Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Emergency In Montana-Please HELP!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

In my previous report  I shared with my readers about how I provided free medical transport and 24 hour assistance to my patient who underwent major surgery recently. Continue to pray for her: she is safely back home but still very weak.

Unfortunately, this has put me in a perilous position financially. Although I was happy to provide free medical escort to her in her time of crisis, I have discovered since I returned, that my already few work hours (16) have been further cut due to my being gone for a week with her. 

What does this mean? I just received a notice on my door of my recently obtain RV, regarding RV parking lot rent being due now for this month ($300). And in a week, my payment for this newly acquired RV, my first "home to go home to" in eleven years, is also due.

I stand to lose BOTH, due to  this unexpected situation evolving out of my sacrifice to help this patient.

I trust God fully to come through with His promises! As Christians, we are called to love and to lay down our lives to help others: this is part of the very foundation of the Christian life and Christ's teachings. I stepped out in faith, believing His word and acting on it as well. I WOULD DO THE SAME FOR A PERSON IN CRISIS AGAIN.

However, your kind support is needed now. It is very hard to obtain work in sparsely populated Montana. It is not like living in a large populated region of America. Numerous resumes submitted since I returned from my mission of mercy for a year in an Alaskan Eskimo village last November, has only resulted in this one job opening. 

If you can help me at this time with a gift of support, I will be able to continue in my ministry to this region of our nation, and survive.

I am also sending special gifts for your support: 
Christian books of encouragement that everyone should have in their possession throughout the troubling times we now face.
-God's Promises for Every Day-


-God's Promises for the American Patriot-

These are the kinds of books that helped to bring me through many years of challenging ministry. 

Whether ministering in New York City, or in Europe, or ministering on Native American reservations, and more recently in an Eskimo village in Alaska, it was always GOD'S PROMISES that gave me HOPE and brought me through every crisis.

In fact, I had extra copies of these books ordered for the purpose of encouraging my readers, due to the times we all face in our nation.

You can order one, or both books above, for your kind gift of emergency support for me at this critical time.

Please indicate which book you prefer (or both) and mail your financial support to: 

Pamela Rae Schuffert, 
P. O. Box 2396, 
Columbia Falls, MT 

Your books will be sent the same day 
that I receive your orders, whenever possible.
There remains nothing greater, than 
to bring us as Christians through the times of testing we all face, not only here in America, but worldwide.

God bless you all!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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