Thursday, August 30, 2012

MARTIAL LAW WARNINGS From Across the Nation

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out now that AMERICA IS GOING DOWN THE SLIPPERY SLOPE IRREVERSIBLY NOW. And the same tired old MARTIAL LAW AGENDA of the NWO for our endangered nation remains in place thanks to their useful idiots.

Like my CIA whistle blowers told me years ago, (thanks, Michael) the PLAN has always been to jockey their puppet President into power, THEN deliberately create huge national disasters (false flag/black ops) worthy of declaring MARTIAL LAW and suspending the CONSTITUTION, and VOILA! Out rolls the NWO bandwagon with their puppet President leading the way as he becomes the NWO DICTATOR FOR LIFE over "AMERIKA!"
PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES get rolling as perceived NWO resisters get picked up and marched off to the FEMA/HOMELAND face horrors such as re-education camps, body-organ harvesting, beheading, torture and termination. It's what the socialists/Communists always do whenever they take over any nation. It's what the Bolsheviks did throughout Russia.

It's also what any tyrannical dictatorship does whenever they take over a country. Identify, round up and eliminate the resistance, create fear and terror in the hearts of all would-be resisters by means of brutal and ruthless tactics to bring out the brainwashed/programmed military elements essential for a military dictatorship...and here it comes.
This is old stuff for me. I was receiving information from CIA and Pentagon and other military sources and reporting on this scenario coming to this nation since 1995-1996. My early readers know this is true.

While many present-day authors on this subject are taking the stance of the "OMG-looky-at-what's-about-to-hit-the-FAN" when they write about this, all my readers of many years have already KNOWN this was coming.

I have known about this for many years, and began to pray for God to restrain this satanic NWO agenda in earnest since 1996. And God HAS held it back for many years now, thanks to countless unknown Christian intercessors across this nation who learned the grim truth from researchers like myself. The NWO is Satan's manifested kingdom on earth, and diametrically opposed to Almighty God and His will. Therefore every Christian should be praying for this wicked darkness to be restrained.
How long does America still have until the MARTIAL LAW TYRANNY comes FULLY down and is enforced across our nation?

Only GOD truly knows. But judging from increased reports of martial law warning signs, I believe our time is very short now. Russian and Chinese troops being seen all across America...Russian tanks coming over the border from Canada...military convoys moving across our nation AND SO MUCH MORE (food crops failing, the dollar going down, etc.)...and election time only a few months off.

I long ago reported on foreign troop presence in North America. GERMAN BUNDESWEHR/ LUFTWAFFE are stationed in over one hundred military bases across America, ultimately for the hour of martial law. Foreign troops have trained in our training facilities for martial law in America.
German Bundeswehr

Secret treaties have already been made with foreign countries, including Russia and Germany and China, for foreign troops to be used in America under martial law...especially against civilian resistance.

German tanks were secretly being brought into Canada a few years ago, according to one military vet monitoring such events, and I reported on that. Russian troops have been secretly building detention camps for Americans off the coast of ALASKA on the Aleutian islands.

One Pentagon source told me that many of the names on FEMA's infamous round-up hit list, the "RED AND BLUE LIST," were dictated straight from THE KREMLIN. And NOW Russian Spetsnaz troops sighted in various locations across America. Do you think for a moment that PUTIN and MEDVEDEV are NOT in all of this NWO agenda in America UP TO THEIR SLAVIC EYEBALLS??? America...WAKE UP!

"HA! Stupid Americans! As life WAS in RUSSIA, so shall it soon be IN AMERICA!" KGB/FSB boast to Russian Christians in Spokane, Washington
Russian military

Because I am now located in a remote village in Alaska and no longer able to travel at this time to gather information as I have previously  done for years, I (like most of you) am forced to resort to the Internet and alternative journalist sources for much present-day and immediate information.

However, I have learned to be very cautious about who I receive information from.There are many government infiltrators into the Patriot community, including disinformation specialists, agent provocateurs,  and spies. There are also those who sensationalize to "make a buck off of a crisis" to sell their "survival goods" or their silver and gold. I know the names of several infiltrators who have alot of good people deceived, sadly. They are even on radio and the Internet (duh!).

But I will not mention their names in this article, because all they will do is to respond with DENIAL and COUNTER-ACCUSATION, a common CIA tactic. I don't have time to deal with this kind of idiocy.

It is up to YOU to take the time to become informed. And if you are a Christian, to fast and pray for wisdom and guidance and revelation as to who you can trust, and who you can not trust. And most Americans are much too naive, and so are most Christians, in today's dark and deceptive world we live in.


A very special reader and friend of mine, K___, sent me an email. She said that she felt God showed her that His mercy was going to HOLD BACK MARTIAL LAW A SHORT SEASON LONGER so God's people could have more time to prepare. I know I have certainly prayed for God's mercy to HOLD IT BACK  for the sake of His elect. And so have millions of informed and concerned Christian Americans across this nation. 

Pray about this. And add YOUR prayers to the prayers of MILLIONS of other concerned Americans in this hour.

Does the collective sin of our nation deserve judgment? YES! The sin of ABORTION, the shedding of innocent blood in our land, stains our soil.
Hollywood pours out filth and perversion and rebellion against God's word continually. Satanism is rampant across our nation. Sin and wickedness from the Nation's Capitol and on down fills this nation. Pornography. Drugs. Sexual immorality, adultery and fornication and incest. And so much more...

