Sunday, January 5, 2014

Here Comes the ARCTIC BLAST to NC at LAST!

Ho-ho-ho...and here comes the 
Brrrrrr! I just checked the weather forecasts for this coming week, and TONIGHT in western North Carolina the LOW will be 16 degrees F, and tomorrow's HIGH will be a mere 19 degrees F and SNOW! 
A true rarity in North Carolina.
Well, here comes the true test of Pammie the resilient car camper. Will they shovel out a smiling frozen icicle woman from inside my SUV tomorrow morning...or will my winter survival techniques work??? Stay tuned to this exciting blog to find out!

How many of YOU are also facing fierce winter weather as well this coming week??? Are YOU prepared to stay warm and endure throughout this arctic blast??? 

Got a woodstove or fireplace insert for heat in case the power grid goes down? Propane heater or kerosene heater for emergencies? Power generator and lots of extra gasoline stored in safe containers outside?

I certainly HOPE and PRAY that you are staying WARM!

But is there a darker side to this cold arctic blast pummeling much of North America at this time? 

COULD this be a result of military interference with the weather patterns through PROJECT HAARP???

And IF this is military/government weather modification, IS there an agenda to DELIBERATELY trigger martial law and catastrophe nationwide through this arctic blast..AND MAYBE EVEN BRING THE POWER GRID DOWN AS WELL???

READ the following shocker articles exposing the TRUTH about MILITARY MANIPULATION OF OUR WEATHER.

Stay SAFE...stay WARM...stay INDOORS whenever possible...and remember to safely PRAY YOUR WAY THROUGH THIS WINTER STORM SEASON.
Here's me in the ARCTIC CIRCLE
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
(now resuming her "Eskimo mode")

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