Friday, August 19, 2011

Challenge to Messianic Jewish Leaders USA:WHY Are You SILENT in This Hour?

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The following article  is written respectfully, out of love and very DEEP concern over the future.

Sid Roth, Dan Juster,  Ron Weinbaum, Jews for Jesus, and MANY other Messianic Jewish leaders and organizations...WHERE ARE YOU???  (Oh, yes, I  KNOW many of you are on radio, television and giving seminars. I just spoke to one Messianic rabbi who told me how he enjoyed a recent seminar by Dan Juster.) Don't be offended that I have mentioned your names on this article. The very fact that I have done so, should tell you I hold you all in high esteem.

But WHY are you not rebuking your unsaved Jewish people OPENLY  regarding the painful reality of their NOAHIDE LAWS and the MODERN GUILLOTINES  present by the millions throughout North America, to BEHEAD your  Christian brethren in Yahshua  in the future in North America? And quite honestly, worldwide.

Mass GENOCIDE of the Christians in North America is coming, because of the Orthodox Jewish Noahide Laws, signed into actual legislation by President Bush senior previously, and the modern military guillotines to fulfill them.

TO all my Messianic friends, contacts and leaders out there across America. WHY are you silent in this critical hour, as more and more modern guillotines are pouring into North America to behead your Christian brethren under the very JEWISH Noahide Laws of Lubavitch Chabad? These laws and the guillotines to fulfill them are the perfect fulfillment of Revelation 20:4, "THE SOULS OF THOSE BEHEADED FOR THE WITNESS OF JESUS CHRIST and the word of God..." under the NEW WORLD ORDER. Though this is indeed Bible prophecy to be fulfilled, you are never called to be SILENT when your brethren in the Messiah are being threatened or persecuted and facing death for His sake!

How did you like it, when people remained silent when your Jewish people were being arrested and sent to the camps to be killed under the Nazis??? How much has been written regarding this?


And are you now going to be guilty of the same sin and crime against humanity, by now remaining silent???

 But WHY are you silent? Can it possibly that I, a mere Gentile Christian woman, have more God given faith  in Yahshua and courage to rebuke these people and expose their dark NWO agenda, than YOU???  God forbid! Yet  the plain evidence speaks for itself. I have been researching this subject for 15 years now, and have laid my life down to warn my fellow Believers in Messiah, Jew and Gentile alike, and have come close to death several times for my testimony.

I have not spared my life, nor my safety nor finances, etc. I have laid down my life to tell America the truth. And it should be quite obvious that once they decide to arrest me and take me away, my death will be quite horrific. I am deeply hated by the military and the intelligence community  for my factual reporting. And they have told me so. But I have read the Word of God and know the price I may be required to pay for OBEDIENCE TO GOD.  And that same Word also applies to YOU.

YOU are the LEADERS  and voices in the Messianic Jewish communities! By your own admissions, you are Jewish. It is certain elements of YOUR Jewish people behind this horrific plan to tempt Gentile Christians to deny Jesus or be BEHEADED by THEIR Noahide Laws. And it is evident that they fully intend to enforce their NOAHIDE LAWS on our tender Christian Gentile necks.

Where are your voices of rebuke and warning to Jews in rebellion to Messiah and His Word, even as the Jewish prophets spoke out warnings and rebuke to their rebellious Jewish brethren thousands of years ago? Where are your WATCHMEN ON THE WALL in this hour???

No, this is not a joke or a game. Go ask your friends in the military or the CIA who are in on all this. All MY CIA contacts know about the guillotines and their purposes! I have been documenting the presence of  these guillotines now for 15 years in America. My CIA, Pentagon and military sources all confirm what I have been uncovering. For example, I just received report from a Christian trucker that the modern guillotines are pouring into Billings, MT, by truck, even as you read this.

CIA and Pentagon sources have all confirmed their existence. Go GOOGLE up the NOAHIDE LAWS and read.  President Bush Sr signed the NOAHIDE LAWS presented to him directly. This is all reality about to happen.

And WHERE oh WHERE are YOUR JEWISH VOICES IN THIS HOUR, to rebuke your unsaved Jewish brethren behind this heinous agenda that will cost MILLIONS of your Christian brethren here in America their very lives. It is your fellow Jews who created the NOAHIDE LAWS through LUBAVITCH CHABAD, with the quite obvious intention of eliminating much hated Christianity from the face of the earth. The only reason it cannot be acted on now, is because of THE CONSTITUTION STILL BEING IN PLACE.

The Constitution forbids Congress making any law that respects a particular religion, or forbids the free exercise thereof. The MOMENT that MARTIAL LAW IS DECLARED, and the Constitution rescinded, the NOAHIDE LAWS will be ACTIVATED and no longer restrained, and the military will bring out the modern metal guillotines they have been secretly training their men to use, in places like FORT LEWIS, WASHINGTON, Fort Hood, TX, Fort Bragg, NC,

I stand ashamed in this hour, as the truth is abundantly available on this subject, that not ONE Messianic Jew has the CHUTZPAH to address this tragic and heart-breaking coming reality and to openly rebuke the Jews behind this Christian genocide agenda.

