Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Sobering WARNING for ALL American Christians



Today is Sunday, or the first day of the week. Millions upon millions of Christians throughout North America will spend this day in their places of Christian worship for several hours. Sermons will be preached, songs will be sung, greetings will be exchanged among members, coffee and refreshments will often be served afterwards. Finally, the service will be over and people will return to their homes.

The question must be asked, however, of what percentage of those who attend the thousands of churches across America on any given Sunday, are truly BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS by the definition of God's Word?

Did you realize that it is possible to attend a church every single Sunday, and yet still the same sinner when you come out, as when you first came in??? Going to church does not make any person "A CHRISTIAN," any more than going into a barn makes you into A COW! There are sadly many people today who do exactly this, and although they may go to church, many are not truly born-again Christians. 

I know this can be true, because this was my life before I repented and became a born again Christian in 1971. I went to  a local church for years, but was never told in my spiritually dead church that I was a sinner and needed to repent and receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior! The pastor would preach a flowery sermon that never mentioned how all people are sinners and need to repent and receive Jesus Christ for salvation. He merely gave a feel-good message filled with philosophical soliloquies and jokes...BUT NO SALVATION!
My "dead church" in Alexandria, Virginia

Only in 1971, at a little Church of God outside Washington, DC, did I first truly hear the Gospel about repentance and receiving Jesus as my Lord and Savior. And only then did I completely repent and give my life to Jesus Christ, and experience a total and dramatic change in my life, made possible ONLY through Jesus.

There are many buildings masquerading as "churches" in America today, YET not all churches are preaching the full Gospel of Jesus Christ and salvation. There are many preachers standing in the pulpits of America today, YET some are false shepherds and true wolves in sheep's clothing, some preaching doctrines of demons and damnation every single Sunday. I know this is true, because I have been a born-again Christian now for forty years, and have traveled nationwide in ministry across America, and have seen and heard it all, literally.

There are even actual satanist front churches in America today, designed to appear as normal churches by day, with the "pastor" preaching a sermon, leading in hymns and even giving altar call. But BY NIGHT, both the pseudo-pastor and many members of the "congregation" are literal human-sacrificing satanists. These false churches are secretly created all across America by the satanists of America, to provide cover in their community for their wickedness. They pretend to moral and upright members of local communities by this tactic. But by night, their true satanic nature emerges.

A former satanist of 20 years, who finally came out to be a Christian, confirmed all this to me and actually took me to her satanist front church she had once attended when a satanist, located in Elyria, Ohio. It looked like a normal little white country church from the outside. But the terrible truth was truly another story.

"The pastor was approached by local satanists in the 1970's. They needed a cover for their activities. They told the pastor that if he would present them as moral and upright and outstanding members of the community, they would give him all the money he needed to build an addition to his church."

"The pastor fell for the bait and took the money. And soon, the new addition was being built for a school for the church, and plaques were put on the walls of the church honoring the 'donors' as moral and outstanding people in our community."

"But In knew the truth. And I was part of the payoff. After every sermon, I was taken to the pastor's study to be sexually molested by him as part of the payoff by the coven I belonged to! The pastor would preach a sermon, lead in songs like "Trust and Obey," give an altar call...and then rape me in the privacy of his office afterwards." 

She admitted that the pastor  even finally became a secret satanist as well. Oh, the anger and outrage that rose up in side of me as I heard her pour out her heart to me, even as we sat parked in that church parking lot that day in Elyria, Ohio.

The pastor finally got into trouble for pedophile related activities (tied in with satanic rituals of course) that he had to be relocated out of Ohio and sent to Arizona...where he pastors yet ANOTHER church in Phoenix!

Yet, this apostate "church" even has a website now advertising themselves! I wanted to vomit as I read their website, glossing over the dark truth this pseudo-church conceals. But then, sadly this is ALWAYS the nature of deception! We live in a true hour of  "..the very deceiving of the elect."

