Friday, October 5, 2012

Reader CONFIRMS Military Guillotines Transported Via US NAVY


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The following letter came to me today in the mail from a website reader. I am publishing his letter exactly as it came to me, except I am omitting his name for his personal protection. Here is simply one more confirmation to my reports on THE MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES in America (and the world) today.

I have known and reported through previous interviews that ships have been used for a long time to bring guillotines into America from various manufacturing companies overseas, including JAPAN. One CIA source admitted that as long ago as the 1970's, Japan was secretly manufacturing the guillotines for the USA and shipping them over by cargo container ships.

I recently reported that an active Navy source personally revealed to me the truth about modern guillotine presence in the Navy warehouses in the Philippines, where he was stationed. 

And not only that, but a Christian woman Cynthia, with ministry in the Philippines, admitted that God had already been impressing her with revelations of dying for her faith by these guillotines, that she did NOT know were physically present in her country until now!

When the Bible reveals in Revelation 20:4 that Christians worldwide will be beheaded for their faith and refusal to participate in a satanic world government under the spirit of antichrist as outlined in Revelation 13, it meant every word it said.  

The GOOD news, however is, that this same Bible verse declares that those beheaded for Jesus and His testimony in this time period, will also be resurrected to REIGN WITH JESUS FOR A THOUSAND YEARS ON THE EARTH WITH HIM! 

How exciting! To know that death for His sake HAS LOST IT'S POWER..and the grave has NO VICTORY over the born-again child of God! And we shall live and reign with our Savior Jesus Christ forever and ever!

The NOAHIDE LAWS will someday be used worldwide, including in North America, to condemn Christians to death by beheading. Two of the seven laws that all Christians break automatically are: "blasphemy against God" and "idolatry." Jews consider Christian veneration of Jesus as "God the Son" to be blasphemy against God and Idolatry.

My honest and simple response to all this? I'm sorry, but eternal Bible truth IS the truth, regardless of whether Jew or Gentile is offended by this truth!

"Here is my neck: there is your blade. Do what God permits to this temporal body of mine, but I AM A CHRISTIAN. Jesus Christ remains the Son of God and Divine, and He remains my Lord and Savior.

"That person that confesses Me before men, will I confess before My Father in Heaven."
Matthew 10:32

“Father, Thy Word is TRUTH.”
~words of Jesus Christ~

-Pamela Rae Schuffert (Letter received below.)

Pamela, thanks for your work and the warnings of the coming tribulations we will soon face. But like the Apostle Paul makes clear, it is a small price for the coming glory of God.

My Pastor's dad was in the Navy, and retired back when Clinton was President. He was in the “receiving department” on board ship, and saw the “BILL OF LADING”.


Guess what was on it??? Yeah...guillotines! They picked them up in another country.

When he told me about that, it just kind of staggered know???

-Praying for you and your ministry, G________
Well, beloved friends and readers, here is one more of MANY confirmations that we are living on the threshold of fulfillment of true end-time Bible prophecy, before our very eyes...and perhaps on our very tender necks as well! 

My military and intelligence insiders repeatedly confirmed to me that the guillotines will come out, FEMA boxcars start rolling, etc., whenever America is finally under FULL BLOWN MARTIAL LAW, and the Constitution is suspended, and we come under Presidential Executive Orders, etc. 

Take a good look at alternative news headlines on various websites daily: just how close do you think we might be to MARTIAL LAW being triggered through various false flags to stop the elections deliberately, or pre-emptive strikes on America because of impending war with IRAN from her allies, etc.???

I beseech you to use this present grace period God has given us before it all comes down, to spend much time in fasting and prayer for God's mercy, protection, and above all the Divine grace and power to be kept faithful unto death SHOULD this trial of your faith overtake you. 

DO not be afraid of death for His sake! Always remember : our human bodies are only temporal. It is our eternal spirits that have been born again. Death must come to all flesh someday anyhow, and to be absent from this temporal body is to be present with the Lord. His eternal Kingdom is NOT OF THIS TEMPORAL PASSING WORLD! 

Simply continue to believe and act on the Words of Jesus when such persecutions and temptations to fall away and deny Him come into your life.
He WILL keep you faith unto death!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert, your fellow sufferer for Christ in the tribulations of this age


  1. Guess what Pam? They will NEVER get my neck. I have 3 (three) guns, 2 fists, and teeth. I will die before they forcibly lay a finger on me!!! Hopefully many of them will die first: For a thousand will fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand!

  2. Those who seek to save their lives will lose lose it, but whoever loses their life for my (Yahushua's) sake, will find it.
    Good article...

  3. I believe the Rapture will happen first then these things will happen. If not Lord give me the strength to follow through and to be beheaded.It is one thing to say it until you are actually in this situation you dont know. Just keep praying that we will escape these things. AMEN

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