Monday, March 4, 2013

When Priests, Rabbis and Imams Prey Upon The Little Children

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Any and all forms of pedophilia are tragic, constitute unnatural behavior, and are terrible experiences, especially for the young and innocent victims.

Pedophilia constitutes crimes against humanity, and sins against God the Creator of these precious children. Offended children and youth may often suffer emotional and mental and physical scars lasting for many years after the sexual offense. And some may even die from more brutal sexual abuse.

Hollywood is infamous and well known for it's role in sexual offenses, often beginning with "the casting couch" and the lovely young lady aspiring to become a Hollywood celebrity. Sexual predators in Hollywood have in recent decades been exposed for their role in pedophilia with young child stars and actors, as victims have now come out of the closet to reveal publicly.

However, what is even more tragic, is when those people found in the role models of  "representing God," are also found to be involved in this shameful crime against the innocents, the children. 

Although all pedophilia is terrible, it is made even more repulsive when clergy representing the three major world religions originating from "the Holy Land" are found to be involved as well.

Catholic priests, Jewish Rabbis, and Islamic clerics involved in pedophilia and related crimes have been increasingly appearing in the news relating to sex crimes against children and youth.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam all basically believe that the God they represent is "holy."

The Bible's teachings on holiness and morality in the life of a Christian is unmistakably clear. In fact, the Bible even goes so far as to state the the sexually immoral will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. The Bible and the words of Jesus Christ are especially clear on about how to treat others, little children included.

In the Christian New Testament, Christ's followers are exhorted to walk in holiness and righteous behavior without sexual immorality or defilement. In the Jewish Holy Scriptures, the God of  the Hebrews repeatedly declares His holiness. "Be ye holy, even as I am holy," God commands His Jewish people.

Moslems also believe that their god, Allah, is "holy" as well.

The spiritual leaders of all three religious groups declare themselves to be followers of God, and to be His representatives.

But HOW is a holy God rightfully represented and glorified by those who commit such terrible acts such as pedophilia with children? 

Does not this kind of perverse behavior lead instead to the world's mockery and rejection of any genuine concept of God, when they see those professing to be His, misbehaving in a manner totally the opposite of  godliness and righteousness??? God even declared in His word to the Jews, that because of their misconduct and disobedience to Him, His holy name is mocked among the Gentiles continually. Whenever God is misrepresented by the very people who claim to represent Him on earth, He is made a mockery of in the world today. Even the sinful world hates HYPOCRISY.

Recently, with the stepping down of  the Pope, the mainstream news media has been increasingly publishing articles exposing the sins of the Catholic Church regarding both homosexual and pedophile priests, and their victims. It is a fact that accounts of pedophilia have been surfacing for many decades now within the Catholic Church, acts committed by clergy against children and youth. And it is proper that such crimes against the innocent should be exposed and dealt with and stopped.

But WHY stop with exposing sex crimes of the Catholic Church??? 

News media must be unbiased in it's exposing of crime, if it is to be accurate and fair in it's reporting.

What about under-reported yet prevalent sex crimes against children as found in THE JEWISH COMMUNITY and among even ORTHODOX RABBIS (not to mention throughout Jewish Hollywood)?
There are many websites who are exposing the sex crimes of Rabbis, including Orthodox Rabbis today. One, Richard Goldberg, in fact was even found on the FBI's "MOST WANTED" list!
What about sexual crimes against women and children committed throughout the ISLAMIC communities, including by their clerics or Imams?
Recently news reports have been published regarding the horrific torture-murder of a five year old girl by a popular Islamic television preacher of Islam in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Fayhan al-Ghamdi . The child he raped and murdered was his very own daughter, Lama al-Ghamdi. According to one press release, the child suffered a broken back, multiple rapes, a crushed skull, burns throughout her body, a broken left arm, and multiple broken ribs.

However, under Islamic SHARIYA law, this sex offender and murderer cannot be executed for either murdering his wife or his children(!) This precious child died recently after being treated in ICU for 10 months.
Little Lama Al-Ghamdi in ICU

Cases of both child abuse and spousal abuse abound in the world of Islam and Shariya law, where the man is favored and the wife and children treated as second class citizens. In fact, Islam has no clear set of laws like "The Ten Commandments" whatsoever. Islamic teaching seems to feed sexual lusts in men by promising them unlimited access to heavenly virgins after they die. In one Islamic nation, even necrophilia was recently made legal, for the husband to have sex with his dead wife before she was buried!

Due to public outcry over this outrage and tragedy against this child by this Muslim cleric, however, the Saudi Royal family has stepped in, and has refused to allow this murderer to be released as originally announced. However, how many more cases such as this are not publicized, in which the Islamic murderer gets away with the crime of pedophilia and murder?

