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Prisoner Boxcars Revelation From Jerusalem, Israel


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

It is 1998. I am living for a while in Jerusalem, Israel, attending the FEAST OF TABERNACLES celebrations. I am staying at the Jaffa Gate Hostel in the Old City. But on this particular afternoon, I am visiting a man from Portland, Oregon, as we sit on the rooftop of nearby Petra Hostel. This man was a Messianic Jew and a Navy Officer.

I begin to share with him my information I am investigating about the New World Order and coming martial law to America. I mention to him my research about thousands of prisoner boxcars to take people Bolshevik style to the American gulag system designed to deal with all NWO resistance in the future.

I informed him that GUNDERSON INC was under secret contract with the US government , for millions of dollars, to produce PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES. And that Christians will be among the major targets to be taken by boxcars to the camps, according to my CIA sources.

The man paused, and then commented. "When I return to Portland, I will have to ask SALLY GUNDERSON about all this. She goes to my Messianic Synagogue...."


I responded, "You mean, the GUNDERSONS ARE JEWISH???"

He looked at me strangely and replied, "Yes!"


Then shock began to set in as my mind began to process this information.

What does this all mean?

A JEWISH-OWNED COMPANY has  received millions of our US taxpayers' dollars, to build deadly PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES to be used to take Patriotic and Christian Americans to their untimely deaths, communist style...ALL as resisters of the coming NEW WORLD ORDER to be imposed by brute force on the American people.

And of course they KNOW exactly what their prisoner boxcars will be used for!

Think about the irony of it: these Jews receiving our US taxpayers' dollars to build prisoner boxcars to take Patriotic Americans and Christians and other resisters of the NWO in America to the camps to be killed, and knowing exactly what they are doing.

For years I have reported on the prisoner boxcars and shackles, various operations producing them, and what they shall be used for under martial law tyranny. According to my Pentagon, CIA and military sources, they will be used to take "NWO RESISTERS" (resisters of a communist globalist agenda in America which include Patriotic Americans, Christians, gun owners and more) to the many detention camps for processing and death for many.

I went personally to Portland, OR, to meet with some Christian employees of Gunderson Inc, and to lecture in one home. This home was that of a woman whose husband was a high executive of Gunderson. She admitted in her home that she had called that meeting to announce that her husband had admitted to her that GUNDERSON IS UNDER SECRET CONTRACT WITH THE US GOVERNMENT TO PRODUCE THOUSANDS OF PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES. She also admitted Gunderson had a satellite company to produce thousands more in Texas. FACT.

How terribly sad and how very strange.

Haven't I heard Jews complaining about prisoner trains taking their people "to the camps" somewhere in the not-too-distant past???

What kind of double standard and hypocrisy is THIS then???

Think about it.

And then go and pray. And maybe even cry.
From a talk by Phil Schneider, former builder of deep underground mlitary bases, then exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America:

"Recently, I knew someone who lived near where I live in Portland, Oregon. He worked at Gunderson Steel Fabrication, where they make railroad cars. Now, I knew this fellow for the better part of 30 years, and he was kind of a quiet type. He came in to see me one day, excited, and he told me 'they're building prisoner cars.' He was nervous. "

"Gunderson, he said, had a contract with the federal government to build 107,200 full length railroad cars, each with 143 pairs of shackles. There are 11 sub-contractors in this giant project. Supposedly, Gunderson got over 2 billion dollars for the contract. Bethlehem Steel and other steel outfits are involved. He showed me one of the cars in the rail yards in North Portland. He was right. If you multiply 107,200 times 143 times 11, you come up with about 15,000,000. This is probably the number of people who disagree with the federal government."

"No more can you vote any of these people out of office. Our present structure of government is 'technocracy', not democracy, and it is a form of feudalism. It has nothing to do with the republic of the United States....I believe we can do better. I also believe that the federal government is running the gambit of enslaving the people of the United States. I am not a very good speaker, but I'll keep shooting my mouth off until somebody puts a bullet in me, because it's worth it to talk to a group like this about these atrocities." [Within a year, Paul Schneider was assassinated.]

a. Gunderson Steel Fabrication holds the federal contract for the 100,000+ shackle-mounted boxcars.

b. In 2000, BUSH as candidate makes his way to VISIT Gunderson Steel Fabrication (IN TEXAS), (ostensibly (alibi) to give a t.v. speech about social security. Why a speech on social security had to be conducted from a shackled-boxcar manufacturing site, only Bush will know for sure...)

