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Saturday Night Worship With the Amazing Kids of Kotzebue!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Last Saturday night, I did  exactly what I told my readers I would do: I hosted another youth gathering in our apartment, filled with Solomon's teen friends from High School. I worked hard to provide pizza and a special dessert afterwards. 

And I worked equally hard in the hidden realms of INTERCESSORY PRAYER for these precious youth, that God's Holy Spirit would bring whom He would to this gathering, and that He would move on their hearts to bring repentance and salvation and spiritual growth to them through these gatherings as well.

WORSHIP AND PRAISE to Almighty God is a very important aspect of any Christian gathering. Following eagerly chomping down my moose pizza and brownie sundaes with gusto (yum!) the young people wanted to get into music and singing. We got out a keyboard that the school had previously loaned to Solomon, and they played various songs they had learned, many of them secular as well.

But then, three awesome Inupiaq young ladies who came, stole the show literally. Gabby was their leader. Gabby is a delightful Christian teen who loves Jesus her Savior! She brought two of her friends, young ladies as well, that she sang Gospel songs with. Gabby got out her cell phone and starting playing downloaded Christian worship and praise songs that they had been practicing singing as a trio, and they  took over!

These were action songs as well. Soon they had the whole room of high school youth singing along with them...and us adults as well! And here I had been worried about how to get everyone into a "worship and praise" mood that night. But NOT TO WORRY! Jesus sent in HIS kids, and they did the rest! Jesus, you ARE amazing!

WE HAD A GREAT TIME LAST SATURDAY NIGHT! I spoke to dear Gabby afterwards, and showed her some lovely tambourines on the Internet, and told her I was going to order some for her trio to enhance their leading in worship and praise from now on. She was so excited about that.

The Bible even speaks of praising God on instruments including tambourines and harps. 
Rhythm Tech Tambourine (my favorite for ministry)

An essential part of my worship and praise instruments for personal devotional time has always been an autoharp and a tambourine. SPIRITUAL WARFARE is always enhanced by WORSHIP AND PRAISE, in fact. One passage in the Bible declares that every stroke of God's rod of judgment laid upon our enemies who come to attempt to destroy us, shall be to the sound of TAMBOURINES AND HARPS as God's people lift up their voices and PRAISE HIM.

Passages in the Old Testament confirm that as the people of God praised Him when facing deadly enemies and battle, the power of the Living God would literally descend and route their enemies and subdue them beneath their feet!

"Every stroke the Lord lays on them with His punishing rod will be to the music of TAMBOURINES AND HARPS, as He fights them in battle with the blows of His arm." 

-Isaiah 30:32
Let me now take the time to give you a personal example how the power of worship and praise with spiritual warfare can work in YOUR life through the brief true life adventure account below. All of my Christian readers will find themselves confronted with spiritual warfare in their lives, and especially as we face many challenges in America's future.

There have been many times when my life was literally in danger throughout various times in my ministry. And friends of mine have also face real danger as well. I have learned through many crises and dangers, that God's Word is true, and I have learned to put it into action both on my behalf and on behalf of others as well. What the world often considers foolish, God's Word declares WORKS!

Readers, all of the following really happened throughout years of ministry to families in the mountains of North Carolina, who were being attacked by the literal satanists in that region. At times I even worked with several Christian police officers, one satanic crime investigator, and gathered and turned in various names of suspects to the State Bureau of Investigation in the city of Asheville, NC.
When one Christian friend was being stalked by satanists near Asheville, in the mountains of North Carolina, I moved into her trailer to teach her spiritual warfare. I brought special worship and praise recordings and my autoharp as well to her home.
These satanists from the mountains of NC were an especially wild and dangerous bunch. They would gather in the woods near her home at night, and when darkness fell, they would come out of the woods, cut off her electricity and phone from the outside, surround her trailer, and attempt to break in. We had to face them in the dark, and could not even call the police for help!

They even climbed on the roof of her trailer during such times. One night they even introduced knock-out gas of some type into her ventilation system, almost causing all of us to pass out. I was forced to install chains and padlocks inside at each door, to lock ourselves in every night, to prevent them from breaking in. The outdoor lighting I had installed was ineffective when they shut off our electricity.

