Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Questions From My Readers....



By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I am taking this time to answer a few questions from my readers. There are two recent questions in particular I want to respond to.

One reader recently questioned me concerning my reports about prisoner boxcars with shackles appearing from time to time. This reader challenged me to "present more facts," "name names" etc. All I can say, is, if more Americans would take the time and make the effort to do their own independent background research, all those questions would be eventually be answered. 

So many Americans have sadly become lazy. They have become dependent on the government welfare system. They come home from work and turn on government mind-control programming, and expect to somehow be "told the truth" on White House/Pentagon-censored news broadcasts. They sit back and want others to do all the work for them, including research into national and world affairs.

I am not here to babysit or spoonfeed anyone in this world of investigative journalism. My goal is to investigate and report to the American people, in order to help build up mature and better informed Americans, who then have a better understanding of the truth regarding what is happening in our nation and world today, and who can then rise up and DO something about it.

I have personally worked hard to travel nationwide and worldwide, to investigate information, to interview various news sources, and to present the unvarnished facts to my endangered fellow Americans. It has cost me virtually everything in this world, and put my life at continual risk. But I consider my fellow endangered Americans and their future worth it all.

There are reasons why I do not always include names of the people I have interviewed for information. Because most of the subjects I research involve covert and classified government or military information, to therefore openly publish names of certain information sources at times would put that person's job, family, and even life at risk. This is something I will avoid whenever possible.

Another reason I am cautious whenever I receive emails or posts essentially demanding that I "name names" of info sources, is that often these very people demanding such information are government/military intelligence "spy guys" who simply want more information. 

Pretending to be "normal readers", they then proceed to bait me, challenging me to give out sensitive information "...or you are not a good journalist" and using other info baiting tactics. In my earlier days of this kind of journalism, I was often deceived by this tactic: this was all new to me. But no more. And I am no longer falling for their "bait."

In my reports outlining the reality of the coming police state and replay of "the gulag system" complete with detention camps for political and religious resisters, plus the transportation to get them there (prisoner boxcars with shackles), I have previously given numerous names, background details and facts confirming the present day reality of prisoner boxcars with shackles, the companies manufacturing them, the names of eye-witnesses  reporting them, including one man who is now dead...tortured and killed for daring to openly expose the truth about DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES and GUNDERSON INC and hundreds of thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles secretly ordered for martial law.

His name is PHIL SCHNEIDER. You can google up his name and read his interviews about deep underground bases, and the reality of prisoner boxcars with shackles secretly ordered by our traitorous government from GUNDERSON INC, a steel fabrication company in Portland, OR.


Following a friend's personal eye-witness sighting of prisoner boxcars with shackles in Montana (accompanied with four others who also witnessed them), and later hearing about Schneider's admission of GUNDERSON INC building prisoner boxcars with shackles, I then decided to personally visit Portland to meet with some Christian employees of GUNDERSON INC. 

They  confirmed to me the reality of the prisoner boxcars with shackles, the building of higher platforms to build these higher than normal boxcars. They then introduced me to a fellow Christian, a woman whose husband was a high executive with Gunderson Inc.

This wife of a high executive with Gunderson Inc. decided to hold a meeting in her home to have me speak to attendees. She began this meeting with, "...I have called this meeting in my home to announce that my husband has finally admitted to me that GUNDERSON is under secret contract with the US government to build thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles...there is also a satellite factory in TEXAS where they are building even MORE prisoner boxcars with shackles..."

(Does this reader demanding names, actually think I am going to openly publish the names of these employees, or the name of this woman on the Internet? It would be highly irresponsible of me to do so and thereby put their jobs, families and lives at risk, and highly unprofessional as well.)

A quick phone call later to Col. Jim Ammerman of Dallas, TX, confirmed this completely. "Funny you should mention boxcars with shackles, Pam," Col. Jim said, "but I just got a phone call recently from a friend of mine. He told me he went to apply for a job needing welders. When he was interviewed, he was told it would involve WELDING SHACKLES INTO BOXCARS! He immediately said 'no thanks' and called me about this..." I then told Jim what I had uncovered regarding prisoner boxcars and shackles for martial law, to take political and religious prisoners to the camps, and he then understood completely.

I am not going to take valuable time to rehash what has already been published in detail by me (and other researchers)on the Internet for many years regarding PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES. 

Furthermore, I wish more Americans would use a little common sense.  Why would there NOT be prisoner boxcars secretly and quietly prepositioned in large numbers across our nation, as the government anticipates a huge uprising someday of Patriotic and freedom-loving Americans, who will emphatically say NO to a communist type takeover by the NWO gang under martial law??? How do you expect them to haul millions of protesting Americans to FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY camps under martial law, without such practical forms of transportation???

The communist regimes, beginning with the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, successfully used rail  transport to haul political and religious resisters to the gulags and camps in prisoner boxcars for many decades. The Nazis successfully used rail transport and prisoner boxcars to take away all political and religious resistance under martial law. 

The same demonic powers of oppression who inspired the use of prisoner trains and camps to stifle all religious and political opposition in OTHER countries, will naturally attempt to use tried and tested methods of oppression in OUR generation and our nation someday as well.

For the reader who demanded more "proof," names, etc., please learn to responsibly perform your own research through available tools on the Internet and alternative news media sources. This information is out there! My years of research are all available free on the Internet and various websites. 

