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Kind Hearted Reader Rescues Endangered Horse in Texas

-Warm Human Interest Story 
of a Horse Rescue in TEXAS-
Tedra Ortega and her husband

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

-Comment from Pamela Rae-

And now, it's time for something on the lighter side!

There are still kind hearted people in our world today,
without which this world would have disintegrated long ago...

Every day, I remain thankful for the amazing people I encounter who read my blog daily, from all across the globe and throughout the USA and Canada as well. And I attempt to pray for them regularly as well.

I recently received this email from a very special reader, Tedra Ortega from Texas. This kind-hearted person performed a horse rescue in her area, and sent me the following information. I am very proud of her concern for God's creatures, and how she is now interacting with this horse. 

The following is her report I received, that she gave me permission to post for my readers:

By Tedra Ortega of Texas

(You can see pics of her horses on his FACEBOOK page!)
Tedra's rescue horse

Tedra says: "I rescued a horse this past weekend from someone that just didn't want him. In his words, this horse was just a pasture ornament. His care of the horse was only so-so, and I am happy to have this horse now in a home that will care for him and look forward to see him become all he can be." 

"His feet need a trim, but he sure has spunk. Lol. I have named him Ringo."   

"As long as he can get along with his pasture mate, things will be fine.   I just love horses, and it was amazing to me to notice how people only look at the cost of the animal, and that's it. The horse gave him no enjoyment-it was just an expense.  He said he should have sold him 3 years ago.  But the horse is only 5 years old." 
Horses love herds!

"Could you imagine how a horse would feel after 3 years of being unwanted  and left in a pasture alone?  Horses are herd animals. Being alone makes them very sad, in my opinion." 

"Anyways. it was a great gift for me.  He said, 'Just come get him, and you can use my trailer.'"  

"I guess I should tell you how it all got started.  Neighborhood kids ride horses in our area and they needed another horse that was not too expensive. So they asked me, "Where did you get your horse?" I told them that a friend sold him to me because she didn't have time for him. "

"I also told the kids that there are rescue groups, and I have seen horses they sell for $200 to $300. You just have to keep looking." 

"A couple of weeks went by, and I continued to think about this while I was at the feed store." 

"And so I asked the woman working there, 'Do you know of any rescue groups around here? Some neighborhood kids need a horse.'  She replied, 'Not anymore. There was a lady that used to, but we haven't seen her in a while.'  She said she would let me know if she heard of anyone that could help. " 

"Just a few hours later, she called and said a guy just walked in, and said he had a horse to give away.  I couldn't believe it!  And that's how it happened.  I guess it was meant to be, that he would come to that store. "

"Every day when I come home, my new horse greets me and follows me all over. He needs to learn manners, but appears to be sound. For now, I have decided to keep him so that my daughter and I can ride together.  He needs some training before I would let kids ride him. I would feel terrible if they got hurt. He is broke to ride, but he's still green (untrained)." 

"If you want to share my story on your blog, you can. There is a rescue group on Facebook that saves horses from 'kill buyers',  called EQUINE RESCUE NETWORK . They save horses that are from all over, and find them forever homes, just like dogs who are rescued. Some of these horses are really beautiful, but remain unwanted or end up in the wrong hands."

"I remember reading about that Christian horse ranch you were staying at in Minnesota, and thought you might be interested. "
Changing Gaits Christian Horse Ranch in Minnesota

Sincerely, Tedra Ortega from TEXAS
Thank you, Tedra and family! 
God bless you for being so kind and thoughtful 
to one of God's creatures, and giving this horse a new life.
You just made one horse very happy!

And thank you for your kind support of this blog as well.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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  1. Wow, what an incredible story. I would love to have a horse one day but I don't have the land. My mother had horses when I was little and I just fell in love with them. That is the reason I got into equine law. Its nice to see others standing up for such a beautiful creature. I hope you kids get to ride him soon! Thanks for the smile, I needed it!