Former satanists I have interviewed have all confirmed to me the sad and grim reality of satanist front churches existing all across America, including the actual one I have just described to you. One person told me, "yep...that is a satanist front church, and it will always BE a satanist front church..."

Foundry United Methodist Church, Washington DC

I can never forget the time that Hillary Clinton
announced the church she belonged to in Washington DC, when Bill Clinton was President. That church was none other than FOUNDRY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH just blocks from the White House.  (Amazingly this was the actual church my parents had gotten married in so many years ago. )

Hillary Clinton proudly announced to the press one day that she was proud that Foundry UMC was HER church! But WHY????

Could it possibly be because this church fully supported the gay lifestyle...among many other things?

Could it possibly be because of a series of large meetings conducted there at one time by supporters of homosexuality in the churches, in which they declared that JESUS CHRIST WAS NOTHING MORE THAN A HOMOSEXUAL DRAG QUEEN, and His disciples were all homosexuals??? (What utterly outrageous blasphemy!!!)

I can never forget actually attending Foundry UMC in Washington, DC, one Sunday at the invitation of a sweet but naive Christian friend of mine in Northern Virginia. I remember sitting in that pew, surrounded with all kinds of high-end dignitaries accompanied with their wives arrayed in their mink stoles in that "prestigious" church. I listened intently to every word the preacher spoke that morning. And I can still recall those very words he spoke from his pulpit that day, that so angered me (and still angers me...because people actually perish and go to hell when they believe this dangerous kind of heresy!)

"Ladies and gentlemen, I want to suggest to you that Buddhists and Muslims are saved APART FROM JESUS CHRIST! For you see, when God made mankind, He put the 'christ spirit' in people in the beginning...and therefore, people are  saved APART FROM FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST..."

What heresy! To declare that sinners are saved from their sins apart from repentance and receiving Jesus Christ as Savior!

It was all I could do  that morning to restrain myself from jumping out of my pew and shouting to the congregation, "HERESY! HERESY!" In fact, those were the very days that Hillary attended that church.

And when that sermon was finally over (thank GOD) I heard sweet little old ladies clutching their minks,  hands dripping with diamond studded rings, and saying to one another, "My, my...wasn't that just a WONDERFUL sermon!" Honestly, I wanted to grab them in love and shake them until their false teeth fell out and and exclaim, "No, honey, it WASN'T..and if you  BELIEVE that garbage, YOU WILL GO TO HELL!!!"

But honestly, how many people in America today are warming the pews of pseudo-churches and listening to sermons that could send them to HELL??? More than you will ever know. I know, because I was once a sinner sitting in such a church, Sunday after Sunday...not knowing I was going to hell in a big fat basket someday because nobody ever told me in my dead church that Jesus died for my sins and I needed to REPENT and receive Him as my Savior. THANK GOD Jesus got ahold of my life JUST IN TIME!

Friends, here is yet another serious aspect of PSEUDO-CHRISTIANITY IN AMERICA TODAY. Whether people know this or not, television and radio and Hollywood can be THE GREAT DECEIVERS. 

While people may be portrayed in ONE way through these mediums, their TRUE character and nature can easily be hidden by such means of communications as well. What a person may APPEAR to be during a one hour television broadcast to millions of viewers, may NOT be who that person REALLY IS during the REST of a 24 hour period!

Every Christian should certainly know that Jesus Christ came to set us free and save us from our sins. This is basic "Bible 101" doctrine. But sadly, sin can potentially be found  throughout the churches and among those who call themselves "Christians" throughout America today. This can include CHRISTIAN TELEVISION MINISTRIES as well. (Please note that I did not say ALL churches nor ALL television ministries!)

How do I know???

I have lived as a dedicated and serious Christian for forty years now, and been involved in many ministries. I lived and worked on the grounds of a once well known and prestigious Christian television ministry for 13 long years. I worked in various aspects of that ministry. I performed Christian counseling. I worked on the prayer phone lines. I worked with children and teens. I worked at their year round hotel at their Christian retreat. And through this, I caught an honest glimpse of a cross-section of Christianity in America today. And what I discovered often broke my heart...and the heart of God Himself.

