Friday, October 18, 2013

Once Again, "ASHEVILLE SATANISM" at Halloween 2013

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Halloween supplies sales tent at Asheville Mall

As I was driving through Asheville, NC, yesterday and praying over this region, especially against satanism and Halloween horrors this region remains infamous for, I noticed a large orange tent in the parking lot of the local mall.

Curious, I just had to park and walk over for a closer look (after spending some time in prayer and praying for the protection of the blood of Jesus over me.) I brought my camera with me, wondering what I would find inside.

I was not surprised when I saw, immediately inside the entrance, a life-sized horror display clearly depicting a woman being tortured and sacrificed to satan. The mannikin of the woman on the satanic altar was even shuddering and shaking. I am posting the pictures I took below.

Woman depicted on satanic altar being sacrificed,
 figure representing death and Satan behind her.

Torturers and sacrificers to the left, and figure depicting Satan/death  on right.

Actually, these photographs cannot bring out the true horror in this disgusting display. It was dark in the tent, with eerie lighting. But you get the idea. The message of this display was unmistakable.

What sickened me was watching parents bringing young children and even babies in strollers into this tent of Halloween horror. Children are extremely impressionable at an early age, and this could set the stage for nightmares and a morbid fascination with such spiritual darkness as well. They are also vulnerable to demonic attacks as well, and this tent was undoubtedly filled with demons!

Frankly, such terrible displays depicting people being tortured and murdered should be illegal and banned nationwide. I have a problem with life-sized displays of Nativity scenes being banned in various locations all across our nation, BUT satanic displays depicting torture and murder being allowed at Halloween time. Satanism is a religion. If Christian religious displays can be legally banned (unfortunately), then so can SATANIST displays also be banned as well.

Please take the time to pray against satanism in YOUR region of America. Every year, close to one million victims perish on the satanist altars of North America, according to researcher's statistics I was given by several sources.

Christians are heavily targeted for abduction and sacrifice by the Satanists/Illuminati, former high level satanists informed me. And when abducted by satanists, Christians are brutally tortured, even crucified, and murdered by these depraved monsters.
Rising up in VICTORY to tear down the kingdom of Satan across America

If bad people are destroying our nation, can't God's people rise up in faith and obedience and help reverse this??? Yes, we can! Put God's promises of VICTORY over all the forces of hell into practice today. Our faith and prayers can make the critical difference in the destiny of our nation.

-Paml Rae Schuffert reporting from NC

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