Thursday, March 14, 2013

Finished Moving Out of RV At Last-Goodbye, Home

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Well, it's now official. I have finally finished moving out of what WAS my RV and my first home in eleven years now. I worked hard to make sure it was clean and proper when I moved out, to leave behind a Christian witness to this man, Steve, former owner who sold it to me back in December 2012, and then demanded it back when I was late for one payment this month.

I am thankful that the manager of this RV park campground, LaSalle RV Park in Columbia Falls, MT,  is a genuine Christian. Leon has watched with sorrow as this who event unfolded. Leon also knows that Steve is not a Christian and needs deep prayer for salvation.
Leon, Christian manager of LaSalle RV Park

Leon needs prayer for his precious son, Eric, Eric was recently diagnosed with cancer. And only a few days ago his son was rushed by ambulance to the hospital due to dangerously low white blood cell count. The doctors have just told Eric that his cancer in incurable. 

When Leon told me this, I looked at Leon and reminded him that WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. And promised him I would get prayer from all my wonderful readers for his son Eric. Pray for Leon and his wife as well: this is very hard on both of them. Thank you for YOUR kinds prayers for them!

And by the way, if you are ever vacationing in beautiful GLACIER NATIONAL PARK region of "BIG SKY" country, Montana, in a camper or RV or trailer, don't forget to come and stay at Leon's lovely LaSalle RV Park in exciting Columbia Falls, gateway to Glacier NP. His rates are among the lowest in the region, and he will "do you right!" Just like he did me.....
Well, life has just got more interesting, now that I am once again thrust into just one more of life's little challenges! Looks like I will be "camping" for a while now (chuckle).

And I guess I can only blame myself. After all, you get what you pray for! 

When I first got saved so many years ago in 1971, I remember praying one day and saying "God, I don't want to just dry up in some church pew somewhere...I want real life ADVENTURE for YOU! Challenge! Excitement! I don't want a normal life! I just want to live it on the edge for YOU! C'mon, Father God, make my day!"

Oh, impetuous youth. Little did I dream in my idealistic Bible College years that God would give me so MUCH wild adventure for Him, that it would almost kill me! And more than once.

Car-camping once again, dear God........????????? Back out camping in the woods at the mercy of hungry bears following winter's hibernation? NO kitchen and no bathroom in my vehicle? (Yikes!) Or returning to parking at night at truck stops, or the infernal and ubiquitous WALLY-WORLD parking lots across America????????
NOOOOOOOO GOD! NOT NOW! It is still COLD out there in Montana! Whoops...uh...I didn't mean to let that thought be heard publicly. However, it's true. Snow is still on the mountains here. But thanks to one kind soul on the east coast who sent me a lovely new sleeping bag, I will NOT die of hypothermia!

Truthfully, none of this is new to me. I previously spent many years traveling across this nation to preform investigative journalism, to interview people and to broadcast live on location. 
Snow in Montana

Somehow God kept me safe and alive throughout the years as I car-camped summers and winters, enduring below zero temperatures and blizzards sleeping in my car in some truck stop somewhere, "out-there." (Montana and Wyoming are good for that!)

Or baking in the heat at over one hundred degrees F, no air conditioning in my vehicle, to continue in my journalism and reporting to the American people. (Phoenix in the summer can do that to you!)
Ahhh...what would we ever do without life's little (and BIG) adventures? Somehow they all serve to keep us on our knees before Almighty God! And I have this sneaking suspicion that a whole LOT more new and challenging wild adventures are awaiting all of us here in North America, not too far off! (Gulp........)

We can never choose to be devastated by our circumstances. 

This only becomes self-defeating. We must always choose to take the hands of Almighty God through faith in His Son Jesus Christ, and allow HIM to pull us out of the pit that the devil has dung for our destruction. And it works every single time. 

I know from personal experience. And so do many of you who are also Christians like me. We who find ourselves in crisis situations must always choose to do the things that make for VICTORY and OVERCOMING that which threatens to harm or destroy us. And putting our total trust in JESUS CHRIST makes for a great beginning first step out of the pit.

And so, dear friends and fellow sojourners for Jesus, you can all keep following my all-new wild and frisky adventures, right here on this blog! And as you can plainly see, sometimes they are filled with tears and pathos as well as God's wonderful gifts and mercies. Oh, God, when will it ever end? I bump from one wild adventure and challenge to another, it seems!

Readers who requested books, "GOD'S PROMISES,"please forgive me for not mailing out books sooner. It has taken me several days to transport all my possessions to storage and to move out of the RV. I just finished moving out today, at last. And moving into a whole new chapter of God's destiny for my life. Friday, March 14, I hope to have them all mailed out with cards of appreciation as well.

Much thanks to kind readers who have showed Christian love and that they care, by sending me emergency support at this critical time. The mercy you SHOW to others, is the mercy you shall reap someday from Almighty God. This is His promise by His word, and we all must live by His word. I am praying for you all, that you may find mercy in the coming times of darkness and uncertainty that we face in North America. 

And not only North America, but hard times will overtake many other nations and peoples as well in these end times. Thank you Bonnie in Australia! We are the body of Christ united across the globe by His love and our faith! Thank you R. in Maryland! Thank you Vernon! Thank you JEFF! Thank you Miles! Thank you Tracy! Thank you Barbara! Thank you Cheryl! Thank you all for your prayers and your caring! And others too.................

Please pray for my safety at this time. Pray for strength. It is very hard to live out of a car or to camp in the cold here. Pray God will show me His perfect plans and will at this critical juncture in my life.

Let us continue to pray for North America, and for the REST of world as well. Terrible things are happening worldwide in many nations, and we know that only JESUS CHRIST HAS THE ANSWERS for the world's many problems.

For my international readers, I offer my deepest  apologies, filled with sorrow and contrition and prayer,for the terrible things that the US military is being ordered to do to many innocent people around the world. Like the terrible DRONING of the innocents in PAKISTAN...or their role in aiding Syrian terrorists....and so much, MUCH more.

You must understand that these US foreign policies and terror actions are NOT coming from the vast majority of "we the people" of this nation, America. Our nation and government has been hijacked by people whose actions do not speak for millions upon millions of good Americans today. So many Americans are horrified by what our US troops are being asked to do, whether in Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Africa and elsewhere in the world today.

We realize that these military actions are not to somehow "save America" but rather for an increasing expansionist policy that is neither Constitutional, nor reflecting of America's heritage and Christian foundations as we once knew her. America used to be a beacon of hope for the oppressed. But now it is becoming known for oppressing people in various parts of the world. And these same forces of darkness are increasingly oppressing the American people as well. I am ashamed.

On behalf of America's military war crimes worldwide, I apologize to the world with great sorrow and many prayers for the people oppressed thereby.

Thank you dear readers for everything. I am praying for you as well, and God knows who you are, each and every one.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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