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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism froma Biblical Christian perspective-

For many years I have been warning my readers that a shocking event called MARTIAL LAW is coming to our nation. I first found out about the plan to deliberately bring America out from under the Constitution and being a sovereign state, and under the world globalist agenda, from a former CIA-turned-whistleblower named Michael Maholy. 

Michael formerly worked for two giants in the world of intelligence gathering, the Office of Naval Intelligence and the CIA. The ONI has a much larger budget and wider scope of influence in fact than the better known CIA.

I encountered this man first in 1995, when Michael was writing a series of explosive articles called THE PIPELINE exposing the CIA's secret drug program of smuggling drugs out of Columbia, South America into America to be sold to get money for CIA black operations. We began to communicate by phone. I finally asked him one day what the rumors about secret detention camps in America were all about.

Michael informed me that these ominous sound detention camps were to terminate the future resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER, as it finally came down in America because of martial law being declared and the Constitution rescinded. 

I remember the horror I felt as he began to explain these things to me. And when another former CIA source explained to me that CHRISTIANS would be among the most highly targeted victims for persecution and elimination, I was thrown out of my comfort zone, and began this career in investigative journalism that has lasted 18 years now.

I have therefore reported extensively on the NWO agenda for America and it's sobering implications for many different groups who form the opposition, and not just Christians, but others including gun owners, traditional Patriots, Constitutionalists, anti-globalist/anti-NWO people and others.

Many of us here in North America can clearly see that the NWO elements are moving rapidly now to bring forth their desired globalist agenda, especially with a Marxist NWO supporting President, with serious consequences for those who righteously oppose such anti-American and frankly anti-God/anti-freedom agendas for our nation.

But there is clearly something more that is coming to North America.

Many Americans think that the recent purchases of billions of rounds of ammunition, thousands of assault rifles plus handguns, and thousands of military armored vehicles being delivered across the nation under the auspices of DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY now are ONLY for martial law showdown to be used against the good American Patriots of this nation as they fight back for freedom. This is only PARTIALLY correct.

Although the US government is blacking out this kind of information from the American people for many reasons, the truth is that AMERICA IS FACING NUCLEAR STRIKES AND PROLONGED NUCLEAR WAR AT THIS TIME. And every day the threat is escalated.
This is due to America's foreign policies in the Middle East. This is also because of increasing US military expansion and aggression in many different countries at this time. There are people using our US military apparatus and technology such as emerging DRONES for agendas  and wars of aggression and expansion that the vast majority of the American people do not approve of and have never even been consulted on. Including me.

The US military and Federal government are in fact secretly PREPARING FOR NUCLEAR WAR.
Entrance to DEEP UNDERGROUND BASES and highways

Want proof? All you have to do is perform research on the DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES throughout North America. There are also massive underground cities, underground railroad tracks and systems, underground highways and tubes for mag-lev trains that link the bases and cities nationwide.

The White House and many other Federal government buildings are secretly linked to these underground facilities, to provide safety and escape in the event of a nuclear war. 

Nuclear boring equipment to melt through solid rock 6 miles per day

Through the use of underground tunnels
and highways and transportation, the "ruling elitists" and their minions plan to be whisked away to safety and food and plenty, while the people of this nation who live on the surface are bombed and chem-bio'ed into nothingness. 

And voila! WORLD POPULATION REDUCTION! A "culling of the herd" as these murderous elitists like to say.

Of course, this is all a part of the far-reaching  population reduction agenda manufactured by "the elite" such as the Club of Rome and the Committee of 300, including the Aspen Institute and Tavistock et al. They have openly stated that population reduction will be accomplished through disease and wars that they are secretly working behind the scenes to deliberately foment and create.

And who can forget the BIG BANKERS (properly called "BANKSTERS" as in "GANGSTERS") who always position themselves to profit immensely from wars and destruction! Known NWO agenda supporters such as the ROTHSCHILDS banking giants have always known how to profit financially from wars!

The NWO elites  of this nation fully expect to survive the coming events of martial law insurrection in America, and furthermore to survive nuclear strikes on American soil as well, through these underground facilities that they have been building across America for decades now. They were built for a purpose, believe me!

Massive food storage facilities are also located underground. They are being stockpiled with tremendous amounts of food in refrigerator units that size of many footballs fields, according to one construction worker who worked on one such site and told me about his amazing experiences.

Military sources from Kirtland AFB in NM previously leaked that ".....because of our foreign policies in the Middle East, there will be nuclear strikes on American soil." 

"It is not a matter of IF, but WHEN."

"This is why we are stockpiling up to ten years of emergency food supplies in the deep underground military bases, IN FULL ANTICIPATION OF A PROLONGED NUCLEAR EXCHANGE."
Investigators writing about the massive purchases of ammunition by agencies such as Homeland Security and other government agencies, have pondered over whether these are for the planned martial law crisis anticipated by many.

I personally would like to suggest that they are in part for martial law scenarios, as millions of good Americans rise up and fight back against the coming NWO tyranny they seek to impose on us.

However, at this time it is extremely important the America people begin to grasp the much BIGGER picture. It is no secret that America has been preparing to strike Iran militarily for a long time now. 
Both China and Russia have been stating, "don't you dare!" 
Russian leader Vladimir Putin

Russia is also carefully noting American expansionist policies with their roles in many wars of aggression and expansion, including aiding Syrian terrorists and rebels,  US drone bases being established in various locations around the world, including in Africa due to the vast resources to be found there, plus our military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Americans are foolish and naive to think for one minute that the American military can continue to brazenly drone and bomb innocent civilians in nations such as Pakistan and elsewhere repeatedly, and aid terrorists as in Syria, and expand their military presence throughout the world, and there somehow will not be any severe consequences from other nations concerned about this. 

