Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Open Letter To Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

To the Honorable Governor Brian Schweitzer-

Governor Schweitzer, I have an important question for you: Are you FOR the freedom of the Montanans to CONTINUE? Or are you FOR the coming oppression under martial law and the NWO agenda for our nation and for Montana?

Hard physical evidence of the many prisoner boxcars with shackles, modern military guillotines, detention camps, mobile FEMA prisoner units, and underground bases and detention camps here in Montana would suggest that Montana is being set up to oppress ALL future freedom fighters under the anticipated state of martial law, leading to a world globalist takeover of this state and our nation.

And much MORE is in place to create tyranny in this once free state in the future.

And WHAT are the tools of religious bigotry and persecution against Christians doing in Montana, to fulfill the NOAHIDE LAWS LEGISLATION? The ONLY reason for modern military guillotines in America, is to enforce intolerant religious bigotry and oppression under the NOAHIDE LAWS, which demands that people be EXECUTED BY DECAPITATION for breaking several of them. And it primarily targets CHRISTIANS.

You have many Christians in this state as constituents, and they ALL stand to die a horrific death in the future with these guillotines. So do many other Montanans as well.

On behalf of thousands of endangered Montanans, I am writing their open letter beseeching you to give the orders to the US military to REMOVE THE MILITARY GUILLOTINES NOW, including from BILLINGS and GLASGOW MT.

It is too late for anyone in government to attempt deny their reality and their presence to the people of this state (And across America as well.) Numerous eye-witnesses have seen these guillotines here in Montana. The truckers who recently brought them into BILLINGS MT by truck have all seen them and reported this to us. US MARINES have seen these guillotines. Civilians have seen theses guillotines bolted inside the prisoner boxcars with shackles prepositioned across this state for the anticipated hour of martial law.

Surely these modern military guillotines did NOT enter this state, become stored in military bases here in Montana, or become bolted into boxcars here in Montana, without your knowledge and approval. If you had expressed DISapproval, they would not be HERE...would they???

Furthermore, I have documented through reliable witnesses the evidence of  DEADLY PENTAGON SPRAYING OVER MONTANA. The source, whose husband is with the NSA, admitted that Pentagon officials brought them into a room in Whitefish to discuss with them the deadly Pentagon spraying of civilians, testing their more harmful chemical and biological warfare substances on the local populations across Montana in low altitude spraying.

Surely this could not happen, without your approval and permission! And if you DISapproved on behalf of the good people of Montana, then WHY is this deadly spraying still going on??? WHY are Montanans still being made sick through their own taxpayer dollars paying for Pentagon testing on them?

DO you really care about the well being of the Montana people who elected you to office???

Then please manifest your concern for the well-being of the citizens of Montana TODAY.




I testify, from my many years of research and interviewing people in Montana to gather this information, that if you do NOT order the removal of these tools of future oppression of the freedom loving Montanans, that the following tragic scenario is painfully inevitable.

Based on having interviewed countless Montanans across this nation, who tell me they KNOW ALL ABOUT the NWO agenda for America and Montana, there will be a bloodbath of proportions this state has never known before. Do I want this happen? Never! God forbid. But....

Freedom loving Montanans have told me that they are well armed, well supplied and well prepared to stand their ground, fighting to maintain America's freedoms to the end. They have told me they will NEVER be taken alive to the FEMA/military detention camps located throughout this state, NOR will they step ALIVE into the prisoner boxcars with shackles.

They are legally armed, highly trained, and well informed as to the preparations made in this state from the future confrontation, and they afraid of nothing.

Personally I do NOT want to see any such confrontation EVER take place on my nation's soil!

I am against the use of violence to accomplish my goals. I am purposely unarmed to show my goodwill. I have wept and prayed over my nation and Montana as well, beseeching God to "HOLD IT BACK!"

Hold BACK the martial law/world globalist agenda for this nation..for the sakes of millions of innocents who will be caught in the deadly crossfire. Hold BACK the prisoner boxcars, hold BACK the guillotines, hold BACK the foreign troops, hold BACK the deadly chemicals/biologicals poised to be sprayed on all resistance in the future...these have been my constant prayers for years over this nation and this state.

The way I battle the coming tyranny is with the PEN, the BIBLE, and NOT the sword.

I am simply reporting what the good people of this state have told me personally, throughout my many years of interviews with them and documenting the groundwork being secretly laid across America and Montana for the coming world globalist agenda.

I predict that IF this state of Montana goes along with the NWO/martial law agenda, there will be a bloodbath arising of a nature this nation has never seen, throughout this region and these mountains. And everything good and beautiful in this state will be destroyed in the process of NWO forces routing out the last of the resistance forces, as the freedom forces fight to the bloody end.

 The economy in this state will be destroyed as a result. Good-bye tourism! Good-bye lovely scenery! Good-bye Montana citizens (AND their heads)! Good-bye freedom! Good-bye...........

IF you show the people of this state your good will and intentions, by ordering the modern military guillotines and prisoner boxcars and foreign troops removed....

IF you order the Pentagon military test spraying to be STOPPED...

AND IF you halt all OTHER forms of preparing to turn this state into a NWO police state in the future, such as ORDERING CLOSED THE HIDDEN DETENTION CAMPS that we know are here through various witnesses...

THEN a horrific bloodbath and tragic, senseless and needless loss of life of major proportions CAN BE AVERTED IN THE FUTURE! The people of this state will respond accordingly and act accordingly.

But OTHERWISE, the good people of this state that I have interviewed throughout the years, have told me frankly words to the following effect:

"They will have to PRY MY GUN outta my COLD DEAD HANDS under martial law, because I am NOT being taken alive to the prisoner boxcars or the detention camps...and I am NOT surrendering to their NEW WORLD ORDER!" Yes, I know sadly that many Montanans WILL have their guns pried out of their cold dead hands...but who ever said that FREEDOM WAS NOT WORTH FIGHTING AND DYING FOR???

They are factually informed, through reporting such as mine, that these truths are all painful reality on America's once free soil And they are not going to sit back and watch as FREE AMERICA IS DESTROYED.

Frankly, dear Governor Schweitzer, WHO could blame them...for NOT wanting to be taken to dread PRISONER BOXCARS AND SHACKLES here in Montana...or FEMA detention camps here in Montana to be brutally eliminated as "resisters of the New World Order?"

WHO could ever blame them for wanting our hallowed and cherished Constitutional freedoms and Christian heritage to CONTINUE as it has for hundreds of years now?

While I personally have no gun, no ammunition and no plans of violence in the future towards anyone, I frankly cannot blame the good people of this nation and of this state for their responses.

Our famed and revered American ancestors knew that FREEDOM IS WORTH FIGHTING AND DYING FOR. General George Washington, our first President, KNEW that it was. Our Founding Fathers and signers of the Constitution KNEW that it was!

Honorable Governor Schweitzer, where DO you stand on all these issues?

We, the good people of Montana, WANT TO KNOW. And in fact, the very presence of these ominous warning signs of a future police state as mentioned above, warrant our knowing the truth in this hour.


Pamela Rae Schuffert on behalf of ALL Montanans and freedom lovers everywhere

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