Monday, August 22, 2011

The Silent Exodus Out of North America, and WHY


The controlled news media will never tell you about this.

It would be bad for the economy. It might create mass panic. For the major news media to  admit that many Americans have been steadily leaving this nation due in part of their fears over coming martial law, would only confirm the truth the news media will never tell you, that MARTIAL LAW IS COMING and all hell will break loose in this nation.

There has been a silent exodus out of North America for many years now because of the coming NOW police state. People are performing research on the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, that the NEW WORLD ORDER will create under martial law.

There have been many websites besides mine that have  been exposing the coming NWO agenda for North America for many years now. Also there are many inside the US government and military and intelligence communities who know all about this coming tragedy. Many of them have left America for good based on what they know from the inside.

Many Americans are already concluding that this is the truth about America's future. And they are quietly selling their homes, packing their bags, and making arrangements to leave North America to go to many other locations.

A major consideration, as people have told me (including in Costa Rica where I lectured and met Americans who left the USA) is their young children. They do not want them subjected to the coming horrors, which include nuclear strikes on American soil, a coming police state, arrests of resisters to be taken to camps, and much more.

I have interviewed numerous people across the nation and around the globe, who have told me they KNOW these things are coming to America, confirmed through fasting and prayer for many, and they admitted that God led them to leave North America.

Some have gone to Central and South America. Others have gone to diverse locations such as New Zealand and places beyond. Within the Jewish community, I have noted that many have moved out of major cities, and some have gone to Israel already.

Personally, I believe that seeking refuge outside the continental United States is an excellent idea for families with small children, or elderly and handicapped family members, who would all suffer horribly in the times to come. I believe it is also a good idea for people who, like myself, have a deep aversion to violence and the thought of any physical confrontation under martial law.

No, I am not a coward. Many years of exposing the NWO and putting my life at mortal risk continually should confirm this. But because of my deep Christian convictions regarding violence and physical confrontations, I have no desire to be involved in the coming conflict on a physical level.

And frankly, most Americans have no desire to be involved in the coming confrontations under martial law either.

It may also be a good idea for everyone who believes they are "on the list" marked for arrest and termination in the FEMA camps under martial law to consider leaving the country as well.

However, I am also aware that many Patriotic Americans are determined to remain and fight for their freedoms and heritage. I have interviewed many Americans nationwide who have told me they are preparing for the long term battle (with food supplies, ammunition and weapons), and they will literally fight to the death against the NWO agenda. Many have told me the reason  they will fight under martial law is because they will never be taken to the FEMA/Homeland Security camps alive.

If you are convicted and convinced that you are to remain in North America to fight under martial law, then maintain your convictions, prepare to win or die in the process, and stand up for America's heritage and freedom. But just make sure that this is God's will for you and what you want to do. Once Martial Law is declared, it will be impossible to flee this nation via airports (they will all be seized) and the borders will be shut down to Americans fleeing, according to one FBI source and other information sources.

For you militia-minded who are scoffing at the thought people leaving America prior to martial law ("whaada buncha chilckens!"), think again. What do you think will happen to small children when the full horror of this conflict comes to pass? What do you think will happen to already weak elderly as well, or handicapped?

The NWO plans to send the handicapped and elderly to the camps for elimination under martial law, as one previous report of mine confirms based on information received from a NWO conference on this very subject in Denver, Colorado. 

The NWO plans to take children away from Christian parents, kill their parents, and re-educate the children into the NWO mindset.

Is this a nice thing to happen to the elderly, the handicapped and the children? Hardly. Those of you convinced you are called to remain and fight to the end, BRAVO and more power to you! But, please do not belittle or demean those who feel it is wisdom for them NOT to do so.

Places of refuge need to be established for those Americans who manage to escape under martial law, to find refuge in Central or South America and beyond. Mennonites have been establishing farming comunities for refuge in South America, I heard from one source. Others have been led to various parts of South America, including Russian Christians in Montana that I have talked to.

I have already been tentatively looking into farmland in South or Central America at this time, just as a thought. When persecuted and forced to flee, the Anabaptists formed independent farming communities to preserve and protect their people at a time they faced persecution and death.

Many Americans have already relocated to Costa Rica, as I found out when going there to lecture previously. There are many helpful groups available to help Americans relocate to Costa Rica or other locations in Central or South America, if they so desire.

I hope you find this article informative and helpful. I hope it also confirms your deepest suspicions regarding what is coming to America. Yes, martial law is coming, and many are making preparations for the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST of the innocents.

Pray and plan accordingly.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Montana

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