But do those who are walking in the light of God's word, justified by the blood of Jesus Christ and striving to keep His commandments and be lights in this world deserve either JUDGMENT or the horrible persecutions and murder that the wicked of the NWO have planned against them? NO! Throughout history, the wicked have always hated and persecuted the righteous.

And Christian need to remember this important Bible truth: Jesus commanded us to pray for GOD'S will to be done "...ON EARTH as it is in heaven." Jesus told us to pray this, because we live in a wicked world in which the will of God is NOT being done daily one earth!

God's holy will, and Satan and his followers' demonic will, ARE TOTALLY IN OPPOSITION TO ONE ANOTHER. God is not schizophrenic! He IS His Word! God LOVES His people, while Satan and his followers HATE God's people. God wants to bless His people and prosper and heal them, while the NWO satanists want to oppress and murder God's people.

Therefore, not everything written prophetically in the Bible is the perfect will of God, but in some cases, written to us as warnings. Many things that Jesus prophesied, as in Matthew 24, and the Book of Revelation warns of things to come, were written AS A WARNING TO GOD'S PEOPLE so they could be forewarned, and pray and prepare to face and overcome the times of testing.

Christians should not therefore be fatalistically sitting back and just ALLOW Satan and his followers to have their wicked way unchallenged. The Bible NEVER teaches this!

Yet there are many Christians who are doing just this. They are sitting back fatalistically, doing nothing to counter the coming darkness and nothing to prepare, saying "Well, it  was all prophesied in Revelation...must be God's perfect will...gonna sit back and let it come to pass..." This is damnable heresy. God's will is that the people of God rise up and "...earnestly contend for the faith" and that Christians destroy the works of the devil by ministering Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Paul the Apostle prophesied to Timothy that "...wicked men shall become worse and worse." God revealed this to him prophetically. But because this was prophesied, does it automatically mean it is the PERFECT WILL of God??? NEVER. God desires that ALL men should repent! The Bible says that God is NOT willing that any man perish, but that ALL should come to the saving knowledge of God through Jesus Christ!

And because Paul prophesied this,does this mean therefore, that we sit back and just LET  this world go to hell, and do nothing to reach out to save the lost through ministering His word and touching lives, saying " is prophesied that wicked people will only become worse, so It's gotta I'm gonna just let it happen."
NEVER. Again, this is damnable heresy. The point I am trying to make is, I hear too many Christians telling me that "...well, because the Bible prophesies in Revelation that Satan will have a world government before Jesus returns, there is nothing we can do about all has to come to pass..."

What? Does this mean we sit back and let these NWO Satan-worshipping murderers have their way unchallenged as they rampage throughout our nation and break the commandments of God, and arrest and persecute and torture and murder the people of God? Is THIS the will of God for His people? Are the people committing these atrocities keeping the commandments of Jesus Christ and treating God's people the way Jesus commanded us to do?

NEVER! These NWO madmen are of their father the devil, they are coming in the name of his NWO to steal, kill and destroy, and their will is diametrically opposed to the holy will of God!The Bible clearly declares in Revelation that these people are MAKING WAR WITH THE LAMB, against Jesus Christ Himself! And we as Christians are COMMANDED to RESIST THE DEVIL, and he will FLEE FROM US!

In fact, the Bible reveals that God wants to BLESS those who are truly His people.The Bible declares that there is NO condemnation to those who are walking in the light of Jesus Christ. In fact, let me put this in proper Biblical perspective:

It is the NWO satanists/Illuminati/Communists who are fully worthy of JUDGMENT and destruction for their blasphemous and wicked ways in the sight of Almighty God!

THESE are the ones worshipping Lucifer/Satan in secret by night, torturing and murdering countless innocent victims as sacrifices, all in the hopes of obtaining more power from the wicked one to bring down His NWO agenda!

THESE are the ones blaspheming the Living God in their lifestyles and satanic rituals.

THESE are the ones who are continually guilty of  sins against God and crimes against humanity. And who plan to ruthlessly eliminate 9/10ths of the world population...with Christians ranked high on the list for termination.

THESE are the ones abducting innocent victims and Christians for human sacrifice and torture...and planning the future demise of ALL CHRISTIANS worldwide under their Luciferic NWO!

Frankly, it is these satanic and sinful kinds of NWO-advocating people who deserve the judgment of God, who fully need to be rounded up and taken away to detention camps and separated from the rest of society for the good of our nation and "God-and-freedom" loving Americans!

I pray for the salvation of these sadly deluded NWO people daily. But I also pray that God hastens HIS HOLY JUDGMENT upon those who refuse to repent and are determined to bring our nation down into tyranny, and equally determined to destroy the Christians and righteous out of America! I cannot bless what God has cursed.
And someday Jesus Christ WILL return, and His angels will round up these offenders and cast them into fiery ovens of eternal damnation and destruction!

Christian readers, are YOU fasting and praying? Are YOU preparing for what is to come? Is your heart and your life right with God?

All other readers, are your sins forgiven by faith in Jesus Christ, so that IF you were to die under what is coming, you would have the ultimate victory...ETERNAL LIFE IN HEAVEN? This grace period before the storm is truly the time to GET RIGHT WITH GOD!

Below are some good links with reports from and other websites regarding martial law, etc. But again, be aware that there are government infiltrators publishing disinformation, or infiltrating the Patriot movement to gather names/addresses, etc. And yes I HAVE spotted several definite infiltrators publishing materials on this BEFORE IT'S NEWS website. However, many articles found there are good. You decide!-Pamela Rae Schuffert
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