Monday, August 29, 2011

Fascinating Conversation With A Jewish Contact Who Worked for George Soros

..As I have stated before, not ALL Jews are involved in the NWO agenda for America.

Recently during my recent travels, I met a very nice Jewish woman. We enjoyed a pleasant but honest conversation about the grim future of America. I was amazed to find this woman had worked under BILLIONAIRE ILLUMINATI MEMBER GEORGE SOROS.

George Soros is working hard for the New World Order agenda. George Soros is a Luciferian. Yet, as our conversation revealed, she did not know the dark truth about George Soros. She simply commented that she perceived him to be an evil man in her conversations with him. She admitted she nothing about the Illuminati, the NWO agenda, the Bohemian Grove that Soros is involved with.

She was fascinated with my reporting on the NEW WORLD ORDER and the coming police state, and had heard of none of this information previously. I quickly gave her many sources of information on the Internet. She thanked me profusely: she wanted to know the truth!

This should illustrate what I have been saying repeatedly on my website. NOT ALL JEWS KNOW, and NOT ALL JEWS ARE INVOLVED in this NEW WORLD ORDER agenda...though many Jews call this THEIR New World  Order. And there are those involved on very high and powerful levels.

I am concerned for the safety and protection of ALL innocent in this nation, Gentile, Christian and Jew alike. It is unfair to stereotype ANY people group, especially in this sensitive matter.

This is also echoed by Dr. Henry Makow on his website exposing the New World Order. While he as a Jew admits freely that there are particular element of Jews who ARE decidedly involved in the Illuminati and the New World Order agenda, and very heavily in fact, there are MANY  Jews who are NOT involved, who know little or nothing about this, and who stand to become tragic victims of Illuminati madness as well. Go to his excellent website exposing the New World Order:


And that is exactly what NWO and Illuminati Jews want. They are happy to sacrifice their fellow Jews for their evil agenda. They want to drive the Jews out of the USA and back to Israel. They know the Jews in the USA are too comfortable and don't want to return to Israel. And so, just as Illuminati "Jews"played a major role in the Nazi holocaust from the beginning, to use the bloodshed and persecution of Jews to justify the demands for ISRAEL TO BE A JEWISH NATION, so these types are happy to once again sacrifice their own fellow Jews for their agendas once again.

Sorry, Illuminati! Though I report on the NEW WORLD ORDER and have indeed mentioned the involvement of a particular elements of Jews, I refuse to turn this kind of information into a hate campaign against all Jews, a "Nazi" type message designed to bring persecution against them.

NO one has reported more on the guillotines and the Jewish Noahide Laws link, than I have. But you will not find a hate/persecution message against the Jews in ANY of my reports. Rebuke, yes, HATE, never.

A FINAL SOLUTION as the Germans designed to deal with the Jews who were attempting the same kind of takeover in Germany as is happening now in America, is NEVER God's Biblical solution.

God's Biblical solution is based on His eternal word. We know as Christians that we are called to pray for those who want to be our enemies. We are called to forgive those who persecute us. We are called to pray for their eternal salvation. We are called to be merciful and compassionate.

Yes, I know well the truth about coming MARTIAL LAW and the many players behind it. I know the truth about "9/11" (just like Chertoff, Soros, Silverstein, Cheney, Bush and many others know...) I know the truth about the roots of communism and what it's agenda is really all about...and I know the truth about tens of millions of my fellow Christians martyred under Rothschild Illuminati Jewish communism. I have written letters of encouragement to my fellow Christians in the Soviet Gulag system. I have worked with Russian Christians horribly persecuted under Jewish communism.

But what is their response to persecution under Jewish communism ( coupled with many Gentile converts to communism)? You can go to a Russian Baptist Church in Arvada, Colorado, and READ the huge wooden plaque over the front pulpit: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

Jewish NWO supporter Harold Rosenthal was very wrong about the Christians in America. He mocked them in his revealing interview, admitting that the Jewish NWO agenda for America was indeed  taking place continually, and that someday "...the blood of the masses will flow."

I am certain he was speaking of millions of modern guillotines in America and the many Christians they plan to behead under the Noahide laws someday. And of course of the blood of Christians to be shed in the FEMA/Homeland Security camps, as they are shipped to the camps in the prisoner boxcars and shackles I report on.

