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US Marines and Military GUILLOTINES in Montana-Further Information

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The following information comes from my friend, Dorian. I am republishing his information about THE MODERN GUILLOTINES that will be used to fulfill Revelation 20:4 and carry out THE NOAHIDE LAWS legislation requirements: execution by DECAPITATION for all future offenders.

The guillotines are here.

The legislation that will cause these guillotines to be deployed against millions of innocent Americans is in place. It is called THE NOAHIDE LAWS legislation, signed into legislation by President George Bush Sr after it was presented to him by the militant Orthodox Jewish organization, Lubavitch Chabad based out of NYC.

This legislation outrageously and unjustly targets America's Christians for their religious beliefs centering around Jesus Christ, hated by the Jews. For believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and God in the flesh, and for  honoring Him as God in the flesh, Christians will find themselves subject to EXECUTION BY GUILLOTINE, or decapitation as the Noahide laws demand for those guilty of "blasphemy against God" and "idolatry. Jews consider all Christians to be guilty of these two "sins" by their belief in and veneration of Jesus Christ.

(Thank you George Bush Sr and Lubavitch Chabad for paving the way for millions of dead Christians on American soil...."Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.")

America, are you listening?

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


In or around 1991, a convoy of military transport vehicles, manned by a group of US Marines, transported close to 100,000 units of CRATES...headed for a supposedly "closed" military base in Montana.

[I am confident that this closed military base is the one in GLASGOW, MT.  According to former military liaison officer and metal worker Lee Harrington, of Valier, MT, in 1995, summer youth workers were employed to weld shackles into boxcars in Glasgow, Montana. Based upon  sightings of these actual boxcars by five eyewitnesses (I met with one of them personally) not only did these boxcars have prison shackles welded inside them, but ALSO A MODERN METAL GUILLOTINE bolted inside each one. These were observed by five eye witnesses initially in 1995 sitting on a remote sidetrack in the woods in Columbia Falls, Montana. I must conclude that the shackles welding and the guillotine installations all occurred at the same location, Glasgow, MT, where there is indeed a closed military base.-Pamela Rae Schuffert]

This was a SECRET mission. As part of the crew was the son of a family friend of, one of my oldest Seattle friends (also a client). When they reached their drop-off point the drivers were BLINDFOLDED and taken to a holding facility.

This young man was a little disturbed by the whole charade (oh, those impetuous youth) and, determined to get a close look, asked the Sergeant-at-arms if he could relieve himself. After being escorted to the restroom, the Sergeant waited out of sight of the door. This man then took a peek out a nearby window to see what the big deal was. What he saw shocked him! He came back and afterward related this to his mother. This is how I first came into this information.

What this young man saw was a crate being emptied of it's contents...and those contents...a FULL SIZED GUILLOTINE! This was no oversized cheese slicer!

Upon my move back from Washington State in June of 1994, I began to discuss this EVENT with several friends. Among these is a friend who shall remain (for obvious reasons) anonymous. This Constitutionally-biased (HURRAH) individual had a certain military source in the Southern California area who was opposed to what he saw as an encroachment on our constitutional rights. This brave man saw fit to release classified information to CITIZENS to keep them informed about, among other things, many of the NEW WORLD ORDER policies being implemented within the military. As his commissions placed him in an intelligence capacity, he was privy to some rather SENSITIVE information.

During a report to his civilian friends he named over 20 so-called "closed-down" bases that were actually being retrofitted to hold (POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS?) prisoners! And without any public announcement of this. He felt that it was important to warn those he was in contact with of these facts.

In his communique he also mentioned a RUMOR of Guillotines being shipped to military bases, but said himself that it seemed so incredulous that he figured it might have only been a baseless rumor.

As my friend and I had a conversation one evening he mentioned this information. Well, you can imagine my of consternation! Now there was a SECOND verification of this event. But the story does NOT stop here.

Without going into particulars, about 3 months later a dear friend was heading back from Michigan to Los Angeles. She chose (due to financial hardship) to take a bus here. This particular bus (the line will remain un-named) was commandeered by its driver (unbeknown to the passengers) past a UN-run US Military base. A NEW WORLD ORDER base! There were dozens of solid black helicopters and military men in black, training.

My friend, also the Patriot type,  had heard rumors of such but was really shocked to see one. At the lunch stop she asked the driver what that was. He then smiled, and leaned closer to her and in a low voice he began to explain that he hoped people would ask. He explained to her that he deliberately drove his bus several miles OUT OF THE WAY so that he could pass the base and so expose a few people to this scene. He was very concerned about what he'd seen himself and this was HIS way of exposing what he feared was some clandestine military buildup!

He then proceeded to tell her that he had been involved in the military for several years and had worked his way up in the ranks and ended up in Naval intelligence. His last post was in the Houston area in Texas. He further explained that he had seen this build up and the secretive goings-on of the UN-controlled factions of the military, had been taken to several of these secret bases, and then he saw something in Houston that really threw him!

He told my friend that their base had received a secret shipment, under the cover of darkness one night. He was involved in keeping anyone from the base, except chosen personnel, from seeing them. And he said, "They unpacked full sized GUILLOTINES!"

And this was not all. He went on to tell her that another friend he had trained during his intelligence training had been swapping stories and his friend had told him of a SHIPMENT OF GUILLOTINES to Georgia that same fall!

This story was related to me when my friend got back from her trip.

Within 3 months of this time I began an e-mail relationship with another x-military man...also in an intelligence capacity. This man, after hearing my story VERIFIED THAT HE HAD ALSO SEEN GUILLOTINES SHIPPED to a base he was stationed at in Southeast where he was based before he ALSO QUIT the military. Like the other gentleman, he left the military...because he felt there was something terribly wrong going on within the military! -End

Note from Pamela Rae Schuffert-I have written many articles in the past on the modern guillotines and their purposes.The silence of many politicians, military figures, news media and religious figures is damning...because many of them KNOW all about these modern guillotines and their tragic future purposes.

I have finally become known as the foremost journalist to research, document and expose these modern military guillotines and to document their future purposes: to fulfill the demands of the Noahide  laws as they become activated under martial law.

You will find many more articles throughout this blog exposing these guillotines and their purpose. This is a time for Americans to WAKE UP and understand what we are all facing in the future.


To find my many reports on the GUILLOTINES and NOAHIDE LAWS go to the following link:

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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