Monday, January 6, 2014

I Survived the ARCTIC BLAST In My SUV!

"Praise God from Whom all blessings flow
...and even when it's -8 below!"
Weather forecasters predict Asheville NC 
will reach -8 below tonight.
By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

A rare POLAR VORTEX bringing bitterly cold weather is sweeping across much of America at this time. In many regions, record breaking temperatures are being recorded. 

At least 14 deaths are being blamed on the weather or weather related. An elderly Alzheimers woman wandered out of her home without winter clothing and was later found dead from exposure.

A road crew worker died when a 100 foot pile of rock salt for the roads collapsed on him recently.

Many more people have died in road accidents related to snowy, icy road conditions and weather related factors.
Emergency food supplies are important at time like this.

People are being cautioned to stay indoors and stock up on emergency food supplies. Schools have been closed in many places. Parents have been warned to keep an eye on their children to make sure they stay warm as they play outdoors, and don't develop frostbite. 

Some churches even cancelled their Sunday services yesterday due to the cold and dangerous driving conditions.

Last night, I hunkered down in the back of my SUV, determined to stay warm the whole night long. With my MARMOT -40 below zero rated sleeping bag on top of me, and my thick mattress topped with a sheepskin rug under me, I pretty much knew that I would stay comfortably warm the entire night through. I remain eternally thankful for the kind reader who donated this marvelous life-saver sleeping bag to me.

Through years of experience gained while enduring cold winters living on the road for journalism, I have learned what works effectively whenever the cold weather comes through. Survival tricks like this are very important: they can make the difference between LIFE or DEATH in cold weather.

Even as the cold winds blew and rocked my SUV throughout the night, I had a wonderful time of prayer and worship and praise with the Living God, thanking Him for everything He has blessed me with. I thanked Him that He was with me throughout the night, keeping me safe. I prayed for God to keep my readers safe as well. 

As you can imagine, lots of Americans grumbled and complained over this adverse weather. And some even cursed, undoubtedly. But what does God call His people to do at such a time as this??? We are to PRAISE HIM instead.

God dwells in the praises and thanksgiving of His people! Not in the murmuring and complaining, but rather the PRAISES of His people. Do you want to feel more of the Presence of God in your life?

The Presence of God can always be found as we spend time in sincere worship and praise of our Father in Heaven. And so I did last night, and had a wonderful time.

I am so thankful to even have a vehicle to take refuge in. Many Americans are homeless across America, and do not even have vehicles besides.

In Washington DC and other cities, the homeless even took refuge on heating grates found throughout the city.

One homeless man froze to death in Milwaukee over the weekend. Many homeless shelters across the nation are now overcrowded and have to turn away some people due to this. It is estimated that up to 700 homeless people die every year in America from exposure to the cold and the elements.

Elderly are also more at risk from the colder temperatures, due to circulation and other factors. It is important especially for them to remember to layer with warm clothing and sweaters, considering wearing long underwear beneath pants, and to wear adequate socks and boots/shoes, gloves and hats to protect all extremities.The same is true for children playing outside in this weather.

There once was a time, long ago, when all such weather abnormalities could be regarded as "as act of God" and without human interference or origin. However, those days are gone forever.

Today's modern military technology has now made it possible to MANIPULATE THE WEATHER for their hidden agendas. This is now brazenly being done by the US and other military worldwide, without any regard for the value of human life or property.

Horrific tornadoes and deadly hurricanes are spawned through advanced military technology and equipment, that cost untold billions of dollars worth of damage and untold deaths and suffering wherever they occur.

Deadly coldfronts and snowstorms and major rains with flooding can also be created and facilitated through the military's PROJECT HAARP and related equipment.

Why? Hidden agendas of the elite are major reasons why disasters are artificially created by this means. Weather is also being used as a weapon by the military. You can defeat your enemy if you create torrential rainstorms accompanied with destructive flooding. Or if the military creates deadly drought bringing a famine with it.

There are many books and websites now addressing this timely subject. 

However, the pertinent question must now be asked: WHO is holding the US military (and all others involved) ACCOUNTABLE for the devastation, loss of property and life that their reckless and wanton abuse of this technology has been creating for quite some time now??? 

Might does not make right, ever.

I have noted throughout my years of researching this subject, that no one is holding the military or the government force behind it's actions accountable. And this is outrageous.

I have also noted that there are many hidden political agendas behind each destructive act committed by the military and weather manipulation.

Now that we can know through modern technology that can measure HAARP output frequencies, that even this POLAR VORTEX cold blast has been manipulated by PROJECT HAARP and related weather modification techniques, the question must be asked: FOR WHAT PURPOSES AND HIDDEN AGENDAS?

To WEAKEN Americans in preparation for the NEXT "BIG ONE" or deliberate disaster staged to bring down martial law? Do they deliberately plan to release deadly flu viruses through CHEMTRAILS on the heels of this winter blast, conveniently blaming the resultant flu pandemic on the terrible weather?

Or will destructive adverse weather be used to destroy electrical power grids, etc.?

Well, beloved readers, only TIME WILL TELL. Please pray about all this, and for our nation at this time. Pray for the homeless and for all those affected negatively by this alarming POLAR VORTEX  cold weather front.

Can PRAYER successfully combat such deadly and destructive military abuse of power? 

Our Bible tells us that "With GOD, ALL THINGS are possible." Furthermore, no matter how powerful any military likes to think they have become, there remains A GREATER POWER still!

"Halleluia! For the Lord Our God THE ALMIGHTY reigns!"
Revelation 19:6

Didn't Jesus declare that "...ALL POWER has been given to me in heaven and in earth!" Yes. Therefore whenever we deploy Scripturally based prayers against the tactics of the destroyer and the enemy, God is MORE THAN ABLE to answer our prayers! I pray daily against such military darkness and abuse of might and technology.

To understand more about PROJECT HAARP and military weather modification, go to the following links:

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