You can go to this website ( and many more) to read his shocking interview fully admitting Jewish involvement in the NWO takeover of America.

He bragged that the Jews had the Christians emasculated by fear and that he was surprised that America was so easy for the NWO Jews to take control of. Here is one excerpt:

-In a highly confidential interview with a Jewish administrative assistant to one of this nation's ranking senators, he said, "It is a marvel that the American people do not rise up and drive every JEW out of this country." The Jew, Mr. Harold Wallace Rosenthal, made this statement after admitting Jewish dominance in all significant national programs. He said, "We Jews continue to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our hands. While the naive Americans wait for Khrushchev to bury them, we have taught them to submit to our every demand." Asked how a nation could be captured without their knowing it, Mr. Rosenthal attributed this victory to absolute control of the media. He boasted of Jewish control of ALL NEWS....-

If Harold Rosenthal were alive today, I would sit down with him, take his hands and speak the truth from the Word of God to him. "No, dear, we Christians in America are not afraid. Many of us KNOW what is coming to this nation, and many of us know the reality of many Jews of NWO persuasion involved. BUT WE ARE CHRISTIANS! We follow the teachings of the Jew Jesus, YOUR ONLY and true Messiah and OUR Savior! We are praying for you Jews who are involved daily." (I do!)

"We realize that while many of us Christians may indeed suffer for our faith in Jesus Christ by refusing to renounce Him and join your Luciferic NWO agenda, YOUR eternal fate is MUCH MORE TERRIBLE! You will PERISH eternally in eternal torments for your sins and rejection of the mercy and love and forgiveness of your Messiah, Jesus Christ."

"For the true Follower of the Messiah, your NWO guillotines, your boxcars, your detention and re-education camps and other plans of persecution and destruction hold no real fears. We do not fear death: it is the gateway to ETERNITY and everything God has promised to those who fear Him and believe in His Son the Messiah, Jesus. OUR sins are FORGIVEN. We have eternal life and a relationship with God Himself!"

"But YOU, Harold, and your NWO cronies, face far greater and eternal suffering at the hands of the TRUE God of Israel, and His name is NOT LUCIFER! Please come to the knowledge of the truth and REPENT! Come to YOUR Messiah today, Yahshua Ha'Mashiach!"

In that interview, Rosenthal admitted that the God of the NWO Illuminati Jews IS indeed Lucifer. Of course. Even our Christian Bible tells us this, that the NWO is under Lucifer's control itself. Read this in Revelation 13. He is the deceiver of both Jews and Gentiles alike!

Did you read this, George Soros? Chertoff? Lieberman? Rothschilds? And all your friends also deceived? Your NWO is doomed to defeat from the start, and your Lucifer too. READ the Christian New Testament! And read how we are VICTORIOUS over your NWO agenda even in death! And sadly, YOU are the eternal losers.

It doesn't matter how many of us you behead. (READ Revelation 20:4)

It doesn't matter how many of us you cause to be arrested, taken to the camps in prisoner boxcars to be tortured and killed, microwaved, body organ harvested and more. We have been given VICTORY through JESUS CHRIST YOUR MESSIAH!

WE all have to die someday anyhow...including YOU. And WHERE will YOU spend eternity? YOU ARE THE ETERNAL LOSERS when you reject God's love and mercy through Jesus Christ!

Your MONEY cannot save you! Your earthly power cannot save you. Your fame and acclaim cannot save you.


And YOU are the naked, blind deceived and miserable, to perish eternally.

In closing, I reiterate what Dr Henry Makow stresses in his website. While there are a distinct group of Jews involved in the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda and the Illuminati and Sabbateanism, not all Jews are involved. Just as there is a distinct group of GENTILES or non-Jews involved, and not ALL Gentiles or non-Jews.

TO my Jewish contact to which I refer to above, may God protect you from what is coming to this nation and provide safe refuge for you in the future, first through putting your trust in the only Messiah God will ever send to the Jews, Jesus the Messiah. And then, praying for God's wisdom to show you what to do in this hour. God does have the power to rescue you and show you what to do! Shalom.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Montana

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