Thursday, March 28, 2013

Learning from The Death of Boris Berezovsky

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

"I have nothing left to live for.........." 

Words from final interview of former Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky before he was found dead recently in the UK.

My heart was saddened a few days ago as I read about the untimely death of former Russian Oligarch BORIS BEREZOVSKY. Although tentatively labeled a suicide, many are speculating that he was a victim of an assassination. Berezovsky had many enemies in Russia and the Kremlin, including Vladimir Putin.,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44442042,d.cGE&biw=1280&bih=666&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=iw&ei=9PtUUfn9E-H6igLZ-IHwDg

I felt sad, because I felt certain that he died in his sins, without Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He was a Russian Jew who, while outwardly "converting" to the Russian Orthodox church, remained a Russian Jew. Berezovsky's life was lived for this world and it's rewards, especially monetary. He was known as a Russian Oligarch. A godfather figure in the Chechen mafia. A Russian Jewish mafia godfather as well. And much more.

I am quite familiar with the Russian Jewish mafia. It has heavily infiltrated America, especially in places such as Brighton Beach or "little Odessa" in Brooklyn, NY. How well I remember my years of working among Slavic immigrants in NYC, and among the Russian Jews in Brooklyn as well. In fact, my favorite Russian restaurant in "little Odessa" was Restaurant Odessa. Little did I know that this was also a favorite hangout for the Russian Jewish mafia and it's leaders. They would frequently meet on upper levels of this restaurant.

His colorful and flamboyant lifestyle and extravagance was legendary. Berezovsky was a billionaire, among other things. His body guards, ex-Israeli Mossad, surrounded him every moment he was in public. He was always accompanied with his beautiful female accomplice.

Berezovsky was also linked to various other mafias and murders of opponents as well.

But did all this wealth and affluence and notoriety make Boris happy in the end? No.

Too late, Boris found out that wealth and power and fame and notoriety cannot make for lasting fulfillment and happiness. It cannot provide for peace of heart and mind. Boris was a man who had been deceived by the false promises of the world around him. 

The world today declares that happiness and fulfillment can be found in vast amounts of wealth, control and power. The world proclaims that the lifestyle of the rich and powerful can provide one with lasting happiness. But this corrupt and sinful world is WRONG.

The timeless wisdom of Jesus Christ declares that "A man's life does not consist of the abundance of things that he owns..." He furthermore reveals that it is very difficult for a person who trusts in worldly wealth to enter into the kingdom of heaven. And that NO man can effectively serve both GOD and money.

Money makes for a wicked and demanding, all-consuming taskmaster.

But Berezovsky did not believe in Jesus Christ nor accept his teachings that could have saved him.

And only immediately before the end of his tragic life did he fully realize that, indeed, he had nothing of true and eternal value worth living for. Money and power are fleeting and transient. They are but an illusion. They are accursed when they are obtained through corrupt and violent means. And corruption and   violence through assassinations of his opponents at various times filled Berezovsky's life.

Berezovsky was finally forced to flee to the UK after incurring the wrath of Vladimir Putin, where he remained in exile until his death.

Had Berezovsky read the teachings of Jesus the Messiah and His apostles, he would have learned the sobering truth: "Be not deceived: God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap." Berezovsky sowed death more than once towards his opponents. He operated through corruption and greed. In other words, he was fully A SINNER in the sight of Almighty God.The Bible states that " the wages of SIN is DEATH."

The question of whether it was a suicide that killed Berezovsky, or an assassination, remains hanging over his death to this very day. Investigators have not ruled out foul play.

Whenever a person lives in such dark realms of sin and corruption, anything is possible.How many people today are exactly like Boris Berezovsky, especially among those who are feverishly working for the realization of a NEW WORLD ORDER globalist agenda?

The money-and-power "elite" form the upper echelons of those laboring to bring the world under their corrupt and greedy globalist agenda. They too have been deceived, as Boris was, by Satan's carrot dangling before their noses, the false promises and allurement of money and wealth and power to control the WORLD.

Whether the Bilderbergers, the IMF, the Committee of 300, the Club of Rome, and myriads of other groups forming the backbone of the NWO agenda for the world, the ranks of the above groups are formed of THE DECEIVED who essentially worship Satan for money and power. And their eternal end is predictable: they shall have their part in the lake of fire and eternal damnation for their efforts. That's all.

