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The Coming American "Kristallnacht" and WHY Jews Should Make ALIYAH



By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

This article is not easy to write. Again, it is written out of deep conviction and concern for the lives of the innocent, who are always the victims of those walking in darkness. In this case, the innocent parties endangered are the Christians of America, and the Jews who are in no wise involved with that particular element of Jews (including particularly those of dual citizenship in high positions in our government, intelligence, military, Homeland Security, and media, etc.)who have purposely labored  to bring America under  the New World Order and their NOAHIDE LAWS plan of  horrific mass genocide for the American Christians.

I have worked for many years in the Jewish communities in America. I have many Jewish friends. And that is part of the reason why I am writing this article.

I see no reason to apologize for the love God has placed in my heart for the Jewish people. Throughout my life periodically, I have taken care of Jewish elderly until they died. I have taken care of precious little Russian Jewish children out of NYC in summer camps, being their "momma" in long term camping programs for many summers. (I love these children to this day, though now they are grown with children of their own.)

I remember the time I lived in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, at Coney Island Avenue and Avenue J. I would sit in my second story window and gaze out, watching the Orthodox Jews and Hasidim walk by. On Sabbath days they would be taking walks with their families, their adorable children walking with them. I loved to watch the little Hasidic boys with their long side curls blowing in the wind as they walked proudly with their father and mother, dressed in Sabbath finery. They are so cute!
As I watched, the love of God for these people would fill my heart and I would cry and pray for them continually.These Hasidim truly believe they are following the God of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yakov (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.) The strict Orthodox truly believe that by obeying 613 letters of the law, they are pleasing "Hashem," or God. They are walking in the light of what they sincerely believe. I understand all this. I respect anyone who sincerely is seeking to know and please God.

However, they have been taught from youth to declare that "Jesus is not the Messiah" with traditional Jewish reasons given. The Talmud is filled in fact with what Christians consider to be blasphemous irreverent references to Jesus Christ. Gentiles or "Goyim" are considered inferior to all Jews.

Jewish tradition and religious reasoning based on HALACHA or the Law, VOID of accepting Jesus, or Yahshua Ha'Mashiach as Messiah, has lead naturally to the conclusion of the NOAHIDE LAWS. These are laws supposedly given by God to Noah, for the Gentiles. These laws are based on some basic Jewish beliefs. In an effort to please God based on their reasoning, the Gentiles who break their NOAHIDE LAWS must be dealt with...even by death.

However, whenever one religious group seeks to impose by force and upon pain of death THEIR religious beliefs on others who are not in agreement, the results will become tragic. This is the basic principle upon which Inquisitions are based, with many innocents tortured and killed for their religious beliefs. This is also extreme religious bigotry at it's worst, when one religious group seeks to impose it's beliefs on pain of death on another group. And that is exactly what the NOAHIDE LAWS of the Jews plan to do.

These Jewish Noahide Laws state that Gentiles CAN BE EXECUTED BY BEHEADING for breaking THREE of their SEVEN laws. TWO OF THESE THREE pertain directly to Christian beliefs. One is "BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD" and the other is "IDOLATRY." But by WHOSE definition? The Jews declare it is blasphemy against of God to declare or believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and God in the flesh. They also declare that to worship Jesus as God in the flesh is IDOLATRY.

THIS then is the JEWISH definition of "BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD" and "IDOLATRY," pertaining to CHRISTIANS in this case.(The NOAHIDE LAWS can also be used by Jews against the Moslems, the Buddhists, the Hindus, and other religious groups as well. And they will attempt to use these Noahide Laws against these religious groups as well.)

 And of course, no Christian would Biblically agree with the Jewish definitions of the above.

Tragically, the legislation has already been signed by one President, President George Bush Senior, which makes THE NOAHIDE LAWS actual legislation binding upon the American people. The picture below shows Lubavitch representatives with Bush Sr. as he signs the NOAHIDE LAWS into actual legislation.

George Bush Sr. will go down in history as one of the greatest perpetrators of the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America (and the world). His name will also go down in infamy as the one of the key persons whose ceaseless labors  have paved the way for the coming NWO HOLOCAUST of the innocents of our nation. Signing the NOAHIDE LAWS that seal the doom of millions of Bible-believing  Christians in North America as they are rounded up and beheaded for their faith under martial law, is only one of his many tragic NWO agenda accomplishments.

