Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Brother is Suffering...Pray For Him

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


This is one of the hardest things a family member can endure. I am sitting next to my brother in a nursing home, watching him groan in deep pain and cry...and there is nothing I can do to alleviate this but pray. I will be using Sylvia's anointing oil that she so kindly sent me to use in ministry, to anoint John daily and to pray as I sit by his side.

When I asked him what part of his body was hurting, he said his whole body hurt. I am forced to listen as my brother cries and begs God to heal him and take away the pain. Our prayers together now do not stop because of the excruciating pain he endures daily. Unfortunately, pain medication and therapy can only do so much.

The persistent pain in my shoulder and arm from my recent  lifting injury at the ranch in Minnesota does not help, either, since I am here to help alleviate and minister to HIS pain. Just pray that God will expedite my complete healing, so I can fully minister to John and perform other ministry God has called me to in this region.
My brother's feet give him great pain, as well as his legs. His left foot was recently injured, causing decubitis or a bed sore. Below is the foot with the bedsore (not visible, on sole of foot.)

My prayers for John at this point are very realistic and practical, and he knows it. He is lingering in a terrible bed of pain and suffering. In his present condition, he cannot even get out of bed, and when they do assist him to do so, the pain is unbearable. He cannot walk, he cannot sit up unassisted. And he goes through this terrible bout of excruciating pain manifesting every single day.

As I told his nurse, I am praying that God will either heal him through his and our faith in Jesus Christ and the power of prayer, or that He will take my brother home to be with Jesus at last, free from a body of suffering and pain forever. I am praying that he does not have to linger in this netherworld of endless hospitalization, pain medications, a dysfunctional body and chronic pain and suffering.
Standing united in the promises of God

Please pray with John and I. It is incredibly difficult to have to sit by his bedside and watch him endure torment and pain. Only a divine miracle from an Almighty God through Jesus Christ can fully heal my brother and alleviate his suffering.

Thank you for your kind prayers at this difficult time.

And let us remember in prayer the many other people in hospitals and nursing homes across America, and their helpless condition. What will happen to THEM under a martial law scenario?

I am now reading accounts of victims of Hurricane Katrina now, especially the elderly and handicapped in nursing homes. The truth is not pretty. In a state of emergency, many of these helpless people were abandoned. And many of those abandoned and left behind died under squalid and horrific conditions.

When things are going normally in our society, the care of the elderly and handicapped can proceed as usual. But when times of crisis and emergency arise, the fate of these helpless sick, elderly and handicapped people lies in the balance. What would happen to them if their caregivers and workers suddenly abandoned them and all rushed home to take care of their children and loved ones, in a state of emergency???

As I sit here, praying with my brother, I am acutely conscious of what may happen in our nation, America, today near the end of 2013. Reports of potential disasters and crises for October and beyond have been going viral across the Internet. Researchers all know that foreign troops have been coming into America all summer long. Such troops have been seen delivering heavy armored vehicles for DHS to police departments nationwide. 

Rumors of planned economic collapse are circulating. Reports of planned pandemics and deliberate release of "zombie virus" are also being posted across the Internet. I just received a phone call from a person in NW Montana, who told me of the presence of military involved in a strange operation going on there today, October 1st, 2013.

If there IS an economic collapse..if there IS a planned pandemic...or earthquake... or other disasters, where does that leave the elderly, handicapped and infirmed???

The only truly reliable care such people can receive in times of severe crisis, is through their own trusted family members being with them throughout the ordeal. 

And that is exactly why I decided that I must be here with my brother at this time.

May God bless and protect you and your loved ones that may also include the elderly, informed and handicapped, throughout these times we all face together, 
by HIS grace and mercy and protection,
through Jesus Christ Our Savior.

Continue to pray for Brother John. 
May God's holy and merciful will 
be done regarding him.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. I will stand with the two of you and others praying for John and you. I wish I was there to join in and give you a "light" hug.

  2. Yes, I am lifting your brother up right now to the throne of our Heavenly Father! What a blessing for him that he has you there, so sorry to hear of his suffering!

  3. I feel so sorry for your brother! May God ease his pain to help him get well.

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