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And North America/Canada is already being adversely affected....
And this problem is not going away any time soon.
Ukrainian child suffering from radiation exposure 
and mutated cells from 
CHERNOBYL nuclear power plant disaster in 1986.

My recent research on THE FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI nuclear disaster of March 2011 in Japan has been intensifying. I am spending hours now daily researching the truth about nuclear power plant disasters and their frightening consequences to mankind and the earth as well. I have been visiting numerous websites on this timely subject, and watching many videos as well.
Fukushima's damaged DAIICHI nuclear power plant

Respected researchers such as Dr. HELEN CALDICOTT of Australia have important revelations on this subject to share with the world today. You must take the time to watch videos of her interviews and lectures on the subject of nuclear power and nuclear disasters and their impact on mankind, including the USA. I am glad I did.

Dr. Caldicott dares to speak the truth that our lying and censored MSM (mainstream news media) will never tell the American people ( or the rest of the world.) She even goes so far as to warn Americans to never eat Hershey's chocolate and candy. Why? 

Because of the THREE MILE ISLAND nuclear disaster, and the long lasting effects of the radiation it dispersed, and how it directly affected the rain that falls on local crops, the local dairy cattle that eat the radioactive grass and hence give radioactive milk that is then purchased and processed into Hersey's milk chocolate products and shipped all over America and the world.
                                   Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant

Of course, Americans will never hear of the dangers of eating such foods, because of the influence of the huge food corporations and their lobbying power in Washington DC. As usual, the economy is more important that the health and safety of the American people and the rest of the world as well. As least in the eyes of big business and the US government. 

(Hmmm...looks like the old saying "DEATH BY CHOCOLATE" could have more reality to it than we realized! After all, which American has not enjoyed eating HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE products periodically over the years?  I am guilty of this indulgence in the past as well...gulp.)
"DEATH BY CHOCOLATE"...can it really happen???

Dr. Helen Caldicott also warns against eating food imported from Europe, due to the far reaching effects of the CHERNOBYL NUCLEAR DISASTER and how it's radiation spread all across EUROPE as well, including farms in the UK and Germany, France and beyond. 

Again, you will never hear this mentioned by the MSM. It is mainly alternative news journalism that is honestly reporting on this subject. I am certain the food industry hates this honest woman for telling the truth! Amazing that she is still alive in fact for daring to tell the truth...

Much research has been performed on the CHERNOBYL NUCLEAR DISASTER. Many reports mention the threat goes beyond Russia, Ukraine, and Byelorus. EUROPE has also been affected as well, including farming and food/water sources. The following links provide excellent articles explaining this:

However, it has been the people who lived in the immediate vicinity of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and surrounding regions who have suffered the most. And their suffering continues to this very day. Thousands of  women who were pregnant in severely affected regions, later gave birth to severely deformed children. 

These precious children, innocent victims of all this, are now living in specialized institutions that provide for their daily care. These children have to live with the results of mankind's errors, sins and mistakes for the rest of their lives.

Child born with brain outside of skull.

Child with limbs missing or deformed
(Thankfully, now adopted by family in the UK
and doing well.)

This child was slowly dying 
even as the photograph was taken

Child suffering severe deformities 
from exposure to radiation

More deformities due to radiation exposure

I highly recommend going to YOUTUBE and watching videos of the CHILDREN OF CHERNOBYL to understand more about this ongoing tragedy.

A major reason we MUST understand the consequences of nuclear power disasters, is because they CONTINUE TO HAPPEN in our world today. FUKUSHIMA'S DAIICHI NUCLEAR DISASTER on March 11, 2011, is unfolding rapidly as more and more radioactive water is pouring into the Pacific ocean, creating  huge gaps in the ocean's food chain and causing much sickness to Pacific ocean dwellers and mammals who spend much time in the Pacific ocean as well.

Weather and wind patterns moving west to east are relentlessly carrying radioactive particles to NORTH AMERICA AND CANADA, to precipitate on huge agricultural regions, especially on the WEST COAST of North America. This is reportedly already having a health effect on people of North America, with a reported 35% increase in infant mortality rates in North America. 

Only with time will the full effects of North Americans daily consuming water, food and crops adversely affected by such nuclear radiation fallout be witnessed. Informative articles state that North America/Canada  should expect an increase in cancers and other illnesses that is radiation related, due to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

What will be the tragic effects on pregnant Japanese women exposed to this deadly and harmful radiation from Fukushima? Can they expect the same consequences as the children of pregnant women exposed to Chernobyl radiation who lived nearby or in regions affected the most severely??? Regretfully, reality says YES.
Pregnant Japanese women

I have great reason to be personally concerned about potential nuclear disasters here in America as well. Nuclear power plants built on or near fault zones that anticipate future earthquakes remain a threat to mankind's survival everywhere. Where I am staying to help take care of Brother John (Asheville, NC), I am within a two hundred mile radius of EIGHT nuclear power plants!
Nuclear power plant in North America

And it is a scientific fact that these mountains of North Carolina and surrounding regions are going to experience major earthquakes in the future, as researchers have uncovered.

