the evil satanists of this world are doing and hope they get exposed. I never knew people were being abducted prior to halloween. That's scary! I'm a strong believer in Christ and his messages and warnings from God. Some friends and family think I'm paraniod when I share the truth with them, especially about our corrupt and demonic goverment with their evil plans. Many are scared of the truth. Another thing I understand now is why that one kid in class was asked to go to the library at holiday parties. His family knew about these pagan holidays long before we knew and didn't want him to participate in these satanic festivals. Man how I wish I knew then what I know now! But I'm willing to protect my child too and educate her on these thing because this world is satan's with his evil, perverted, demonic gimmicks! Thanks to people like u Pamela who know things and share them with people like me who's constantly searching for the truth so that I may be sent free. Thank you!