(Of course, the US military and government KNOW there will be consequences! But they are NOT telling the AMERICAN PEOPLE this! They are remaining silent publicly, and ONLY planning to save themselves from what is to come. Don't expect the US government, police, FEMA, DHS, or military to care or to save you from this! It will be "every man for himself" when it all comes down.)

Americans bask in a false sense of security due to American soil remaining largely untouched through WWI and WWII, the war in Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan. While Europe suffered extensively through both world wars, with many civilian casualties and long term effects of bombing and rebuilding, and Vietnam suffered extensive damages as well, this nation suffered none of this on American soil.

However, it is quite evident that things are about to change, and for the worse. And the American government and military has long known this. But they have refused to tell the American people the truth!

US government policy: DON'T TELL THE AMERICA PEOPLE!

The military/government response to the coming threat
of WWIII and NUCLEAR STRIKES ON AMERICA SOIL are clearly the DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES that you can read about clearly on the Internet and various publications.

This is WHY it is even MORE outrageous that this government wants to steal YOUR food supplies and take away YOUR guns and ammunition for survival and self defense!!!

How can this present administration be a government "...of the people, by the people, and for the people" when their policies are quite clearly AGAINST the good and well being of the AMERICAN PEOPLE!

And when they are going even further, to then target the Patriot, God-and-Freedom loving American citizens of our nation as well!

Rather, this has quite obviously become a government OF the elitists and FOR the elitists and BY the elitists...and the common people ("the masses" as Communists say) of America be damned!

Read my lips: if ONE part of the American people believe they have the right to stockpile years of emergency food supplies and ammunition and weapons to feed and protect themselves through the times to come, THEN SO DO THE REST OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AS WELL.
Doesn't our "PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE" clearly state, "one nation under God with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL"???

You too have the right to stockpile emergency food supplies for as many years as you deem necessary...just like the government and military are doing.
You too have the right to stockpile as many assault weapons of self-defense and ammunition supplies as you deem necessary without government interference, to protect yourself and your family and your assets during national emergency and war...just like the government and military are doing.

There is no provision in the US Constitution historically for a group of secret elite ruling this nation, who are somehow entitled to "MORE" than the rest of the American people. America has no "caste" system nor aristocracy...at least not lawfully!

And when thieves and robbers come to YOUR home to steal your hard earned food supplies and weapons to protect yourselves, you are entitled to respond accordingly...just as you would respond to any burglar breaking into your home.

Regardless of whatever label these brazen and dangerous anti-American thieves wear. When "they" come for your food and guns under martial law, "they" may call it "requisitioning." However, the BIBLE, the highest authority behind every just and binding law, CALLS THIS STEALING. IT IS FORBIDDEN BY GOD'S HIGHER LAW. And subsequently, you are fully entitled to resist those who are breaking the higher laws of Almighty God, and thereby authorized by His laws to stop these lawbreakers.
Because if YOU do not stand up for YOUR rights and your very RIGHT TO LIVE, who will??? Obviously, NOT the traitorous elements within the American government and related minions or "useful idiots"!

The most important word I can give to Americans is, PREPARE-PREPARE-PREPARE! 

Prepare while you CAN with precious food and medical and practical supplies, while they are still available on the internet or on your local supermarket and store shelves.
Medical supply kit

Prepare with adequate supplies of weapons of self-defense to protect your family from roving gangs that will increase as this nation breaks down and succumbs to the NWO elitist plans for our destruction, including finally total war on American soil.
Work hard to ensure that you have adequate supplies of ammunition, and other weapons suitable for a prolonged state of emergency and actual war coming to our nation. Hey, WHY NOT? If the US government and military are rapidly doing so, then SO SHOULD YOU!

The mainstream news media will never admit it, but the sales in PRE-FABRICATED NUCLEAR FALLOUT SHELTERS able to be installed anywhere on your property, has been SKYROCKETING nationwide.

Pre-fab nuclear fallout shelter installed

People I have interviewed in the construction business have admitted to me that this is the ever-growing trend across America. 

You can find these pre-fab fallout shelters on the Internet by using various search engines. The same is true for finding long term food storage supplies and in fact emergency supplies of every kind: just search on the Internet.(While you still can!)

Let me also remind my fellow Christians that the place to begin for preparation is ON YOU KNEES BEFORE ALMIGHTY GOD, seeking His mercy and grace sufficient for the times that we must all face.
Make sure that you are in a right relationship with God. Have you come to Him through asking Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior? Are your sins forgiven? This is important, because much of what is coming to our nation is JUDGMENT because of the SINS of our nation, individually and collectively.

SIN in the sight of a holy God ALWAYS brings judgment, if no  genuine repentance is found.

Is America "sinful?" Hmmm..let's see. Does anyone see abortion diminishing or ending yet in America? Nope. But God will always judge a nation for the shedding of innocent blood.


How many other sins can we name that fill and defile this nation??? 
America, this is a time to fear God therefore and to get right with Him, as never before.

Are YOU prepared? 
You can count on it...

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
Postscript-As I shared in my previous post, I am now forced into the position of moving out of my newly acquired home, through no fault of my own, but rather because of compassion for my sick friend I recently helped. 

A reader in Australia just sent me an email, stating that she would love to give me emergency help, but it is so hard through the mails. She suggested posting my PAYPAL account button now for emergency relief. I realized that this is an excellent idea, and so here it is. Please consider helping me at this difficult time as I move out today. You prayers and help are greatly appreciated.-Pamela Rae

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  1. I have a very similar story to yours. And after two years of research, I see what you see. And I just realized the truth of Jesus. I, too, created a blog, but only just started. I would love your thoughts. (Would even like to talk some day). My name is David Hooper. It's AnAmericanAwakening.blogspot.com