Tuesday, August 9, 2011


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


There will be a  TELEVISION SPECIAL on the local access station, MCAT, broadcast on Channel 7 this Weds night, August 10, 2011, from 10:00 PM to 11:15 PM.

The name of the broadcast is "THE AWFUL TRUTH ABOUT SOCIETY" with talk show host EMMIT, a Christian friend of mine for several years now.

THIS WILL BE A "NO HOLDS BARRED" BROADCAST, extremely moving and passionate and straight from my heart about what is COMING TO AMERICA.

Frankly, how can I NOT be moved from the depths of my very being, with what I have researched and uncovered for the past 15 years now?

I want to literally take a map of the United States, grab a big red magic marker, and write over it in huge caps "VICTIM NATION!" Because that is all I see coming to our nation as I research the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for North America.

I see MILLIONS of innocent fellow Americans tragically destined to become victims of the insanity of these NEW WORLD ORDER agenda madmen, UNLESS AMERICANS WAKE UP and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEIR NEFARIOUS NWO AGENDA FOR OUR NATION!!!

Years of my research as I  interview people formerly from the inside, has broken my heart completely on behalf of my fellow Americans and fellow Christians as well. I know very well what is planned to come to my nation, America. I see clearly "the writing on the wall."

And splashed all over this wall, written with the blood of the innocents from the pens of NWO insanity, I see clearly  the words "VICTIM NATION," from one coast to the other, under their coming NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA for the USA.

This is not a joke. This is not a game. It is all about to become TRAGIC REALITY.

Right here in OUR AMERICA.

But they don't have to WIN THIS BATTLE over "WHO WILL CONTROL AMERICA: the loyal American PATRTIOTS or the NEW WORLD ORDER"!!!

An INFORMED people is an ALERTED people and an ACTIVATED PEOPLE! This is WHY I have researched and reported on this subject now for 15 years now, non-stop.

I refuse to sit meekly back, as these NWO people plot the demise of our American heritage and treasured hard-won freedoms, the end of our Constitutional  Republic, and the ushering in of their NWO "POLICE STATE USA"!

I refuse to remain silent, as these NWO butchers lay the groundwork for the future arrests and executions of MILLIONS of my fellow Patriotic Americans, who will ALL say "NO" to their nefarious NWO agenda for our nation.

I cannot be silent, as I document the prepositioning of thousands of PRISONER BOXCARS AND SHACKLES built with one purpose in mind: to remove and TERMINATE the political and religious resisters of the NWO under martial law, hauling all resistance to the FEMA/Homeland Security/Military detention camps being built continually across our once free nation.

Several years ago, the FBI tried intimidation tactics with me and my webmaster. As he later admitted to me in a series of frightened emails, they came into the work office of my former webmaster in Tulsa, OK, and threatened me through him.

He later shared with me their threatening statements they made to him such as, " ...We don't LIKE what this woman is telling the American people...tell her that HER TIME IS VERY SHORT....we have reams of files on her in the FBI computers...we monitor every email she sends and receives.." They even stooped to using "gansta lingo" in their threats! "Tell her,we are gonna 'take her out' if she doesn't stop telling the American people these things...."  ad nauseam. (Sigh....)

What effect did this have on my determination to warn my fellow Americans? Such unwarranted threats and Federal bullying tactics only served to make me MORE DETERMINED THAN EVER to continue in my reporting! That's all...

Don't these useful idiots on government payroll have anything better to do, than harass law-abiding and Constitutionally protected loyal American citizens? Don't they have enough REAL TERRIRISTS to go after today? I don't even have A GUN, because my message is not promoted through violence!

So please TUNE IN to our powerful broadcast this Wednesday night in MISSOULA, MONTANA, as I share more of my revealing information warning locals WHAT THE NWO HAS PLANNED FOR AMERICA and the great state of MONTANA.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA

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