Monday, March 11, 2013

Suffering Tragedy......Losing My New Home

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
Several days ago, I contacted Steve, the man who originally sold me the RV trailer I am living in now. I only purchased it from him last December of 2012, paying $2000 cash down and $250 a month each month afterwards. It's total cost was $6,500 and I was planning to have it paid off within one year.

However, due to recently helping my friend free-of-charge to go to the hospital for major surgery, providing medical escort and assistance during her hospital stay, I told him I simply did not have the money and it would have to wait a week longer for my payment to him in March. I reassured him the money was coming for this month, in spite of my being three weeks now with no pay nor work.

I was not prepared for his response. Steve became explosive and threatening. He demanded that I either pay the balance in full, or he would come to seize the RV and tow it away. Nothing that I said to him as I tried to explain my situation, could change his mind. 

I found out only after the fact, that this seller was often a very violent and angry man, as his girlfriend later admitted to me. She had come to me more than once to request prayer about his violent behavior. I finally counseled her in fact to consider leaving this man before he could hurt her.

The owner of the RV park informed me he would not get involved and would not stop this man if he came to seize my RV. There was nothing I could do but pray about this. 

Obviously, I have no funds for a legal adviser. I have no one to stand with me or work with me here. I am frankly too weary to battle anyone at this point. 

And so, with great sadness, I will be moving out of my RV that I have already invested $2,500 into,  and losing everything I invested in it.

There is no other option but to return to living in my vehicle at this time. I have no home to "go home" to. This RV was the first home I have had to live in for eleven years, after living on the road to perform my journalism and ministry living only out of my vehicle.

After coming from the bitterly cold experience in the Arctic Circle for a year to help my friend minister to the Eskimos, I was very weary, my body hurt, and I told that Lord that the desire of my heart was finally to have my own home to live in. 

That is why this RV trailer meant so very much to me. I have already held prayer meetings in it and God has moved here in exciting ways. I am involved in reaching out with the Word of God to many people in this region.

I realized that  this tragic event of being unable to pay the RV seller was an unexpected domino effect from taking the time to help my fellow Christian in great need. She could not have made it without my services and medical escort. But unfortunately Medicaid would not pay for both her hospital expenses during this trip for surgery, and for my medical escort services as well. 

And so I was not paid for my assistance and had nothing to give him as of yet for this month's payment.

So often there is no money in ministry. However, in reality, there is something FAR MORE IMPORTANT. Who can put a price tag on LOVE AND COMPASSION in ministering to those in crisis and need? Love is priceless! The Bible says, "And the greatest of these is LOVE."

Unfortunately, the seller of the RV did not see it this way. He is not a Christian. And when I could not make my payment as scheduled for this month for the RV, he threatened me and declared he would be coming soon to haul the RV away. He did not care what my explanation was. I now have no other choice but to move.

Had Steve been a Christian and been operating by Biblical Christian principles, he would have had compassion and understood and agreed to the delay in payment. I know, because I have done the same for many others, especially in crisis. Showing mercy is a basic Christian practice, as Jesus teaches us. But Steve was not.

I refuse to regret my decision to put God first, and to minister to this precious woman in need. She is now doing better! Today I took two Christian friends of mine to her home to pray with her, after she said it would be just fine for them to come over with me. The power of the Holy Spirit was tangible and so loving as we all took hands and prayed intensely for her health and family.

Oh, how desperately the devil wanted me to become angry with God over all this!

But I have learned a long time ago, to beware of "THE BLAME-GOD SYNDROME." 

Admit it. We've all been through this before, in one way or another.  When we go through hard times, we are often tempted to "blame God" for the bad things that happen to us. "HOW could God allow this happen," we often groan from within.

And how quickly we forget that God is holy and good and blameless! He cannot sin! God is LOVE and He cares for us deeply! WHY do we so often blame God for what the devil and sinners under his evil control do to us??? God is not schizophrenic: He and His word are ONE. God has nothing to do with the sinful and cruel acts of sinners. 

In fact, His word is against their evil actions. God had nothing to do with this man deciding he would take away my RV from me. Satan himself inspired it through a wicked person, to offend and attack me.

Having fought this kind of battle so many times before, I did not fall into the devil's trap this time around. 

Instead, I have been PRAISING GOD through all of this, even as I packed my possessions and prepared to move out of this RV trailer. I have felt nothing but the wonderful love of God all day today. And when I went to minister to my sick friend with several others today, the power and the glory of God came down in an amazing and tangible way.

Praise to You, Lord God the Almighty! Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ! Father God, FORGIVE this man and SAVE his eternal soul!

When the Bible states that "in all these things, we are more than conquerors," God's holy Word MEANS it! many other Christians may also lose their homes with what is to come to our nation someday soon??? Can we praise and worship Him when we suffer the loss of all things for His sake? Will we still love Him? Will we still trust Him? Will we still serve Him?

Or will we respond to tribulation and sufferings in a foolish and unbelieving manner, and "blame God" for what the devil did through ungodly people and a wicked world? 

Christians, remember whenever you are in crisis: God is your best friend! He is there for YOU in times of trouble! Jesus Christ His precious Son promised that He would NEVER leave you nor forsake you! NEVER turn away from Him when in crisis, falsely blaming Him for the actions of the enemy.

Poor God! How many times does He get blamed by ignorant people, for what the devil did! A holy and just and merciful and righteous Almighty God is incapable of sin or failing us! "FAILURE" IS NOT A PART OF THE VOCABULARY OF ALMIGHTY GOD!

We must all choose to live by FAITH. God has promised that if we will seek Him first, that He will supply all the things we will ever need as we PUT GOD FIRST. 

I choose to BELIEVE GOD'S WORD. God Himself knows that I need " a home to go home to." He knows that I have put His will and ministry first in my life for 42 years now. And I am confessing before my readers that God Himself will fulfill His eternal promises to me that cannot fail. I WILL find my prayers fulfilled By His grace and His mercy, in His perfect timing and provision. And so, dear friends and readers, will YOU.

And until then, I will patiently bear the cross, praising Him in all things, and continue in my work for Him unabated. 

All my readers realize that martial law and many of the things I have long ago warned would come to America, cannot be far off now. For me, this is a time to seek the will of God and to reach as many lost souls for His Kingdom as I can. Time is very short for "America as we once knew her."

For  each one of you who also may be struggling with your own personal crises in life today, God knows your needs. He knows when you are sick or suffering.
He understands your crises and heartaches and struggles. AND HE CARES!

I love God my Father in Heaven. I love Jesus Christ His wonderful Son. I love the body of Christ. And I love and pray for the lost who do not yet know Him. And I love YOU!

It's can be a wonderful life when we put our trust and our lives completely in HIS TOTAL CARE.

Readers, pray for me to finally find "a home to go home to" at last. It is still cold here in Montana. It is hard to live and sleep in a vehicle with no bathroom, no kitchen. For years I lived this way in able to afford to perform investigative journalism and ministry nationwide. But now I am worn and weary, and cannot live this way much longer.

I am praying for all of you to be given the grace to overcome in the times we face. You will only make it as you put your trust in God through Jesus Christ his Son completely. No one can overcome such a wicked world and the great darkness we face, EXCEPT BY HIS GRACE.

Blessings to you all through Jesus Christ God's Son, Pamela Rae Schuffert

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  1. Hi, Pam. I'm very sorry about your loss, and, I know the LORD will provide for you somehow. Nevertheless, you may not like my comment, but, it's probably just as well that you got nothing from such a hateful and violent man. Best that a true GOD-loving man or woman provide for you. It is sickening how this man responded. So, with kindness like his, who needs torture??