However, due to the fact that the Constitution declares that Congress shall make NO law respecting a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, this NOAHIDE LAW LEGISLATION cannot be legally enforced upon the American people, UNTIL MARTIAL LAW IS DECLARED and the Constitution finally rescinded, and the Presidential Executive Orders become law of the land.

It is THEN that the Noahide Laws can be enforced on the American people. It is THEN that the modern guillotines will be brought forth, and American Christians will be asked: "What will it be? Will you renounce your faith in Jesus Christ, and join our New World Order, or WILL YOU DIE?"

Because of many reports through alternative news journalism coming to the American people regarding the NOAHIDE LAWS and the presence of modern guillotines, now millions of Americans have become informed. Many Americans are becoming increasingly angered and concerned as they see our nation being taken down the path of a tyrannical New World Order, against the wishes of the majority of the American people.

More and more Americans are aware now of the ominous presence of the MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES now on our military bases.They know that our own US military are being trained to operate these guillotines on our military bases. And it is becoming increasingly clear that these guillotines are intended to be used against a major segment of our American society,  as a form of mass genocide against the American people.

And more and more Americans are realizing exactly where these NOAHIDE LAWS have factually come from. Frankly, the truth is quite obvious and factual and documented.

And many Americans are angry. And why not? Our American ancestors were God-fearing Christians, such as the Pilgrims and the Puritans. My own direct ancestors were American Pilgrims. The vast majority of our founding fathers were all God fearing Christians. America has enjoyed centuries of religious freedom and our Christian heritage from America's inception. Millions of Americans are now professing to be born again Christians.

It is therefore outrageous that a particular religious group that traditionally is in direct opposition to Christianity (in this case Orthodox Jews and Jews in support of the New World Order agenda for America), would think to impose their religious beliefs upon millions of Christians, upon pain of DEATH.

I find this all to be very disturbing and very sad, beyond words to describe. In light of my love for the Jews, this kind of truth is very painful to grasp.

Based on the above, I predict that there is coming a time when the Jews in America will face a type of future "Kristallnacht," based on millions of concerned and angry Americans who are finally waking up to the tragic truth of what is taking place in our nation. The Jewish Noahide Laws are here, the modern guillotines are here to murder millions of devout Christians, and our military are being trained to operate these guillotines even as you read this.

Do I want something like this to take place? No. Of course not. I pray against violent confrontations between opposing groups in our nation daily. I pray for God to restrain all darkness in this hour continually. I pray for ALL in our nation, Jew and Christian and other alike. 

But then, neither do I want my fellow Christians in America to be horribly murdered by decapitation by the millions under the Noahide Laws. Such ruthless and bloody carnage of the innocents, which would also include Christian children and Christian elderly as well, would easily rival any previous holocaust anywhere. It would be a crime against humanity of major proportions.

What is sad about this, however, is that there are many Jews who actually know nothing of the above. There are many Messianic Jews in America, whom I love. They are certainly NOT for such a Noahide Laws agenda. They are wonderful people who stand to also be dragged to boxcars and shackles and the FEMA camps to their deaths under martial law for their faith in Yahshua Ha'Mashiach our Messiah.

And there are also many Jews throughout America who are in no way involved with that particular element of Jews who are. And there are even those Jews who are in opposition to such a heinous genocide plan against the Christians. They recognize that so many Christians in America today are praying for Jerusalem and the Jews, that such Christians support God's purposes in Israel, and love the Jews...even as I do. They recognize that the elements of Jews who are behind this agenda, are terribly wrong.

I care deeply about my  fellow Christians endangered by the Noahide Laws here in America. That is why I write this type of articles, to warn them.

However, I also fear greatly that such Jews, who are in no wise involved in the NOAHIDE LAWS and NWO agenda, will also become victims of this. Convince me that the elderly Jewish grandmothers I have taken care of are involved! Convince me that the little Jewish children I have spent so many years with are involved! They are not. And I pray daily for their protection and safety as well.

And yet such Jews all stand in danger of being affected adversely when the American people understandably rise up against this outrageous plan of mass genocide of the American Christians and against the imposition of a communist NWO under martial law, and go after the people factually behind this tragic agenda.

As much as I do not want to see such a thing ever take place in my nation, such a response intended to protect America's treasured religious freedoms and Christianity under which American was founded is inevitable as the sad truth becomes known more and more, and the threat becomes evident.

How else would you expect innocent people endangered by such outrageous laws spelling mass genocide for them and their children to respond? For example, take a look at how Israel responds continually to those who pose a threat to THEIR people and children, to THEIR religious heritage and to their very existence.