Finally fed up with their antics, I decided to use tried and true Bible methods of warfare. I would take my autoharp outside on her front porch and play worship and praise songs of spiritual warfare for an hour or two, and then go back inside. We both noted with amazement that whenever I did this, they never came out later that evening to assault her trailer!
Oscar Schmidt autoharp, which I use in devotional time and ministry

And the week before the fateful Christmas that they had threatened to break into her trailer, shoot me to kill, and then abduct her for winter solstice sacrifice, we both stayed up every single night, spending time in worship and praise from around 11 PM until 5 AM the next morning (the hours that the satanists would appear and try to break in).

I remember taking my Bible in my hand, and my anointing oil in the other, and walking from one end of her trailer to the other, even as we could hear them on the roof, and standing on THE WORD OF GOD in prayer and worship and praise. 

"Father God, I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS against these satanists! NO WEAPON formed against us shall prosper! Greater is HE that is within us than he that is in the world! Satan, you are a defeated foe...we REBUKE YOU in Jesus' mighty Name!" 

I would take my autoharp or tambourine and play worship and praise music as well. And God came through mightily on our behalf throughout that Christmas season when she was endangered.

While one insider source, Gary, had revealed to us that he did not expect either us to be alive by Christmas day, we finally awakened later on Christmas morning after spending all night in spiritual warfare, and WE WERE SAFE AND SECURE!

Gary was a young man secretly in love with my friend, but who tragically worked with these satanists in the drug dealing aspects of their activities. He was not involved with their more grisly aspects or rituals, but only the drugs. One night the week before Christmas, he came secretly by night to her trailer and presented my friend with an expensive diamond necklace.

Gary looked so sad as he shared the following words with us. "Here...I am giving you this necklace now, because I don't expect you to be alive by Christmas day. They have vowed to abduct you for sacrifice by then. They are planning to use an explosive to break down your door, shoot Pam to kill, and then kidnap you..." He then told me how they really hated me for standing in their way, and were determined to kill me.

BUT NONE OF THEIR PLANS SUCCEEDED! Our living God is GREATER than the satan they worship and serve! And the power of THE BLOOD OF JESUS, the WORD OF GOD, and WORSHIP AND PRAISE overcame all their dark plans that Christmas season...THANK GOD!

I am sharing this with you, to confirm that GOD'S PROMISES AND WORD REALLY WORK! "Worship and praise" WORKS! The "BLOOD OF THE LAMB" WORKS! When we apply spiritual teachings and principles to our life circumstances by faith, THEY WORK ON OUR BEHALF TO THE GLORY OF GOD!

God's Word is LIVING, POWERFUL and ALIVE! We do not serve a dead god, but A LIVING GOD!

And in fact, the satanists never DID succeed in abducting my friend in NC. Little over a year ago, I returned to her trailer to find her and her mother still safe. And a few years after that event, my mother and I safely moved from that region to travel out west to Montana and beyond, to begin my ministry in journalism, reporting and radio across this nation.

This is the power of the Living God to preserve His saints and to defeat all the plans of satan against God's people. This is the power of faith in God through His Son Jesus Christ, as we put his word into ACTION IN OUR LIVES.

The above account is just ONE of the many examples I could give you of the power I have experienced in my life throughout 40 years of constant ministry. This is the kind of victory over this world's darkness that we can ALL experience in our lives! I am among "the least of these" in the Body of Christ. GOD HAS NO FAVORITES! He loves us all and wants to give us victory in each of our lives.

I have simply learned to walk by faith in Jesus Christ, and to study His Word and Promises, and then to apply them in my life. And you can too.
I so desire to see God's people in North America emerge as VICTORIOUS and TRIUMPHANT CONQUERORS over satan and his followers' desperate plans for our nation, as his followers seek to impose by force and deliberate disaster-creating their demonic NWO agenda upon our nation.

Purpose to put God's Word into action in your life today! Spend time in His Word and applying it to your life. Take time for personal devotions and WORSHIP AND PRAISE to your Redeemer Jesus Christ! Make your life rich in the things that are ETERNAL as you spend time in HIS PRESENCE!

Miracles can be YOURS! Power and strength to OVERCOME can be YOURS! Grace and provision can be YOURS FREELY as you reach out by faith to HIM! Receive by FAITH that which He has already purchased for YOU by His atoning death on the Cross for the forgiveness of your sins, and the suffering of His stripes for YOUR healing. And become OVERCOMERS of the tribulations of this age as well...ALL THROUGH THE PROVISION OF GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.

Pamela Rae Schuffert

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