Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ahoy, Mateys! Greetings From....

..."Pam the one-armed blogger!" You've all heard of "Patch the one-eyed pirate"...? 

Well, it's now time to meet "Pam the one-armed blogger"! Ha-ha-ha-ha! (Ouch!)

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I am glad I have a good sense of humor blended with a healthy portion of guts and determination to let nothing stop me, by the grace of God.
It is not easy to type on the computer with a brace on both hands!

Now that the doctors have taken good care of John in his crisis, I figured it was now time to take care of me now! I went back to the same hospital that saved John's life, and got x-rays taken of my left shoulder and neck. The doctor confirmed my self-diagnosis: injuries to my brachial plexus nerves from my neck and into my back, shoulder and arm. Very painful and handicapping of a person's movements, especially hands.
This is the actual brace I now have on each wrist (day support).
I wear this one on each wrist for cushioned night support.

The one major complication is that the swelling caused by the damaged nerves and joints traveled down to my wrist to create very painful symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome as well in my left wrist.

Actually, this severe shoulder injury sufficiently weakened my body so that other underlying potential problems have finally come to the surface. I should have experienced carpal tunnel syndrome long ago in both hands due to hours daily for years on the Internet, blogging away for my readers. 

My left hand now has full blown carpal tunnel problems and pain and is now being supported by a brace, and my right hand and wrist are being protected by a carpal tunnel brace from the beginning signs of this emerging as well.

This morning I had to wear a sling to support my left arm, just to cope with pain.

However, I can honestly report to my readers that I am praising God in the midst of this test of faith. HAD IT NOT BEEN  for God allowing this injury to take place, thus cutting short my ability to travel, I would have taken much longer to arrive to see my brother...and he would have died from severe infection by last Sunday. 

And I am sharing this testimony with people I encounter every day, of GOD'S AMAZING WAYS and how He works in the most unlikely ways for His purposes and glory.

Therefore, Halleluia! Praise God for what He permits at times in our lives for His glory and purposes!

"As for God, His ways are perfect..." declares His word to us. And His holy ways ARE perfect! I did not understand why God allowed this severe attack on my health weeks ago, since I pray for divine health daily.

But now I understand perfectly and praise Him for it.

However, I have asked God to heal this injury completely. The purpose of the injury and pain allowed has been fully accomplished, my brother's life has been spared, and now I need total healing from all of this ordeal. 

I was totally exhausted yesterday, realizing that I had been with my brother day and night for 6 days in the hospital, even while enduring great pain in my shoulder and back, and recurring numbness and partial paralysis in my left forearm and hand.

So now, it's recovery time for "Pammie the one-armed blogger!" Somehow, with carpal tunnel braces on both arms and hands, I feel like "the mummy" from some grade B Hollywood movie. I smile weakly as people gawk at me as I walk by. 

No one knows what I am thinking behind that smile. "I WILL overcome! I WILL overcome! By His stripes I AM HEALED! Praise You Father God in ALL this! Give me grace to overcome all of this for Your glory, in Jesus' mighty name!" Yeah.... 

(Ow....just trying to use my left arm/hand to help type this is so painful.) 


Jesus never told us we would not have problems in this world! But it is what we DO with those crises that counts, and determines the final outcome of our trial of faith. 

We can choose to praise Him and seek His grace to endure and OVERCOME our afflictions. Or, as some have sadly done, we can choose to blame God for what the devil has done, and then turn our back on Him and walk away from the only hope we have in this world. 
Jesus will be there for your crisis.

Don't do it! Instead, COME to Him in the midst of your afflictions and sorrows and pain! He will be there to comfort you and lift you up and minister to you every crisis and heartache. I can testify that throughout 42 years of my Christian walk, God through Jesus Christ has been there for every danger, every sickness and every crisis I have encountered (and I have had my share of crises throughout those years.)

Choose to praise God and trust Him throughout the difficult and challenging, even dangerous times we face in the future. Because He is our refuge and strength, our help in times of trouble, even as His word declares.

Please, keep praying therefore for my total healing. It is very difficult to live with this infirmity on a daily basis, and my readers know that very challenging times are coming to our nation. The pain increases during the day and slowly becomes excruciating. Pray also for my brother's stabilizing and recovery to continue as well. Praise God for his recovery and healing!

I want to thank ALL of my precious readers again, for your wonderful support given through prayer, encouragement, and financially as well, so critically needed by both of us now. I pray continually for your blessing and protection in the times we face together. John would not be alive today, if it were not for YOUR support!

And the wrist braces I am now wearing that give me much support and relief from much of the pain, plus the pain-relieving lotions, would not have been possible without your support.  It is so beautiful to witness the love of the Body of Christ in ACTION.

Thank you all again!

And please remember: 

How could we ever become
if there were nothing to overcome???

"He that OVERCOMES shall inherit ALL THINGS..."
From Revelation 21:7

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Asheville, NC
Your continued support is needed at this difficult time.
In spite of many challenges, I am choosing to press on
in my work of investigative journalism on your behalf.

Now that John is stabilizing, I will soon be traveling regionally to
investigate and report on timely events as they unfold, 
and then returning to assist him periodically as well.

I face this winter with no home, still living in my vehicle
to afford to do this work. 

However, I refuse to allow pain to hold me back from what
I believe God wants me to do 
at this important time in our nation.
As Christians, we must choose to continue in
the work God calls us to, as much as possible.
Thank you.

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