However, as terrible as all of the above is, there is one more "religious" group that abuses and murderers innocent children far more than any of the above. The ILLUMINATI and the satanists of this world are indeed a "religious" group: they religiously worship Lucifer.  They admit their father and spiritual leader is Lucifer or Satan, and they are indeed abusing and murdering innocent children throughout satanic rituals, repeatedly in his name, just as Lucifer demands continually.

These are the people who receive the least press coverage of all. Yet their crimes against humanity are the worst in the world today. Could this lack of honest press coverage be due to the fact that the major news organizations and media are in fact owned by Illuminati and satanists?

Recently  billionaire WARREN BUFFET purchased 63 newspaper publishing companies. Yet Warren Buffett has been previously exposed by lawyer John DeCamp in his book "THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP" as a human sacrificing/child raping SATANIST! Such people love to "own the press" so they can then control the news media and what the public are allowed to know...and can NEVER know through their controlled  news media outlets.

In every satanic ritual conducted worldwide, innocent babies and children are either bred or abducted, and then used in rituals. Satanic tortures and sex abuses know no limitations whatsoever. Satanism teaches that the more pain that is inflicted on the victim being sacrificed, the more money and power Satan will give them. Including power to bring forth his NEW WORLD ORDER government to rule worldwide.

In such rituals, children are often gang raped and sodomized, tortured in every possible way, and finally murdered and cannibalized. Chain saw massacres are commonplace in such rituals. Nailing of victims to crosses and then torturing them frequently occurs. Skinning victims alive also happens frequently. Again, there is no limit to what these demonic fiends will do to innocent children on Lucifer's altars.

When is the last time you ever heard of the sexual crimes committed against children and teens by the Illuminati and organized satanism being exposed by the mainstream news media??? Why the hush about the horrific sex crimes committed in satanic organizations like THE BOHEMIAN GROVE or Yale's "Skull and Bones" society?  Why the silence over the satanic sex crimes committed repeatedly against children by the Bush Illuminati family, or the Rothschilds and many other Illuminati bloodlines and satanist covens as well???

In light of what can be known about the satanic bloodline families and satanist covens nationwide and nationwide, I find it highly suspicious and suspect that, while pedophile problems are surfacing in Christian realms regarding the battle against pedophilia, little or nothing is ever mentioned in mainstream media about this horror and tragedy occurring among the people of darkness...people who incidentally also control the banking systems of this world as well.

I must pause a take a pained breath from recounting all this horror and tragedy, and ask God and the world "WHY??? Why must innocent children repeatedly suffer or die at the hands of the big, bad adults of this world???"

And to furthermore ask HOW could those who claim to "represent God" become so involved in such tragedy and outright SIN involving pedophilia as well???

Clearly, from the perspective of the eternal word of God, Christians are without excuse when it comes to pedophilia and related sexual sins.  The Bible tells us as Christians: "And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with it's affections and lusts thereof.." The Bible also asks us this question: "How can we who are dead to sin, live in it any longer?"

But then, the whole world stands guilty before Almighty God. Such sins regarding pedophilia are known to occur worldwide.

"And we know that the whole world lies in wickedness." This is precisely WHY God had to send His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, into this sinful world.

Can Jesus Christ forgive sexual sins? Of course He can. The wages of sin is death, declares God's word. And so He died on the cross to atone for the sins of all mankind. His blood was shed in place of ours for our sins. His sanctifying and efficacious blood covers all the sins of those who repent and come to Him for salvation and forgiveness.

Including repentant Catholic priests, Jewish rabbis, and Islamic Imams...and the rest of the pedophile groups preying on the children of the world today. ALL must repent of their sins and come to Jesus Christ for salvation and forgiveness of sins. The fact that pedophilia is rampant through the world, proves once again that THIS WICKED WORLD NEEDS JESUS CHRIST MORE THAN EVER!

BY THE WAY, I find it blasphemous whenever "Christian evangelist" John Hagee declares to Jews that they are saved apart from Jesus Christ, because they are somehow under "a different covenant." Hagee essentially teaches that Jews are "saved" from their sins apart from Jesus Christ.

Heretic Hagee, then WHY OH WHY is there such sin and pedophilia in the Jewish communities today, including in ISRAEL? How could satanic MARXISM/COMMUNISM ever be formed by people out of the Jewish community, if Jews are "saved apart from Jesus Christ?" And what about very Jewish Hollywood? Are they somehow "saved" and glorifying God through the movie industry today? Hardly!

However, I find it most tragic of all, when such sin occurs in the midst of those professing to follow and represent Jesus Christ. 
Whether fallen Catholic priests, or fallen Evangelical televangelists and many others in the Christian camp, it is a great tragedy whenever those representing Jesus Christ fall into sexual sin and immorality. (And that includes pornography and related sins as well.) 