I have had unbelieving Jews mock me over these truths, saying things like , "Yeah, lady , everything you are saying is TRUE! And the antichrist you Christians fear, will be OUR NEW MESSIAH to lead us to world victory and GET RID OF YOU CHRISTIANS WHO STAND IN OUR WAY!"

 Oh really, my dear Jewish friend? The ONLY way we true believers in Yahshua the Messiah are standing in YOUR way, is to stand in the way of your PERISHING ETERNALLY AND GOING TO HELL!

Christians like myself  know that the ONLY Messiah God will ever send to the Jews to SAVE THEM FROM THEIR SINS, is JESUS CHRIST, or YAHSHUA HAMASHIACH the MASHIACH! And we are praying for YOUR salvation non-stop, pleading with the God of Israel to open YOUR eyes to the truth and to SAVE YOU ETERNALLY!

The Christian New Testament prophesied two thousand years ago, that a false messiah would come someday to the Jews and Israel and the rebuilt Temple, claiming to be "the mashiach" and would lead them directly into PERDITION. And that God would finally allow this, because of your rejection of your ONLY TRUE Messiah, Yahshua. Satan himself will be behind this false messiah.

(See II Thessalonians 2:3-12)

Sid Roth, I love you. I was saved in the same revival in the Washington DC area in the 1970's that you were. I worked for you briefly in your office in Maryland  with MESSIANIC VISION. You have a wonderful testimony and witness. But where oh where is YOUR voice of influence in this hour regarding the above?

Dan Juster, I love you. I enjoyed services so much in your Messianic synagogue in Maryland so many years ago. You are a great Messianic leader. So where oh where is YOUR powerful voice of influence in this desperate hour regarding this inescapable reality?

Jews for Jesus, I love you. I too performed outreach for Yahshua among the Russian Jews for many years, including in NYC and Chicago. I and my friends know how it feels to be persecuted, attacked and actually beaten by militant Jewish Orthodox Jews including Lubavitch Chabad adherents in Brooklyn, NY and beyond. So do you. You have a powerful voice in the Jewish community.Where is YOUR voice in this hour??? Surely you cannot be ignorant of these truths, when Jews in the Jewish communities in NYC discuss this openly among family members, many rejoicing over the thoughts of Christians being arrested and sent to the camps, even as Messianic Jews like Saida of Tulsa, OK, have told me personally.
I was lecturing in Tulsa, Oklahoma at a Messianic synagogue several years ago, About my research on the coming martial law to America and it's plans for Christian genocide. Saida, a Sephardic Messianic Jew, started nodding her head as I lectured. I stopped and asked her, "Saida, HOW do you KNOW about these things?"

She replied, "Because whenever I go home to my non-Messianic Jewish family in Brooklyn, they tell me: "You better come OUT of your faith in Jesus, because it is the CHRISTIANS' turn to GO TO THE CAMPS now!" They know from inside Jewish communities about the coming genocide program for Christians in America, about the boxcars, the guillotines and more. And many of the rich NYC Jewish bankers such as the ROTHSCHILDS and billionaires like GEORGE SOROS are bankrolling this agenda as well. Where is your voice of rebuke to them in NYC and beyond in this hour?

Ron Weinbaum, I love you. Remember how we worked together so many years ago to share Yahshua the Mashiach with the RUSSIAN JEWS in Brooklyn and at the Russian Baptist Camp in Ashford, CT. And how many Russian Jewish children came to know YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH as a result! Halleluia! But you, dear, are you also ignorant of all this? Are you remaining silent in this hour also? You cannot. Your Christian brethren face a terrible fate in this hour. Worldwide. The guillotines are everywhere, as my military contacts admitted to me. You are a fine man of God, a real mensch. Your excellent voice must also be heard.

My Messianic brethren in NYC, you cannot be ignorant of the plans to send Christians to the detention camps under martial law, nor the guillotines and the Noahide Laws. Not when so many Messianic Jews have told me that their unsaved Jewish relatives in NYC discuss this all the time, making statements like "It is NOW the CHRISTIANS turn to be arrested and TAKEN TO THE CAMPS..." I know what both unbelieving Jews and Messianic Jews have told me about this. Many in the Jewish community KNOW. Where is YOUR voice of rebuke to them in this hour?

I was once warned by a Messianic woman in ministry in NYC, Pearle McLain, the tragic truth about all this She admitted to me that there were Messianic leaders  in America today, who KNEW all about this kinds of things I report on a  document that are coming to our nation. BUT, she said, they were not warning the flock and they had their plans to purchase tickets to make ALIYAH to ISRAEL,ready to abandon their flocks and flee to supposed safety immediately  before the NWO agenda comes down in North America.