Boris Berezovsky has only learned this lesson too late. Once in hell, there is never a second chance. Only eternal remorse and regrets. Boris was an unbeliever. Boris was a murderer. Boris never repented and got right with God. And what remains of his once vast corrupt kingdom of wealth and power??? Absolutely nothing...and certainly nothing he could take with him!

The only redeeming thing that can ever come from Boris Berezovsky's tragic death, is a warning lesson to be learned  from his revealing words spoken before he died.

TO LIVE FOR........"

-Boris Berezovsky, 1946-2013

And tragically, Boris will never "rest in peace." The Bible states, "There is no peace, saith my God, unto the wicked." Hell remains a place of eternal torments and regrets.

If you have found yourself deceived by the lies of the world, that pursuit of money and wealth and power is the ultimate goal in your life, NOW is the time to REPENT and to turn to the ONLY source of true happiness and fulfillment, God Himself through Jesus Christ His Son.

TRUE riches are eternal and incorruptible! They can only come from a genuine relationship with God your Creator and His Son, Who died on the cross to take the punishment for your sins and to give YOU eternal life. This is how much God truly loves YOU.

Genuine Christians know that worldly wealth and extravagance can never truly make you happy nor provide everlasting fulfillment. In spite of the recent loss of both my home and my job, I consider myself exceedingly wealthy in the things that count for eternity! 

For I have Jesus Christ and His salvation! His Holy Spirit resides in me, providing joy and peace and strength to face each day victoriously. My sins are FORGIVEN. And I know where I will spend eternity when this body of mine dies someday. I have HOPE for the future. What priceless treasures are MINE through Jesus My Savior!

I invite you to receive these same priceless and eternal treasures into your life TODAY. Ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and life, to FORGIVE your sins, and to give YOU eternal life! Commit your life and future into His hands. Let Him set you free from all sin and addictions you may be battling. Your life will never be the same again!

DON'T make the tragic mistake 
Boris Berezovsky made...
Because through Jesus Christ, 
life is worth living after all!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

While Boris Berezovsky may be dead and therefore  beyond hope, there is one man who was also considered a Russian oligarch and once the richest man in Russia, who remains alive, imprisoned by Putin on trumped up charges in a terrible gulag type prison in the Siberian Arctic.

His name is MIKHAIL KHORDOKOVSKY. He recently issued a statement about Berezovsky's death.

"It's hard to hear that Boris is gone forever. He loved life in all its manifestations, he made mistakes, he sinned, then repented and sinned again. I was angry at him a lot, and now he's gone, and it hurts me."

Mikhail was also on the path of perdition with money and power as his false god motivating him. However, a greater God stopped him on this path to perdition by allowing this to happen to his life. It is often said that many times, God allows a bad thing to happen, so that later on something far worse does NOT happen.

Many times God permits tragedy to come to a person on the highway to hell, so that they will stop and reconsider, and turn to God in that tragedy for salvation and help.

For MIKHAIL KHORDOKOVSKY, there remains HOPE! Please add Mikhail to your intercessory prayers today for his salvation. You can also WRITE TO MIKHAIL letters of encouragement and sharing HOPE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST for his life. Here is his address:

Please note that he can only receive letters in RUSSIAN.  You can easily write him a letter in RUSSIAN by using FREE ONLINE TRANSLATING SERVICES. There are several online translating services. Simply type your message in ENGLISH, have it translated into RUSSIAN,  copy and paste onto your  sentences forming a letter on MICROSOFT OFFICE or similar program, and then print your letter to him translated into Russian. I do this myself.

Below is an example from the following translation website:

"Hello, Mikhail. I am praying for you."

<<Здравствуйте Михаил. Я молюсь относительно Вас.>>

You may even try to send him a Russian Bible or Russian Christian literature obtain through SLAVIC GOSPEL ASSOCIATION. 

Mikhail may also feel exactly as Berezovsky felt before he died, that he has nothing left to live for in a bleak Siberian prison. But according to God's Word, there IS something left to live for! And for Mikhail, there is yet HOPE. 

I will be writing to Mikhail personally, to communicate God's love with him. Perhaps God allowed all this, to bring him to repentance and Jesus Christ at last. Please, won't you consider writing to him as well??? Thank you.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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