Sunday, October 21, 2012

Introducing Warrior for Messiah, Judge Eve Ellingwood Cohen

Meet my new friend, Judge Eve Ellingwood Cohen. 

And I want her to become YOUR new friend as well, dear readers! Judge Eve is a born-again Messianic Jew for her wonderful Messiah, Jesus or Yahshua Ha'Mashiach in Hebrew. Judge Eve is a true Sabra, a Jewish woman born in Jerusalem. 

Judge Eve informed me that "...I had my military training at the age of 12, in the summer after 8th grade, in a military camp for two months. At the time there existed the GADNA-- which means BATTALIONS OF THE YOUTH, who in 9th grade and later, helped the actual military leader to train the students, and also go on a military camping experience for a week each year.  That program apparently no longer exists..." And so, she is a genuine SABRA.

And one day, she discovered Jesus as her Lord and Messiah! And what a glorious difference He has made in her life!

Judge Eve has an exciting broadcast everyone can listen to! Just go to her website and LISTEN. I will be the GUEST on her broadcast at 3 P.M. PST (6 P.M. EST) the 27th of October, 2012.

The broadcast can be heard on: at 3 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, or 6 P.M. EST. Also call-ins are welcome at: 1-888-627-6008

Judge Eve Ellingwood Cohen

Judge Eve has suffered tremendously for her faith in her Mashiach, or Messiah Jesus.  Her testimony is incredible! Can you imagine...her very own father confronted her with a gun and ordered her to RENOUNCE JESUS CHRIST, or he would KILL HER!  

Following her parent's tragic murders, Eve also revealed to me that one Lubavitch Chabad rabbi told her that " ...MY PARENTS HAD TO DIE TO ATONE FOR MY SIN OF ACCEPTING JESUS IN MY LIFE! AND HE TOLD ME THAT BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN TO ME AS WELL for accepting Messiah. And when I had asked him WHY WAS I NOT KILLED INSTEAD, SINCE I AM 'THE BAD GUY' WHO ACCEPTED JESUS, he had no answer. And when I asked him further, 'WHY ARE JEWS KILLING JEWS,'  he still did not have an answer."

I have previously reported on the militant Orthodox Jewish organization called LUBAVITCH CHABAD. They are virulently against Christianity and hate the concept that "JESUS IS THE  JEWISH MESSIAH." They have even tried to raise up their own messiah, Menachem Schneerson, who finally died (and has not risen from the grave yet to date.)However, a cult following has developed around Schneerson's grave. 

So great is their opposition to Jews accepting Jesus as Messiah, that they even have trained DEPROGRAMMING TEAMS who frequently abduct Jews who have accepted Jesus, at parents' or spouses' request, and hold them in deprogramming cells until they finally renounce Jesus Christ from their lives.

Furthermore, Lubavitch Chabad representatives brought the  NOAHIDE LAWS legislation to Washington DC, where it was deceitfully railroaded through the Senate and House, as Senator Dannemeyer reported afterwards, and then signed into legislation by Mr. NWO Bush Sr. himself (speak of the devil!) To put it bluntly, the Noahide Laws pave the way for mass Christian genocide to take place in North America someday, and are tied in with the covert program of the secret presence of the modern guillotines on military bases nationwide. I have documented this extensively in many previous reports.

It was this same Lubavitch Chabad organization who attacked Judge Eve and her family, following her salvation experience with Jesus Christ.

But regardless of how much she has suffered from family or foe for her courageous and unwavering witness of Jesus Christ in her life, LOVE and FORGIVENESS TOWARDS ALL OFFENDERS is the underlying theme undergirding her powerful message. 

For it is only as we choose to love and forgive our enemies, can HIS love flow through our hearts and our prayers into THEIR lives and move them towards the glorious light of Jesus Christ.

Judge Eve and I have found much common ground in our battles for our faith in the Son of God, as we compared experiences and the many enemy attacks we have both suffered throughout the years for our faith and stand for Jesus Christ.

For example, Lubavitch Chabad attacked her for her new found faith in Messiah. Lubavitch Chabad in the past also attacked me and my fellow witnesses for Jesus the Messiah while witnessing in Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY. But what is our response? Love and compassion for their eternal souls, coupled with prayer for God to open their eyes to the TRUTH ABOUT MESSIAH! In the genuine discipleship walk with Messiah, there is no place for hatred, revenge, or retaliation. We must walk even as Jesus the Messiah walked and instructed us to behave. His love and Word manifested through US will open their eyes to the truth.

Judge Eve now needs your prayers for her health. Her most recent crisis was to have broken her ankle a few weeks ago, and now find herself in a motorized wheelchair! But regardless, nothing can stop this sabra from continuing in her bold witness for her Messiah!

Judge Eve was kind enough to invite me to share my testimony and some of my reporting exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER on her exciting broadcast. This broadcast will air October 27th, 2012 at 3 PM PST, or 6 PM EST. 

Please come and LISTEN! Callers-In WELCOME!
CALL: 1-888-627-6008

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

(Note to all Lubavitchers reading this article. Yes, Yahshua remains the only Mashiach that  Ha'Shem will ever send to His beloved Jewish people. And all the Noahide Laws and guillotines in the WORLD cannot change this eternal truth. NOR change the minds of millions of us believers in Yahshua Ha'Mashiach. 

Here is my neck: there is your blade and your Noahide Laws. Here is my confession of faith: JESUS CHRIST IS BOTH DIVINE AND THE SON OF THE ETERNAL HA'SHEM, AND HE REMAINS MASHIACH FOREVER. 

There...I said it openly. According to Noahide Laws, I am guilty of "blasphemy against G-d" and"idolatry" for the above statements. This means I am subject to DEATH BY DECAPITATION under your NOAHIDE LAWS. 

Now, executioner, do your duty...but I am not changing my mind about JESUS THE MESSIAH! Nor are millions of my fellow Believers in Jesus the Messiah worldwide. We HAVE eternal life through Mashiach. For this very reason, we do not fear death nor how it comes. 

But dear Lubavitchers and other Jews reading this, where will YOU spend ETERNITY without HA'MASHIACH and His salvation in YOUR life??? This is the pivotal question! 

Dear Rabbi Eli Cohen and many other Lubavitcher sh'liachim worldwide, where will YOU spend eternity WITHOUT THE TRUE MASHIACH IN YOUR LIVES??? We as true Believers in the ONE TRUE Mashiach continue to pray for you all, for your eyes to be opened TO THE TRUTH...before it is eternally TOO LATE.-PRS)

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