Tragically, there was sin in that television ministry, from the highest levels of leadership on down. As the leadership goes, so goes the rest of the ministry. When leadership in a ministry falls into sin, the others working under them often take it as a license to take indecent liberties as well. "Hey...they're sinning and getting away with it and still raking in the millions...I guess God doesn't really care about sin...and I can get away with it too!" And that is exactly what happened. 

Although professing to have repented (and I will never dispute this,) the former leader of this now defunct television ministry and Christian resort was secretly a practicing homosexual. His two top aides under him were known homosexual brothers in that region.

When one woman went to his wife's secretary to complain about the excessive make-up and antics of this leader's wife at that time, her secretary replied: "Don't criticize her. She is doing everything to get his attention, because he is a homosexual and is not interested in her anymore...." And when this former leader was finally arrested and put on trial for indiscretions in the ministry, the homosexual community in the nearby large city held a parade in support of him! His son to this day, although claiming to be "in ministry", is openly soft on homosexuality. Many people wonder why: I do not.

There was even wife-swapping in the highest levels of leadership. Wild parties with alcohol would be held by leadership and their associates in the 4th floor penthouse apartment of the Grand Hotel there. Love of money, extravagance and a materialistic lifestyle among leadership crept in. 

While television viewers would mail in their "widow's mite" to keep this ministry afloat, these people in leadership and their associates would be purchasing lavish homes and vehicles and clothing for their walk-in closets and living the lifestyle of the "rich and the famous, " in total defiance of the examples set by our Savior Jesus Christ. Thousand dollar Guicci shoes and other extravagances were commonplace.

To this very day, I admit I retain a deep abhorrence of any ministry wherein it becomes plainly evident that there are underlying money motives involved. If the MOTIVES are not absolutely pure and Biblically supported, then neither will the ministry be pure. Jesus declared, "NO man can serve two cannot serve BOTH GOD AND MONEY." 

Many a good ministry that began with all good intentions, later became corrupted and fell because of love of money and sexual compromise creeping in. And many good and innocent Christians have been hurt, when leaders and others prominent in a ministry fall into sin and bring that ministry down with them. It is always so sad when these things happen. 

How many people have actually turned away from Jesus Christ and Christianity in disgust, BECAUSE of the sin and failures among Christians in our midst today???

I can actually remember the days of going once a week to the ministry's dump, to gather up valuable office furniture and other perfectly good, (often like new) discarded items that the ministry carelessly threw away...and using it in our own home!

While this leader was parading his two children as "Christian children" in his "Christian family," on national television, one night his daughter came to a youth meeting I was attending on the grounds, and admitted before everyone that she had fallen into sin, with parties and drugs and alcohol, and asked everyone to pray for her.

But the sin went far beyond leadership in ministry.  Sin was also rampant among the people who came from all across America to stay at this hotel at this lavish Christian retreat. 

I interviewed bellmen who admitted to me that they were secretly bringing up cases of beer and drugs to rooms in the hotel, and partying with daughters of guests, as their parents attended various Christian meetings in the evenings there, unaware of what was going on back at the hotel. This was even while the signs posted throughout the hotel clearly stated "NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED."

I discovered that this hotel even had two known resident prostitutes, Lonnie from Montana and Debbie from SC. I would sit in the lobby and watch as these prostitutes would walk through the lobby, and watch the response of the security guards as they went by. I was sickened as the security guards would catch their eyes, wink and smile, and let them continue to ply their trade!

And this was touted on national television as a "Christian" hotel on the grounds of a Christian resort.

One day, I had a visit from a young man, Eric, who was part of the singing team on national television every Sunday for this ministry. He opened his heart to me. "Pam, I have an admission to make: I am sleeping every Saturday night with my girlfriend Mary...I need you to pray for me." 

