Monday, October 7, 2013

John Safely Out of Surgery and Recovering Well

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


Today is Monday, October 7, 2013. My brother is sitting up in his hospital bed and enjoying breakfast, recovering nicely from life-saving surgery. He even asked for ice cream for breakfast as well, and I gave it to him. We are carrying on a normal conversation for the first time since I arrived last Monday, only one week ago. 

Prior to this, John had been in and out of coherency and often irrational whenever I tried to talk to him. His previous severe infection and pain had even affected his mind. When I first returned, I wondered if I would ever have a normal little brother ever again, and was afraid his mind was irreversibly deteriorating from his illness and nursing home experience. 

Thank God, this is not the case. His mind and speech now are good. He understands everything and is rational and coherent. This is truly an answer to prayer and a miracle from God.

One of my major priorities is to begin feeding him healthy organic and non-GMO foods and fresh fruit and vegetables and recovery-building foods. I bought him a quality bottle of liquid vitamins at the local health food store, and started him on this immediately. Prescription meds cannot rebuild the human body. They can only alter certain conditions. 

The human body needs what God created from the beginning for the health of mankind, vitamins and minerals and fiber and nutrition from plants and other sources. And so I am now dedicated to bringing him the best life-giving nutrients to restore his body completely, so he can serve Jesus and touch other lives for the glory of God.

John is so thankful for what is truly divine intervention, coming just in time to literally save his life. He told me that he knows  that GOD HAS A PLAN FOR HIS LIFE now, to be glorified through him. And now he truly does have a testimony about how Jesus saved him physically from death.

His doctor who performed the surgery told me that he successfully cleaned out the infected and dead tissues, removed the metal object and sent it off to pathology. He admitted that while he first thought it was a broken hypodermic needle in John's foot, he now thinks it was more like a staple from a staple gun type tool, and sent it away for evaluating before returning it to us.

This doctor said that John should now recover nicely and without complications, and his pain should slowly subside and the bedsores on his feet should now heal with proper professional care.

I am now overseeing every aspect of his care at this point, obtaining power of attorney and making sure this kind of disaster never happens again to beloved brother John.

However, this is complicated by my ongoing shoulder/arm injury and pain. I will probably, admit myself to this same hospital for diagnostic x-rays and MRI's to determine what is the problem and why the numbness/partial paralysis and often excruciating pain I suffer in my left arm and shoulder now. 

I finally realize that I may have even fractured, dislocated or broken something, due to the unrelenting pain and numbness. So please pray for my health as well. It is amazing that I can even type with this numbness and pain. But I prayed for the grace to do so. My work cannot stop.

You must realize that none of this is easy. But often, life is not easy for all of us. And that is one of the reasons why God has sent us His Son, Jesus Christ, to be with us all when difficult situations arise. God is on the side of His people! And He cares about our every need, heartache and crisis. 

John and I are looking to God and His mercy and providence for our every need, just as our Pilgrim ancestors did when they arrived on the Mayflower in 1620 at Plymouth Rock. They too realized their lives were totally at the mercy and providence of God Almighty at that time. And faithful to His promises, God brought them through.

Thank God, there is a nice and quiet chapel here in this hospital. I am spending much time in prayer for answers from God for my brother's situation, and my recent health issue as well. The good people in this excellent hospital have certainly fulfilled their role as THE GOOD SAMARITAN to John!

And certainly, so have all of you who have stood with me in this crisis. Thank you.

All of my readers know we are facing hard times coming to this nation, America. Such times are harder still when facing them with health issues and crises and little finances. 

However, I have perfect peace and faith in my Father in Heaven, and in His grace able to bring us all through the most challenging situations we may face. John and I have chosen to trust in His grace and mercy completely, and simply BELIEVE THE PROMISES OF GOD. That's all we can do anyhow at this time.

The Bible states, "Some trust in chariots, and some in horses, but WE will trust in the name of the Lord our God!" There are those who are trusting in their own self-sufficiency and prepping to face the challenging times ahead. They have their food supplies, their fallout shelters, their survival supplies. 

But in an instant, years of preparations can be wiped out through attacks that may come under martial law. A chemical or biological attack could come overnight, and leave everyone dead the next day in spite of their many preparations. Or FEMA could come and seize it all.

Frankly, John and I have no home and few possessions with which to face the coming times in America. However, I am glad that circumstances beyond our control have compelled us to totally place our trust in Almighty God through Jesus Christ for what John and I need to face the times to come, and to emerge victorious overcomers BY HIS GRACE ALONE.
The GOOD SHEPHERD will never abandon His sheep.

Faith in God shall always be rewarded! God is with those who put their trust in Him and walk in obedience to His word. "Blessed is the man who trust in the Lord." The Bible declares that people are cursed who trust in their own strength, instead of turning to God for help.

Therefore, John and I are truly blessed. I refuse to be overcome by my circumstances. The Bible declares that in all these things, we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him Who loves us, Jesus Christ. I praise the Living God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for everything He has permitted for His eternal glory and purposes in our lives.

May all of you do the same as well. You too may be facing difficult crises or health issues with yourself or family members. But GOD IS GREATER than any crisis we may face! The Bible states that those who place their trust in HIM shall never be ashamed. Halleluia!

Thank you all for your ongoing prayers. 

I am soon going to film John and place his video on this blog, so he can thank you all personally for your support that enabled me to visit him, which saved his life. 

God bless and be with you all.

John thanks you sincerely too.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. Hi, thank you for sharing the great news! Praise the Lord for sure, and I think you being there w him makes so much difference!! Cont prayers for you both, I know you will find a place. God is so good!! :)

  2. Praise be to God who always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus!!
    Thank God for His timing with you brother! And because of our continued prayers, I believe your healing, Pamela, shall also come in His own good time!