America, get educated, get informed and DO something to help change and shape the destiny of our nation, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!


Military GUILLOTINES in America Today

I just received a comment from a reader regarding MILITARY GUILLOTINES that I report on. This person was trying to infer that the type of guillotines I was reporting on, that were present in the US military, were somehow the factory-type mechanical "guillotines" used for cutting various things in the military, as used in factories.

I am fully aware of the term "GUILLOTINE" when it us used to describe normal machinery in factories where cutting of products is necessary, and such cutting tools are referred to commonly as "guillotines."

This reader was trying to distort the article I published recently about a military source admitting he viewed the bill of lading for his Navy ship, and it included GUILLOTINES.

However, years of research has previously uncovered that the modern military guillotines have been manufactured at least since the 1970's, originally in JAPAN, where there was a secret contract with the US government to produce and export them to America by ship. One  CIA source Elaine described to me one day how she was flown to the factory in Japan where they were manufactured, then taken to the loading docks of San Diego to watch as they were unloaded off SHIPS in unmarked crates, to then be distributed across America to unknown destinations. But she knew what they would be used for someday!

My personal friend and fellow researcher/lecturer, AL CUPPETT (www.ALCUPPETT.com) received information one day about the FBI raiding a home of a man in FLORIDA who was secretly collecting and saving the BILLS OF LADING from his shipping company he worked for, that contained information about the MODERN GUILLOTINES being shipped into America. They seized his bills of lading copies, and then interrogated him.

The modernized military guillotines that I have painstakingly researched and reported on for many years now, that they are using secretly to train our military with practice human-like dummies, are hardly the factory-type "guillotine" blades used commonly in factories for various manufacturing processes! The military guillotines described to me personally by one Navy source, that are in Navy warehouses in the Philippines, are absolutely modern version of the guillotine designed to decapitate human beings! 

The military guillotines as described to me by one former staff sergeant at Fort Lewis-McChord, WA, are absolutely designed to decapitate human beings as well. He told me in person that this was exactly what he would be training his men to do on these modern guillotines, with the human dummy mannikins they would be using for practice.


Add to all this, the numerous sightings of MODERN GUILLOTINES even bolted into prisoner boxcars with shackles that have been confirmed across America, and you have a grim picture of coming carnage beyond belief, aimed against the good and Patriotic American people by these miserable NWO gangstas once again.

This is one of the many reasons why I emphatically state without apology to my fellow Americans: 



Honestly, what do they expect me to say to my fellow Americans in this hour...???

-Simply SURRENDER AND ABANDON your God-given freedoms and rights and Constitution our forefathers created to establish FREEDOM FOR AMERICA...in order to then embrace a tyrannical communist-inspired NWO government tyranny?

-Simply SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS and meekly raise your hands, and be marched off to waiting FEMA prisoner boxcars with shackles, to be brutally tortured and murdered even before many of your reach the FEMA camps???

-Simply ALLOW these NWO thieves and robbers (in the guise of FEMA and HOMELAND SECURITY) to steal your hard-earned EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLIES that you will critically need someday to feed your family and fulfill even Biblical obligations to feed your family???

-Just sit back and let them get away with mass genocide of millions of Christians and Patriotic Americans under martial law, as they unleash the horrors of their MODERN GUILLOTINES and the sicko mind-controlled soldiers they have trained to use them?(ALL under the auspices of the Noahide Laws...)


Frankly, I don't care if they arrest me and haul me before some military tribunal to answer for this kind of reporting. I have to answer to a HIGHER POWER, and my only Commander-in-Chief is the Lord God the Almighty! HIS SON JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD AND SAVIOR. 

I am a citizen of another kingdom and another Capitol city, whose builder and maker is Almighty God, and whose commandments are my HIGHER LAWS that supersede the laws of wicked men. 

To HELL with your LUCIFERIC NEW WORLD ORDER...Biblically and Scripturally!

I was born into the US military in Washington DC, grew up surrounded with military and the Federal government, and have been given a holy obligation by the Living God to call these very people behind this NWO/martial law madness to REPENTANCE!

I refuse to sit back in silence, knowing the terrible things planned against my fellow Christians in America, and against my fellow Patriotic Americans as well. 

I certainly know that I have already been sentenced to death in absentia for my reporting by these NWO madmen. But America was never founded by COWARDS. And neither was CHRISTIANITY. True Christianity teaches us how to lay down our lives for that which is good and right. Nowhere are we taught, as Christians or Patriotic Americans, to retreat as cowards in the face of the enemy. I refuse to retreat. I refuse to remain silent in this hour.

And neither can YOU retreat or remain silent! PREPARE FOR WHAT IS COMING while you still have the time and access to all you may need! NEVER SURRENDER! NEVER RETREAT! 

I follow and serve a Living Savior Jesus Christ, and He never surrendered...nor did He ever retreat in cowardice from any battle. He stood His ground, put His trust in God His Father, and WON the battles he was sent in to fight and win. 

And so shall we Christians as we steadfastly determine to FOLLOW HIM. 

Because GREATER IS HE that is within YOU, than he that is in the world!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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  1. Cowards will not inherit the Kingdom of GOD.

    Rev 21:8 "But for the COWARDLY, unbelieving, sinners, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their part is in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death."