Sunday, January 5, 2014

Prepper Essentials: The Survival Knife

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
America's founders and earliest explorers all relied on 

If the American pioneers who settled this nation needed survival knives, you can be very certain that EVERY PREPPER also needs to have a quality camping/survival knife in their "bug-out bag". 

By "bug-out bag," I am referring to a quality, top-of-the-line outdoor expedition backpack. You may have to live out of your backpack for  very long time under a martial law type scenario. Somehow, a WALMART cheap day pack is simply not going to take good care of you long term when it all comes down.
Gregory Mountain Backpack

I recommend going to a quality outdoor shop near you, especially ones like GANDER MOUNTAIN or CABELA'S, DICK'S SPORTING GOODS  or REI that stock quality outdoor supplies. Brands such as OSPREY or GREGORY MOUNTAIN or NORTH FACE will work very well for the prepper's basic needs. 

I know, because I have owned a quality backpack in all three brands. I have lived out of a backpack 6 months in Germany, several months in Israel, and of course while traveling all across America for years now. Having the right backpack to carry and live out of is essential to comfort and survival on the road.

But now, back to the subject of KNIVES.

CASE(brand) four interchangeable blades knife comes with roomy leather case.

Having lived in an Eskimo village in the Arctic circle for a year, I understand that importance of having a quality outdoor camping/survival knife. My CASE four interchangeable blades knife (made in the USA) proved essential in Alaska.

People were continually bringing me moose, caribou, arctic hare and countless Alaskan salmon to  process by hand for the freezer. My CASE (brand) four blade knife proved invaluable when it came to processing by hand all this meat.

Sometimes I needed a blade for sawing. Skinning and processing wild game often requires different knife blades for various surfaces, etc.

This version of the CASE knife is nice because it weighs less than four separate knives, yet provides four different cutting blades. Excellent long term survival knife for backpacking and bug-out bags. I personally own two CASE 4-blade knives, and may even invest in a third. You will always need extras and they are great for barter and the back market in the future, because EVERYONE NEEDS SURVIVAL KNIVES just to make it in an emergency,especially a long term emergency.

I also have a quality BUCK FOLDING KNIFE (made in USA) with single blade, just to fall back upon. They are sturdy quality products that will last for a long time and hold their blade well.

There are all kinds of knife sharpeners available for the prepper and camper. The simplest and most convenient is this version below, available at most outdoor shops like REI. You simply draw your knife blade through each slot. One side is for coarse, the other is for fine sharpening. Very simple! And this kind is very inexpensive as well.
Inexpensive and easy to use KNIFE SHARPENERS

Some may prefer the older oil and sharpening stone method. I have both kinds of knife sharpeners on hand.

For more serious and intensive skinning and processing of wild game on a regular basis, there are special cutlery knife kits that greatly aid in skinning wild game and processing it.

Some campers and survivalists and hunters prefer lightweight handle knives that also have good blades. Personally, I believe that such handles, though lighter to carry and backpack, can also be damaged more easily than the resilient BUCK and CASE knives with solid metal and wood handles. A knife becomes almost useless if the handle is destroyed or damaged.

Survival knife with plastic handle

I encourage my readers to perform research on various camping/hunting/survival knives and make some quality selections while they are freely available in most outdoor and camping stores. Never rely on merely ONE knife. 

Always purchase multiple knives, including various types, realizing that they can break, become lost, or you may need to use them for bartering in the future. The same is also true for purchasing knife sharpeners. Have extras on hand. They too will be useful for barter in the future. A knife with a dull blade is not nearly as effective as one with a sharp blade!

Here's to your successful prepping survival in the future! And always remember: "Faith without works is dead." God does His part, and we are to do ours. 

God has already made these things available for you to purchase and obtain. Now it is up to YOU to properly select and provide the essentials for your future. Stock up on them while you can. Once a state of emergency or martial law descends on your region, it will become much harder to find or obtain them, maybe even impossible for some items. PREPARE NOW!

"Having done all, stand..." 
-From Ephesians 6:13-
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


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