Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Internet Broadcast CENSORED Today! Read...

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Internet Censorship!
(You KNEW it was coming someday....)

Today I was interviewed by Judge Eve Ellingwood Cohen, who sponsors an excellent Internet broadcast covering the subject of the NEW WORLD ORDER and coming events leading to MARTIAL LAW

She told me that she just received an email after the broadcast regarding our excellent interview we enjoyed doing together.

Below is that email. 


From: <>
Date: Sat, Mar 9, 2013 at 3:43 PM
Subject: Todays program
To: eve cohen <>

Hi Eve

Well, I was prepared for your show to listen at the Marriott La Jolla.  Meeting started at 9 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. went to the Business Office and set up my computer.  Could not connect with inter net - so used their computer.  I had to Google and up you popped.

Hit the enter key - your program started  -  shortly after it was clicked off - strange as I thought I had a good connection with the Marriott's computer.  Went again to -  clicked - listened 4 minutes - CLICK  OFF  -  what flashed in the box was   

Well, could you believe that !!   I went to another computer - signed in on  and 4 minutes later got CLICKED off again - same words  -  (curious me I timed the minutes)

They must have some kind of a monitoring system to listen to certain words on your program.  Pamela was a repeat speaker and talked about the concentration camps, her father in the Pentagon - so these words must have been "key words" as if I was listening to some sabotage - 

You have predicted that this is what government is going to be doing to us - monitor our every word - etc.   very dangerous times as Pamela says.

Bye for now - tired and want to change clothes & nap time !!!!

You got that right, folks! This really happened today!

Uncle Satan.....uh, er, I mean, Uncle SAM, is finally going to decide which political and religious views are going to be tolerated on the public Internet, and which views and related verbiage  are NOT!

In this broadcast we not only discussed martial law and America's future, but I also ministered hope for our future from the Word of God and lead the listeners in the prayer for salvation through Jesus Christ.

Hmmmm...let's see now...was there any PROFANITY in my interview? Nope. How about suggestive sexual talk and innuendos? Never. How about any threats to assassinate the President and other violent acts? No.

Can this mean that THE TRUTH is now somehow considered "dangerous verbiage" today???

And who defines "young public???" 3 years old? 18 Years old?  21 years old (young adults)?

In light of what is regularly communicated on the Internet continually (profanity, pornography, etc.) I find this both omnious...and yet hilarious! WHAT HYPOCRISY!

And you can only expect INTERNET CENSORSHIP 

to get worse, folks.

Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER USA!!!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. This was a function of the hotels Antivirus settings, not the government. Public internet access is sometimes very careful (too much so) about their antivirus settings, blocking sites that sometimes don't need to be blocked.
    I run our I.T. here at my job, and run into the same issue. A seemingly innocent website gets blocked, but it's the antivirus settings.
    It's just overly sensitive antivirus settings, not global censor.

  2. I have a question, perhaps you could answer. But I notice that most of the so-called truth media websites and blogs seem to just post the same stories (your blog excluded of course), there is no journalism in their articles, its just copy and paste. Then watch the people slug it out with comments.
    It makes me think:
    1) The Powers that Be are spreading this to keep people busy as a distraction, throwing out a few bread crumbs. Perhaps these websites are being overtaken as well.
    2) The sock-puppets and trolls get better all the time. And lately seem emboldened. They are like a virus to any voice that states its concerns. They have a pack mentality, once I jousted with three at once, but I shot them down with undeniable facts and figures, but they then tried to attack my character or anybody who also had a comment. I think we are loosing our freedoms slowly online as well.

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