I looked at him intently and replied, "Eric, do you see what hypocrisy this is, in the sight of Almighty God? You are breaking God's commandments by committing fornication Saturday night...and then 'singing for the glory of God' on national Christian television about how 'Jesus sets you free from sin' the next day! If you do not repent, God will judge this hypocrisy." I prayed with him.

A few weeks after this encounter, Eric came to my door and breathlessly told me about what had just happened to him that day. "I just had a CAR WRECK and my car was TOTALLED! It is a miracle that I escaped alive!" 

I looked at him once again and replied that this is how dangerous playing games with God and His grace is. I reiterated that he needed to REPENT and recommit his life to God and STOP THE SIN AND HYPOCRISY. 

But how many MORE Christians across America, or even those in ministry, are playing games with God, and presuming on His grace and mercy, and refusing to fully REPENT???

Is God somehow deceived? Does not His word declare: "Be NOT deceived: God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man shall sow, that also SHALL HE REAP..."? How can people who PROFESS to be Christians continue to live in sin...and expect to escape the consequences and the judgment of God???

I fear greatly for the future of so many who profess to be "Christians" in America today...yet whose lifestyles utterly deny this.

There is FORNICATION in the churches of America today. There is ABORTION. There is PORNOGRAPHY. There is ADULTERY.  There is CYBER-SIN.There is frequently compromise of every kind going on amongst those who profess to be "God's people." 

There are false doctrines of demons and heresies being preached in many pulpits in America today, including in various Bible colleges and ministries of every kind. I have personally observed this throughout 40 years of ministry nationwide.

The television ministry I have described above finally fell under the mighty hands of God's righteous judgment at last. Many of it's buildings, once used for ministry, are now gone. Wind-swept, barren and empty  lots filled with weeds are all that remain of some buildings of this once-great and well-known Christian ministry. 

Good Christians like myself who had worked there and knew the sad truth from the inside, had wept and mourned, fasted and prayed for leadership to be brought to repentance so the ministry could be restored. MANY good Christians had given their lives and talents to work there and to glorify God. I know that I had also. 

But where no repentance was found in leadership, judgment had to follow. The leader was arrested and put on trial and sent to prison. Grounds were seized by the Federal government, and it was all shut down. Only a shadow of it's former scope and glory remains to this day.

But equally disturbing is the following revelation that came out after the leader was removed, as the grounds continued to be used for meetings and crusades by other visiting televangelists renting out facilities before fateful Hurricane Hugo came to shatter many other buildings and shut it down. My friends in the hotel told me about the following.

A visiting televangelist and his staff were checking in to the Grand Hotel at the resort, when one of the staff remarked quietly to a person checking them in. "The only difference between J____  B____, and the REST of us is, that J___ B____GOT CAUGHT!

Oh, REALLY! But then....

I found it very interesting, when Pat Robertson of the 700 CLUB had none other than George H.W. Bush Sr. on his television broadcast one day. Now WHY would a "Christian broadcaster" have a known pedophile, pervert and Illuminati satanist on his CHRISTIAN television broadcast! 

WHY would Robertson have a former head of the CIA involved heavily in the horrible drug trafficking in America for NWO hidden agendas on his "Christian" show???

Equally interesting was the message Robertson gave to all his Christian viewers after Mr. NWO Bush Sr. exited. I watched intently as the cameras panned up into Robertson's face, and he assumed a very serious expression and voice.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have been receiving reports of CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN AMERICA, black helicopters and foreign troops and other things...and I am here to tell you that there is absolutely NO TRUTH TO THESE RUMORS AT ALL! And IF you have any MILITIAS in your neighborhood, TURN THEM IN...they are DANGEROUS!"

I distinctly remember literally falling on the floor in my home, rolling with laughter at THAT disinformation garbage Robertson just spewed forth, thinking "Aha! GOTCHA! I know now just WHO you secretly work for, behind the scenes! NWO ROBERTSON! HAHAHAHA! Your cover is finally BLOWN!"

