Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Personal Word to Dick Cheney, With God's Love

Dick, you have been on my heart and in my prayers for a LONG time. I have been very concerned for you. I saw a picture of you recently: how much you have aged, it seems. This article may surprise you. I know about your heart condition and have prayed for your health for a long time now.

Through my years of research I have discovered many things. And what I have discovered about you has deeply burdened my heart. In many ways, you remind me of my father before he finally found peace with God through Jesus Christ only months before he died.

My father got recruited into Washington DC satanism and the NWO agenda for the military. It turned him into a tyrant in our home. It poisoned his very soul. At times I thought I would die just from the terror he would create in our home. He did terrible things to innocent people under satanism. What he participated in was no different from what happens at Bohemian Grove. 

But my precious Christian mother and I would not give up on his eternal soul. We chose to forgive him repeatedly and to pray for God to have mercy on him and save him. No matter how many times he attcked me for my Christians faith, God filled my heart with divine love to enable me to forgive him, love him and pray for him.

Dick, from the depths of my heart, I want you to know and believe the following. There is absolutely NOTHING you have done in the past, that God cannot and will not forgive, if you choose to believe His word and come to Jesus Christ His Son for mercy and forgiveness and eternal life. 

Just like I would tell my father, I am telling you: someday you will die and have to stand before a just and holy God to give a full account of your life. Before the Lord God the Almighty, your life is an open book. What can be hidden from the majority of the American public, is fully known to the Living God. And through many of my contacts and much of my investigative journalism, I now know many things also. And my heart grieves for your eternal soul, Dick. Just as it grieved over my father until he finally turned to Jesus Christ.

I will not go into details on my blog. You know in your heart exactly the kinds of things I am referring to.

My prayers daily are for you and your entire family, including your daughter, to come to the wonderful love and mercy and forgiveness that God has already provided for you through Jesus Christ YOUR Savior. He does not stand to condemn you, but rather stands on your behalf to plead with God for mercy and forgiveness for you eternal soul.

The Apostle Paul declared in the Bible that, "...this is a faithful saying, that Jesus Christ came into the world to SAVE SINNERS, of whom I am chief." Before Paul became a believer in Jesus Christ, he hated Christians. He arrested them, threw them into jail, had them tortured and murdered for their faith Jesus Christ. He was a murderer and a torturer at one time of innocents. YET, The Apostle went on to say that HE OBTAINED MERCY!

And that same mercy is available today to YOU, dear Dick. I watched the mercy of God as he forgave my father his many sins under 30 years of satanism and as a NWO adherent as well with the Pentagon. My father received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior 6 months before he finally died of bone cancer following treatment at Walter Reed Army Hospital in DC.

From the time he received Jesus Christ into his life and renounced satanism, his life began to change. Sweetness and gentleness and compassion  gradually replaced the hate and cruelty in his words and heart.He realized how empty and futile satanism really was, and began to see how much he had missed throughout the years by rejecting God's love and mercy for so long.

He apologized to all our family members for the literal hell he had put us all through for many years. And we as true Christians gladly forgave him! The NEW WORLD ORDER and it's accompanying religion of satanism had stolen my father from our family for 30 long years, but JESUS CHRIST GAVE HIM BACK TO US!

And when my father died 6 months later, God gave me a vision following his funeral at Arlington Cemetary.

I was taken to heaven, where I saw my father for the last time. He was a young man again! He looked innocent and unbelievably happy. He smiled at me, and then turned to walk up white marble steps which slowly disappeared into the glory of God. Daddy was fully forgiven and FINALLY HOME AT LAST!

You, too, Dick, are now an old man. You do not know how much longer you have to live. I am beseeching you, with the same love and compassion that I had for my father, to please receive God's love and mercy and forgiveness in your life at this time. You know that He has pleaded within your heart for a long time now, to repent and come to Him at last.

Do not allow self-condemnation and guilt from the past to put a barrier between you and the God Who loves you, and His wonderful son Jesus Christ. My father struggled with alot of this, until we told him repeatedly that WE FORGAVE HIM and above all, Jesus Christ died for his sins, so that he would be forgiven completely.

You are loved, you are prayed for by many. This is the hour in your life to come to the throne of grace, to obtain mercy and forgiveness and God's unspeakable gift for you. Please. We are all waiting for you to join the family of God!

I will continue to pray for you to the end. God bless you and your entire family.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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