Why? Because then, the world around them takes note and wonders, does Jesus Christ REALLY "save people from their sins"??? Are Christians for REAL? Does God really exist?And if He does, then what about these kinds of people who represent Him?

Furthermore, it is a betrayal of the name of "Christian" whenever innocents are hurt by those professing to be His. 

What kind of impact does this have on a small child, when someone representing God and Jesus Christ then abuses and molests them? Could this not serve to turn them away from God completely, blaming Him for the sins of those who profess to be His? It can, and it does, many times.

And have we forgotten that indeed, the wages of sin IS death? And that "..without holiness shall no man see God"? Or that, "..the sexually immoral shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven?"

Where IS the fear of God in the Christian world today???

I want to share something with my readers. I have lived as a single woman involved in  many forms of ministry for many decades now. When God called me to remain single for Him and His work, I said "yes" to God. Since then, there has not even been a "boyfriend" in my life, and by choice. No sex nor sexual immorality, nor related sins, have ever been a part of my life,period. 

Our dying world around us is about to be judged. It is about to explode! WW III and many other tragedies face this generation today. I have no time for such sin. If I lived "in sin," I would utterly discredit my Christian testimony and my ministry. Without holiness, there IS no ministry! And for my ministry and for Jesus Christ, I will give my life. Anything that hinders our Christian walk and testimony to the world must go!

Personally, I do not understand the world's dangerous obsession with "SEX." Movies filled with sexual immorality and sin. Heavy metal rock music filled with sexual immorality. Television sitcoms filled with constant references to sex and immorality.

And with sexual immorality and fornication comes the tragedy of STD including AIDS, unwanted or unexpected pregnancies leading many women to the equal tragedy of ABORTION. And then there are THE VICTIMS, which always include CHILDREN.

Sexual immorality and lust is NOT "LOVE" in it's highest and purest form! Jesus described THE GREATER LOVE as found in keeping is commandments. "If a man love me, he will keep MY COMMANDMENTS."

The Bible speaks of the Holy Spirit as shedding the love of God in our hearts. And you can be sure that this is ONLY a holy love, and never lust leading to sin!

The Bible commands us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER as Christians. But this is the BIBLE'S definition of LOVE. Such love is pure, godly, holy, righteous, compassionate and caring. In fact, Biblical love would rise up IN DEFENSE of the children endangered by pedophiles and sex offenders, and seek to rescue them. And to put away the offenders.

Let us not forget the even greater tragedy of ABORTION, the ultimate child abuse in the world today. 

Every day in America, up to 4,400 innocent children are murdered jointly by their mothers and consenting abortionists. Abortion occurs worldwide on a massive scale, especially in countries such as Russia and China. Up to ten million innocent children are forcibly aborted every year in China alone. Russian women average  up to twelve abortions throughout their lifetimes. In China and parts of India and other nations, female infants are often aborted because they are not male children

May God save the children from the pedophile offenders and abortionists of our generation, and throughout every generation.

May God deeply convict and bring to repentance those who claim to be "Christians" but whose sinful and promiscuous lifestyles utterly contradict that declaration.

What does it take to confront the world and convict the world of sin, and bring it to an end at last???  Never forget that a holy and righteous God is fully capable of judging this world! He has done so before (and not just through Noah's flood alone) and He is able to do so again! 

Although He promised through His word that it would never be through a flood again, the Bible warns of a judgment of FIRE to come upon the earth in these last days. 

And perhaps those fires of judgment upon this wicked world are not that far off.....

God have mercy on the children, and upon us ALL. 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Hello Pamela...I love your website and believe the Holy Spirit has led me to it. I am one of "those Christians" you've talked about who have been recieving dreams fm God --- waking me up to the Truth. I was asleep before - in unbelief but God did an amazing thing with me...I went to sleep one night an "unbeliever - at very least a diest" and I woke up knowing the TRUTH of Jesus...that there absolutely is a Hell!! I began having dreams - one I saw churches on every street corner --- but as I watched I saw them being corrupted & all the ppl that went in & out of them so there were none left standing. In another dream I was taken to the very top of a pillar of reached way up above the earth... I was a beautiful site, I was gazing at that sun, although looking at it didn't hurt my eyes, it had a "red" color to it ... then i noticed just to the right of it was a 2nd least that's what it appeared to be, i was mezmerized by this 2nd sun, the site of them both was amazing but then suddenly i realized it was wrong and as I began to turn away with the profound feeling to run.... i saw Fire thrown to the earth from them...I woke up drenched in sweat... I will never forget that dream. Recently I too have felt lead to learn/read all i can about the illuminati/ child sex trade/ mindprogramming. I believe we are on the crusp of the NWO. God' Judgement is coming a single moment...HE will NOT be mocked! Blessing to you.

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