And yet, how many sincere Christian television viewers are deceived, as Robertson hides his true nature and hidden agenda behind the cloak of "good works," just as Jim Bakker had done repeatedly during the days of the PTL CLUB???
There is so much more I could say about sin in the Churches of America today...even including about how the CIA and other nefarious vermin have been silently creeping into the pulpits of America today. 

My own  former Bible college (Elim Bible Institute, Lima, NY)was even infiltrated by government intelligence, and students were being recruited behind closed doors to work for the government spy agencies (break my heart).   I know it was true, because of what a fellow student admitted to me many years afterwards, while I stayed with her in Jerusalem, Israel one year. 

This infiltrator, high on the board of leadership in our Bible College, had access to all the student grades and records. He would look through their grades for the most intelligent, and then invite them into his office and try to recruit them to work for intelligence in Washington DC.

My friend Devorah revealed to me, "He called me into his office one day, and spread my grades out before me on his desk, and said, 'You are a brilliant person! How would you like to come to Washington DC and work for US in intelligence?' I was outraged when I finally realized why he was working in our Bible college, and left that office very angry." He died in 1994.

 A recent background check I performed on this man, confirmed beyond any doubts his MILITARY/GOVERNMENT INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY BACKGROUND, including working for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)! Reading his obituary (below) makes his background abundantly clear.

One Christian couple, attempting to start a Christian radio station exposing the NWO agenda for America, were almost destroyed by a CIA infiltrator into their Pentecostal Church in Tampa, Florida. 

Their "pastor" invited them to a church picnic after the service. He handed the husband a cup of "kool-aid." Within hours, he was dying and had to be rushed to the local emergency room. Testing confirmed he HAD BEEN POISONED, and the agent of the poisoning was the "kool-aid!" 

They performed a background check on the suspect "pastor" and discovered that HE WAS AN ACTIVE CIA AGENT SENT IN TO KILL HIM AND DESTROY HIS RADIO STATION! The wife then looked at me and said, "Pam, this is why we no longer go to church here...because we don't know who we can trust anymore." How very sad.

In speaking recently to a retired CIA veteran of 30 years, I received a blunt admission. This man was a professional torturer under the Phoenix Project. This man was also an assassin. Therefore, I am not angering him by giving his name on this blog! But he released me to share his admissions with my readers. I asked D______ the following: 

"D___, isn't it true that the CIA has infiltrated every church across America today?" He laughed and replied, "Yes, it's true! There is not a church or Christian institution in America, that the CIA has not infiltrated to a greater or lesser degree..." 

D___ also admitted to me that my research uncovering the guillotines in America was correct, that the whole martial law scenario I have reported on for years is accurate, and that MARTIAL LAW indeed is when the whole NWO agenda will be imposed upon America someday.

How dangerously like the churches in Russia and other communist countries, often filled with government KGB/FSB spies infiltrating and posing as priests and pastors, the churches in America are slowly becoming. But how many Christians are discerning enough to know when this is happening in THEIR church???

So many popular Christian music groups are singing publicly about the glories of being saved by Jesus Christ, but then fornicating and partying behind closed doors.

Pastors are falling all the time because of women sent in deliberately to seduce them and to make them fall from their ministries and pulpits (much of this perpetrated by the satanists and witches of America today.)

Frankly, every other pastor I have ever had, has fallen because of sexual immorality.

I don't get it. Wasn't Jesus Christ sent into this world, to deal with sin ONCE AND FOR ALL??? 

Because of all I have encountered in my lifetime, I have finally "become allergic" to pseudo-Christianity in America today, to the point where I often do NOT  "go to church" anymore, and at times prefer to remain within the safe confines of my bedroom with my Bible open and on my knees in prayer and tears before Almighty God. Or meeting with a few valuable and trusted fellow believers to worship and pray together in holiness and sincerity.

Please don't misunderstand what I am saying. TRUE BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY is wonderful and life-transforming and soul-saving! True fellowship regularly with genuine practicing Believers in God and His Son Jesus Christ is very important. The holy and perfect Son of God, Jesus Christ, has nothing to do with the sin in the churches of America today: He is not the problem! Never reject Jesus Christ and His teachings because of the failures of those who profess to be His people! In fact, Jesus was sent to deal with the problem of sin and confront and remove it.

