Friday, October 5, 2012

A Great Big "THANK YOU" TO My Beloved Readers!

Today I felt it was important to take the time to publicly express my deep appreciation for the kind love and support the following people have recently given to encourage me and enable my work here in the Arctic to go on.
Thanks to GOD and my readers, I now have my valuable Arctic expedition coat and important gear and clothing that one must wear when venturing out into minus 60 to minus 70 below zero temperatures with cruel winds that continue here for several months.
I will also have the precious Bibles needed for the children here, and materials for special crafts projects for them, that will be used as I share Jesus and His wonderful love with them.

I now have been able to purchase a valuable portable musical instrument, an autoharp, that I am actively using in ministry to the elderly here as well.

You will never know how much your love and encouragement has meant to me under these very difficult circumstances here!

Pray with me, please, that my being here to share God's Word and love will make a genuine difference in the lives of all God brings me into contact with here, both young and old alike.

The following list does not reflect ALL supporters, but mentions the most recent.

Special THANKS to:

Kelli of Montana
Doug of NYC
Marco of Calgary, Alberta
Bruce and Sandy of Durango, Colorado
Pamela of Utah
Patricia from Colorado
 Glenn from Arkansas
Gordon from Indiana
Jeff from Indiana
Krystyna from the UK

All these precious people have recently helped to support this work here. These are mostly one time gifts, and not regular supporters...just immediate emergency support to provide essential winter gear and children's Bibles and ministry tools, etc., to start ministry here.

I pride myself in working hard to provide for my own ministry, and am hoping to obtain work here so I can be fully self-supporting in ministry. I much prefer to be in the position of GIVING rather then receiving!
May God bless you and keep you through the perilous times to come!

And may God equally bless those who cannot give and whose needs in this hour are great. I am praying for you to experience miracles of grace and His mercy to bring you through the times to come.
Love and prayer for all of my beloved readers and supporters,

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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