Would you expect the American people to simply sit back and do nothing in response to this threat to our very future and existence and cherished traditional religious heritage of Christianity??? Hardly...and what endangered  people WOULD?

I feel like I have become a modern day Esther, when she was pleading for the lives of her people when they were marked for mass genocide! Every day I am interceding for the lives of my fellow Christians, marked for destruction by the NWO and the Noahide laws agenda in our nation.

My fellow Christians and I have been sentenced to be delivered up to slaughter and mass genocide, and the plans for this come directly from within the Jewish community and their NOAHIDE LAWS and those Jews in high influential positions of power in our nation, of dual citizenship, who are pursuing this NWO and NOAHIDE LAWS agenda intently(alongside the militant Orthodox Jewish group LUBAVITCH CHABAD based out of  New York City.)

How very sad! Even as Christians in America are "praying for the peace of Jerusalem" and supporting Israel's economy by their tourism...even as Christians like myself make pilgrimages to former concentration camps like DACHAU in honor of the Jews who died there and also say, "NEVER AGAIN," these Jews in America are anticipating our future destruction under THEIR laws. There are no words to describe my heart's sorrow in this hour.

The love of millions of Christians in America for the Jews and Israel is about to be terribly, terribly betrayed. Why, oh why, in a country that has given full safety and refuge to the Jewish communities for hundreds of years, would these Jews seek to do this to the very Christians America who love and pray for them and support Israel? The shame I feel over such tragic betrayal is very deep in this hour.

As I have stated previously, more and more Americans are becoming concerned and angry (and rightfully so) as the frightening truth becomes clear.
                           Lubavitch world headquarters, Brooklyn, NY

For this reason, I encourage my Jewish friends (including Messianic Jews) opposed to such a terrible agenda, to prayerfully consider making ALIYAH to Israel in the near future. Or pray about nations of refuge, such as South and Central America.  I have lectured in Costa Rica, and MANY Americans have already fled from the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST of the NWO/Noahide Law agenda for our nation, and have safely relocated in Central and South America (for a season.)And there are other nations as well that people have told me they have gone to.

Let us pray together, Jew and Christian alike who are appalled over this  potential tragedy, that God Himself will intervene to stop such a heinous genocide agenda for our nation, and let us pray that no attack comes against the Jews OR Christians alike who live in our nation. We have peacefully co-existed together here in America for hundreds of years, each side mutually benefiting from one another in many ways.

The Jewish community has given America excellent doctors and scientists, professors and lawyers, skilled artisans and more. And the American Constitution and her people and her Christians have given love and support to the nation of Israel, and full religious freedom and protection to worship freely and safely here in America...more than any other nation on the face of the earth. Such coming bloodshed and loss of life is utterly foolish and senseless and needless in this nation!

Let us pray therefore that this heinous agenda of Noahide Laws, guillotines and mass genocide can be resolved peacefully. I testify from the obvious truth, that IF this Noahide Laws agenda is carried out, that it will predictably  create a tremendous backlash in retaliation against the Jews in this nation. Therefore let us pray that this genocide agenda,  can be annulled in this hour, saving many lives and much suffering on both sides of this issue, for Jew and Christian alike.

The American people have a rich heritage from the beginning of our nation, to battle the oppressor and to rise up and cast off all shackles of oppression and tyranny and religious oppression. And the hour sadly will come, when a KRISTALLNACHT type of event is inevitable. A modern day American Revolution is coming to this nation, to once again battle for her freedoms and liberty and religious freedom.

The American people will never tolerate such an outrageous and anti-American agenda as this, that threatens the lives of millions of innocent American Christians and others who would be adversely  affected by these Noahide Laws.

And in the process of Americans justifiably rising up against such tyranny and oppression, it is tragic but inevitable that the innocent will be caught in the crossfire.

I do not want to see my fellow Christians hurt in the future. But neither do I want to see  Jews innocent of involvement in the planned mass genocide of Christians harmed as well.

Therefore, I encourage my Jewish friends and readers to prayerfully consider making ALIYAH or leaving this nation to a place of safety  and refuge before the endangered American people decide to finally confront this deadly threat to the lives of millions of Americans and our Constitutional freedoms.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Montana

(As I write this, more of the modern guillotines are coming into Montana via trucks through Billings, as one Christian trucker told me at a local Christian congregation recently. His trucker contacts told him so and were greatly disturbed at the shipments they were hauling to Billings, MT. Does this spell bloody massacre of the Christian innocents in that great Patriot state of Montana in the future...?)

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