YES, there are some good pastors and churches and Christians in America today. Thank GOD for the genuine disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today. Thank GOD for those quality ministries of integrity. They are the true salt and light of this dark world.

However, it is the frequent problem of deception and hypocrisy and hidden sin that God is weary of, and Christians like myself are also weary of encountering.

I am so tired of being deceived. I am so weary of being hurt. And so are many other Christians I have spoken to about this.

I find that the continual cry of my heart is for the Father to lead me to genuine disciples of Jesus Christ, that I can safely trust and love and fellowship with. I am weary of my heart being broken repeatedly by the sin in the Churches of America today. 

I often find that I cannot even trust people anymore, when they come up to me and glibly tell me "I AM A CHRISTIAN."  I look at them and think, "Oh, really? ARE you a Christian by God's definition???"

I have learned to wait and  watch carefully now to SEE if that person's lifestyle and words are truly "Christian" by Bible definition before I will trust that person. I have been so deeply wounded at times by the pseudo-Christians of America today, that I have resolved to not be hurt any longer, by finally having to take precautions such as this.

If I am so weary and continually grieved about all of this, I can only imagine how the heart of Almighty God must feel, as He sees the sin and compromise running rampant throughout so many churches of those who profess to be "HIS PEOPLE."

Friends and readers, what did God to Israel and Judah many thousands of years ago, when, even as they professed to be HIS PEOPLE, they were guilty of sexual immorality and Baal (satan) worship and unfaithfulness and sin of every kind??? What did God do to bring brokenness and chastisement and repentance and ultimately JUDGMENT upon His people of that day for their sins???

Bible history faithfully records and reveals that God Himself brought enemy nations upon Israel and Judah for judgment! That He Himself brought famine, pestilence, suffering and war and death upon them BECAUSE of their lack of repentance and their unfaithfulness to Him. READ the accounts of the prophets of those days who recorded the judgments that came upon the Jews in rebellion against God's commandments...yet who professed to be "God's CHOSEN."

Readers, what is about to come upon America today??? Are we any better? Has God's holy character and nature changed at all since then?

If you have been following my reports (and those of many other researchers) for many years, you realize that the SAME KINDS OF JUDGMENTS ARE COMING UPON AMERICA AS WELL someday. 

Yes, much of this judgment is coming to indeed judge the outright sinners who do not know Jesus and are obviously living in sin and blatant defiance of God's commandments. 

But I am telling you that much persecution and judgment is going to be PERMITTED BY GOD to come against the Churches and Christians in America today, BECAUSE of sin and compromise and lack of repentance among so many who profess to be "CHRISTIANS" in this hour as well.

It will come as a rod of judgment and chastisement, to bring brokenness and repentance to those who refuse to repent NOW and be restored to a right relationship with God. The Bible declares that "...whom the Lord LOVES, He CHASTENS..."

Through much prayer  for America throughout the years, God has shown me that many Christians, including compromised, will cry out to God when these great judgments come upon America, and when persecution comes like a flood, along with famine and pestilence and ultimately war. 

Many will cry out and say, "HOW COULD GOD ALLOW ALL THIS TO HAPPEN TO AMERICA???" 

And when they ask this question, GOD HIMSELF WILL ANSWER THEM IN THAT HOUR! He will bring conviction to the sin-compromised Christians for the unconfessed sin in their lives, the unfaithfulness and unrighteousness and hypocrisy, and His Holy Spirit will faithfully show them and convict them and bring them to repentance finally. This is one of the important roles of the Holy Spirit: to convict people of SIN.

Many compromised Christians and sinners, now playing games with God, will not repent until everything I have written about finally comes to pass, and they find themselves arrested and shackled into prisoner boxcars and taken to the camps or suffering other misfortunes under martial law. 