In fact, people all across North America have reason to be concerned about the potential for danger and disaster wherever there is a NUCLEAR POWER PLANT operating. There are many regions in our nation wherein earthquakes can occur at any time, with the potential to destroy nuclear power plants. Click on the link BELOW showing map where nuclear power plants are located nationwide:

Is the Japanese news media covering up the truth about their Fukushima/Daiichi nuclear disaster?

Many investigators believe that this is the case. And the American news media is equally guilty in the cover-up. Read these excellent articles from PROJECT CENSORED:

Because of what is unfolding both in Japan and now in North America and worldwide because of the Fukushima/Daiichi nuclear disaster, the grim lessons of a previous nuclear disaster, CHERNOBYL, can never be forgotten. History is about to repeat itself once again. What has the world learned from the Chernobyl disaster???

And once again, the innocent shall become the victims in such disasters. This includes THE CHILDREN. 

Another child victim of the CHERNOBYL disaster

Nuclear tragedies are needlessly compounded, however, whenever the governments and news media sources deliberately cover up the truth about the impact of such disasters. For example, if people knew the truth about food and water contamination by radiation, they could then  take productive steps to avoid contamination with deadly radiation particles by eliminating certain products.

People could study  how to detoxify the body and attempt to minimize the dangers of radiation exposure. Such attempts may include avoiding certain food products altogether that have been exposed to radiation.

The tragic truth is, that much of this important information is being censored due to the pressuring by huge food production corporations, who stand to lose billions of dollars from consumers due to their food products being heavily contaminated with radiation from Fukushima/Daiichi.

The SEAFOOD INDUSTRY especially stands to lose financially as the truth relentlessly emerges about heavily contaminated seafood, and even massive die-offs of fish like SARDINES, critical to the food chain in the ocean due to Fukushima radiation pouring into the Pacific ocean.

The NUCLEAR POWER INDUSTRY also feels threatened by the truth. This includes GENERAL ELECTRIC who helped to build this very power plant in Japan, and whose flaws helped to ensure it's collapse and subsequent disaster when the earthquake and tsunami came.
Money can come and go, BUT a human life is forever

However, who can compare the value of mere money and corporate profits, with the greater value of HUMAN LIFE AND HEALTH??? The safety and well being of mankind if far more important that financial prosperity at the expense of millions of people's lives. 

Because if PEOPLE do not survive, then neither do their corporations! Money becomes worthless if there is no one to spend it! Corporations become worthless if there is no one left to run them!

Therefore, THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD! The lives of BILLIONS and the well-being of an entire generation is at stake by this unfolding nuclear disaster. The worst is YET TO COME, scientists say, IF this damaged Japanese nuclear reactor collapses completely. One scientist admitted it would be GENOCIDE with billions of lives facing death if this happens in Japan.
God's eternal Word can give us HOPE!

Christians, YOU also live in this endangered world I am now describing. Please, take the time to fast and pray about this unfolding nuclear disaster. Make your voice heard before the throne of grace as you come to God through Jesus Christ your Savior. After all, Jesus IS called the Savior of the World!

Is God's power not able to help resolve this terrible crisis in the world??? He is not called THE ALMIGHTY for nothing! He remains a GOD OF MIRACLES. And our faith and prayers activate the hands of God, even as the Bible declares. ONLY Almighty God holds the answer to stopping this disaster from progressing further. 
Reaching UP for A MIRACLE!
This is a time to seek Him with all our hearts! Your life and the lives of your children and loved ones can all be affected adversely by this crisis. (And some may already have been, as child mortality rates surge due to this radiation already impacting North America and beyond.)

All of us can be tempted to retreat into our personal "safety-comfort-denial zones" when hearing of such tragedies. But retreating into DENIAL will never solve problems such as this! CHOOSE instead to open your eyes to the truth, and to seek God for THE SOLUTION to a very present danger. 

For your health and future's sake and that of your loved ones, become educated on food safety regarding FOOD and nuclear radiation exposure and contamination. Even your child in the womb can be affected by the things you consume that may contain nuclear radiation or other toxins. BECOME INFORMED!

In closing, I love you all. 

Once again, here is another article dedicated 
Healthy food and good nutrition is
always the will of God for His children.

Because YOU are important!
And YOU are the very reason why 
God sent His Son
into this world in the first place.


And learn from Jesus how to become 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


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