So, based on this kind of report, apparently certain of  these Messianic leaders are looking out for "NUMBER ONE" and maintaining their 501-c-3 tax exempt status,  and ignoring the Word of God to be faithful shepherds and watchmen on the wall in this hour. You are also failing to be the voices of rebuke and conviction to your unsaved Jewish brethren who have laid the ground work for mass Christian genocide in North America  and actually worldwide...the guillotines to fulfill Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS are everywhere, as military sources informed me.

I hope that many Messianic readers of this article, and the truth behind the NOAHIDE LAWS, will confront you Messianic leaders and voices to the Messianic communities. Your silence is saddening. It is damning. It tells me many things.

 You are too afraid to speak the truth in this hour? You love your money and temporal safety for NOW more than speaking the truth in this hour? IF this is the tragic case, then you are not God's faithful shepherds to His people to forewarn them of these things to come, for fear of persecution, loss of money and more. You have not been as the Jewish prophets of old, to call your unsaved Jewish brethren to repentance over this terrible sins and spiritual darkness that includes Rothschild Illuminati NWO darkness and very real Jewish satanism, or Sabbateanism, as exposed even by Jewish journalists like BARRY CHAMISH. Or Dr. Henry Makow.

I know, because I have gone to Messianic Synagogues. I have listened to the music. I have read the literature.


My beloved Messianic Jewish brethren, THESE very Christians  they intend to behead with the NOAHIDE LAWS are the ones praying for the peace of Jerusalem, They are making pilgrimages to Israel  and feast of Tabernacles and thus funding Israel as a result. They tell me "they love the Jews." And now some of these very  Jews are about to stab them in the back with the NOAHIDE LAWS and the guillotines.

In light of this, how COULD you be silent in this hour??? Please don't feign ignorance. This information is widely known throughout Jewish communities, even as my Messianic Jewish friends have admitted to me. Many of you have friends in the Military, Mossad and the intelligence community who have warned you of these very things.

For those of you who know the truth, YET REMAIN SILENT I say, that God Himself is ashamed of your silence in this hour as your Christians brethren stand in jeopardy of their very lives, because of the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS and the guillotines here today to fulfill them in the near future.

It is a shame that I have to even write an article such as this. I never wanted to have to write these words. But future historians looking back will confirm the accuracy of my reports on this subject.

And the question will be asked again...and again...and again in the future:                                           



Go ahead, Lubavitch Chabad and adherents...bring on your Noahide Laws guillotines! I declare without apology Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God. I worship Him as God in the flesh.There: I said it. I just broke two of your three Noahide laws for which execution by decapitation is required ("blasphemy against God" and "idolatry".). Behead me. Worthy is the LAMB!And let every drop of my blood cry out YAHSHUA IS LORD AND MESSIAH AND THE SON OF GOD! May all our blood you shed someday testify to this truth! By the MILLIONS...because the BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS is the SEED OF HIS CHURCH!

"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do..."-Jesus Christ as He was dying on the cross

"Lord Jesus, receive my spirit..."-Stephen as he was being martyred by the Jews for his witness of Jesus Christ

"And they overcame him by the  Blood of the Lamb, by the Word of their testimony, and because they loved not their lives unto the death." Revelation 12:11

"And I saw the souls of them BEHEADED FOR THE WITNESS OF JESUS CHRIST and the Word of God...and they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years." Revelation 20:4-b

My Jewish readers, I continue to love and to pray for you. You are the real victims of  this spiritual darkness, and not we believers in YOUR Mashiach, Yahshua. Please come to your Mashiach Yashua now while there is still time.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from across America


  1. I posted your blog on wall (Michael L Brown). So far he hasn't removed it. I guess we'll have to wait and see. If it weren't for Aaron Russo I would have a hard time believing some of this stuff, even though it's thoroughly researched and documented.

    Concentration Camps for Americans


    How would you like to enter one the over 600 American concentration camps across the USA? The barbed wired, shackle embedded camps have been built and are awaiting to enslave huge numbers of the population. Should a fitting event take place, current laws allow FEMA to legally incarcerate civilians into these camps.

    The Federal Government admits plans to detain millions of people
    Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a plan by the United States federal government to test their ability to detain large numbers of American citizens in case of massive civil unrest or national emergency. Exercises similar to Rex 84 happen periodically. Plans for roundups of persons in the United States in times of crisis are constructed during periods of increased political repression such as the Palmer Raids and the McCarthy Era. For example, from 1967 to 1971 the FBI kept a list of persons to be rounded up as subversive, dubbed the "ADEX" list
    U.S. Military Preparing for Martial Law against the American People!
    Even before 9/11, the Military has been training our soldiers how to shut down cities, confiscate guns, and put Americans in camps. Read for yourself.

    Concentration Camps For Americans Word Doc
    Concentration Camps For Americans Word Docx

  3. I'm a Messianic and have learned about this recently. I knew about the guillotines but thought it was for all peeps who went against the NWO. Anyway, for all those Messianic rabbis who plan to flea to Israel. Well... Eventually mass extermination of Jews will happen except for God's remnant.

    Also, a lot of secular Jews believe this info is an attack in them.

    So far, I have warned 2 of my Christian friends on what is coming.