"...Gunderson Steel Fabrication is under secret contract from the U.S. government to produce these prisoner boxcars. The company received an order from the federal government to build 107,200 full length railroad boxcars with the shackles inside. Gunderson has a satellite factory for making the boxcars with shackles in Texas. Interestingly, Gunderson became the launching pad where then-presidential candidate Governor George W. Bush introduced his plan for social security reform on May 16, 2000, a major part of the current president's platform. Apparently, Mr. Bush has some special personal relation with Gunderson."

c. 11 SUBCONTRACTORS IN SHACKLED-BOXCAR CONSTRUCTION PROJECT: Quotes taken from a lecture given by the late Philip Schneider, ex-NATO geologist who gave up his 1 million dollar a year retirement salary, who has blown the whole New World Order wide open. He is assassinated less than one year after he started talking, after many failed attempts to 're-hire' him. He was told he was doing 'irrevocable' damage to the New World Order by US intelligence agents who visited him in his Portland, Oregon apartment. "


"Metal worker Lee Harrington also described 20,000 CHINESE prisoner boxcars with shackles and modern guillotines, in the form of 40 foot railroad containers, coming into America via the west coast. They were ordered by the American government through a Senator who visited China and ordered these items. Workers unloading them became suspicious and began to investigate and discovered these horrors from China. Such 40 foot cargo containers from China are now piled up along the West Coast, especially around Long Beach Naval Shipyard, turned over the Chinese."
(From Pamela Rae Schuffert, previous report) 

e. NORTH AMERICANS, CANADA AND THE USA, MEET YOUR IMPORTED CRACK TEAM OF OCCUPATION TROOPS, ALREADY WELL TRAINED: INTERVIEW WITH SOME GERMAN NATO M.P.s who verify they were trained for future American martial law plans. They mention German troops stationed in USA at Fort Bliss, Texas and Holloman AFB (New Mexico). These troops are formally associated with NATO, which has morphed in the past 10 years to become your (un)friendly post Cold War pre-emptive internationalized Nazi-esque attack organization, responsible for attacking Yugoslavia (illegal, under its own charter), and culpable in Iraq in 2003. They describe their training, and, they refuse to answer some pointed questions about whether they would fire to kill on American citizens. To this question, they refuse to answer this by losing all eye contact with the interviewer, cutting off the interview, getting gruff and stiff, turning, and simply walking off. (Also taken from my own personal investigating and reporting-Pamela Rae Schuffert)


a. Reports from Lee Harrington of Valier, MT, who was a professional metal worker informed us of Glascow, MT, summer youth workers who were employed to weld shackles into boxcars in that operation. They were then shipped west to Glacier and stored on remote sidetracks. Passing through the Blackfoot Indian Reservation in Cutbank, a local Blackfoot Indian, George Bullcalf, spotted these strange boxcars, some with open doors and shackles, plainly visible, passing through the reservation. Interviews conducted in Columbia Falls confirmed that hunters often stumbled upon such boxcars on remote train spurts in that wilderness region. (Taken from my own personal reports-Pamela Rae Schuffert)


"Another source, WATCHDOG, a retired military vet with a watchdog group, described yet another boxcar with shackles operation in New Hampshire, with three tiered boxcars fitted with shackles." (Taken from my own personal reports-Pamela Rae Schuffert)


"Reports from our sources also confirm that railroad boxcars fitted with shackles have been spotted in many locations throughout the U.S. in recent months, most prominently in Montana and Texas (including recent sightings in Asheville, N.C.)" (From my own personal reports-Pamela Rae Schuffert)


-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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  1. It's all true. I read there are 800 concentration camps in the U.S. strategically located near train tracks. If you check the website, there are job listings for Internment Specialists to work in these camps. These concentration camps are for everyone, not just Christians. They are overseen by the fusion centers. Global depopulation by 90% is the first item on their agenda. If you don't believe me, listen to Bill Gates talking about how vaccinations are effective towards global depopulation. Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones are right.