And finding themselves in those boxcars, they will very quickly repent and get right with God! And perhaps very quickly then be taken home to be with Him as well. God would rather bring His people to brokenness and repentance, and then take them home in a pure state, than to allow His people to remain in a state of sin only to ultimately perish in their sins.
"For the wages of sin is DEATH..." 

If you find yourself in the categories I have defined above, that of living in sin, playing games with God, but then telling people "I AM A CHRISTIAN," take this time to be kind to your eternal soul. Please repent and rededicate your life to Jesus Christ and get right with God. The Bible reveals that if we would take the time to examine ourselves in the light of God's Word, we then would not have to be judged as we repent and conform to God's requirements.


If you are NOT a Christian, then take the time to receive Jesus Christ as your Savior today. His blood was shed for YOU to be forgiven and set free from the terrible bondage and consequences of SIN. He loves you, He died for your sins, and He has the power to CHANGE YOUR LIFE TODAY! Pray for Him to come into your heart and life and to SAVE YOU COMPLETELY. And He WILL!

There are many Christians who tell me, when I share about my reporting, that they don't have to worry about the future, because they are gonna get "RAPTURED OUTTA HERE!" 

First of all, WHEN Jesus Christ returns for His people, HE IS COMING FOR A SPOTLESS BLOOD-WASHED BRIDE! He is NOT coming for sinful, compromised, deceitful "pseudo-Christians!" 

Furthermore, the Bible clearly tells us that " man knows the day or the hour" of His coming! Christians in America are presumptuous, when they believe in so many words that "Jesus will come when it's convenient for them and when they want Him to" save them from coming testings and tribulations that have already come to Christians in MANY nations around the world in this generation.

TENS OF MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS HAVE DIED FOR THEIR FAITH in these last one hundred years alone. Please note that Christians were not raptured out of testing and persecution and martyrdom in communist RUSSIA or CHINA or NORTH KOREA...nor raptured out from persecution in Muslim countries such as EGYPT or  INDONESIA or Saudi Arabia or parts of AFRICA.

American Christians have neither Bible chapter nor verse to conclusively tell them that BEFORE THEY SUFFER OR DIE FOR JESUS CHRIST, JESUS WILL CONVENIENTLY COME TO "RAPTURE THEM OUT" FIRST! 

To believe this shaky doctrine is very dangerous false theology. It leads to NOT PREPARING for the many crises Christians in America will soon face. Christians MUST prepare their hearts and minds NOW to face persecution, suffering and potentially martyrdom for their testimony in America someday. I tell you factually, that IT IS COMING. The prophetic words of Jesus in Matthew 24 forewarn us, and all that I have uncovered in my research of 18 years now confirms this as well.


Only an utter fool would ever want to face the coming times in America of judgment and persecution, in a state of sinful compromise and rebellion against Almighty God. The Bible clearly states that it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the wrath of Almighty God. Personally, I fear God...and so must we ALL. Jesus Himself declared, "Fear Him Who is able to destroy body and soul in HELL..."

For you who are not yet born-again Christians, today is the day of salvation. 

And for Christians living in secret sin and compromise, it is time to stop playing games! The blood of Jesus Christ is there for YOU to be restored and to get right with God today. Here is what the Word of God tells us:

"If we say we have not sinned, the truth is not in us and we are lying. But if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and the Blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin." I John 1:8-9

Please...for the sake of your eternal soul, DO IT TODAY.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. This is actually the reason, as watchmen on the wall, that we do still attend and minister in church.

  2. Hi,

    Interesting. A little venting? But I agree no less and great a concern. You come down hard on JB but to his credit he hasn't returned to ministry that I know of. Of greater concern are the Joyce Meyers, Benny Hinns and Todd Bentley who after having an affair, getting divorced and then marrying the mistress is elevated back to ministry???? And then he's in Australia and in a drunk crashes his car?? This is why the redeemed church is shrinking and the church of apostasy is growing.

    A side note, did you notice the most damaged building in the DC quake last year was the "National Cathedral"? That says a lot.....