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Fukushima Radiation Lethal, Will Hit California Jan 1 or 2

Between the time of posting this comment [approximately 5.00 pm PST 12.31.13] and now [approx 8.00 pm PST 12.31 13] the story linked below has been deleted from the web site. This posting comment generated higher than average traffic.

You may conclude what you wish.

I conclude that the government of the United States of America is more concerned about the profits of the nuclear power industry than the safety of the citizens of California, of which I and my family are members. We are abandoned to fend for our selves with no assistance from our elected representatives. 
I am ashamed.

Are you ashamed?

It is the responsibility of the Government to protect its citizens from harm. If the government cannot protect its citizens, then it has the absolute obligation to notify its citizens of the scale and scope of any impending danger and what actions the citizens may take to protect themselves.

You, My Liege, are failing both responsibilities.

Since you have not addressed the question, it is time for Senator Barbara Boxer, Representative Nancy Pelosi and Governor Jerry Brown to step up and take actions.

If none of the government can protect us, then it is time to take what steps we can to protect ourselves, remove the current government and create a new government which will fulfill its basic obligations.

Credible forecasts predict that California will see lethal radiation in two days.


Here's what the story said - 

-- (TRN ) -- 
Residents of Iwaki City, Fukushima, Japan should EVACUATE THE CITY IMMEDIATELY due to lethal radiation levels occurring there right now. 
According to the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center (NETC), radiation levels in that city, which have averaged a level of 225 per hour over the last three months, have skyrocketed to 21,000 per hour. 
This level of radiation is extremely dangerous and potentially lethal. It is likely to reach the U.S. west coast in two days."

Here are the necessary measures :

Step # 1 : Nationalize the nuclear power industry. It is clear that for-profit companies WILL NOT take necessary safety precautions. It is equally clear that regulation of these companies to enforce safety is a failure.

Step # 2 : After ensuring that all safety measures are taken, all nuclear power plants should be closed.

Step # 3 : Publicly monitor and track the radioactive cloud as it crosses the Pacific.

Step # 4 : Notify citizens of the likely impact's severity, location and times.

Step # 5 : Provide evacuation plans and facilities.

Step # 6 : Declare a State of Emergency and Martial Law if necessary. 

Step # 7 : Resign your office and participate in the creation of a new government structure that will take its responsibilities to citizens above the policy of maximizing private profits.

FYI - My wife lived through Chernobyl. I am not making this up.

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