Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Open Article to Mike McConnell..A Fine Person

(Again,this is another article written to whom it is written for.-PRS)

Mike McConnell

Hello, Mike. I will never forget the day a few years back, when I attended the Border Security Convention in El Paso, with Homeland Security and Michael Chertoff present, and you were present as well as a speaker. I enjoyed listening to you. I was at that time traveling on a special radio broadcasting tour, broadcasting about the coming NWO agenda for America and what was unfolding in various regions across America. I just happened to be broadcasting live on location in El Paso and decided to come and listen to you speak.

Chertoff to speak at UTEP border security conference

The University of Texas at El Paso is hosting the 4th annual Border Security Conference, Aug. 13-14. The conference is designed to focus on the challenges and opportunities facing the border region. Speakers will include Michael Chertoff, secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Admiral James G. Stavridis, Commander of the United States Southern Command; and Mike McConnell, director of national intelligence. For more information and to pre-register click here.
Remember the tables of spy merchandise for sale, and the funny little flying "bugs" that were actually SPY devices designed to look like birds and bugs, but were intelligence gathering devices to be released on unsuspecting Americans? I found them fascinating. I remember thinking  "(sigh)..... What will these people in intelligence think of next, pray tell?"

robotic spy mosquito

I am somehow of the persuasion, that you are a very fine man of principle and high moral standing among those who work for the intelligence community. I remember after your speech, that I came up to you, smiled, took your hand and expressed appreciation for you and then stated, "I want you to know I am praying for you." You seemed taken back, and then said, "Why, thank you very much! I appreciate that!"

I pray for many people in the intelligence community, regardless of which branch. This began many decades ago, when I grew in the greater Washington DC area, in Alexandria, VA. My neighbors in the fine community I lived in near Mount Vernon,were Senators, Congressmen, generals (Like Brigadier General Benton Partin, who testified in the OKC bombing hearings, whose son delivered the Washington Post every day to our doorstep.) They also  included members of the intelligence community, like the man across the street who worked for the FBI. His mom Helen and I were friends.
Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

And as I pursued a career in professional child care, alongside attending Bible College, I found myself working in the homes of CIA, FBI and many others. This began my lifelong pattern of praying for the men and women in the intelligence community.

My mother, working for the DOD, also prayed for the military people  she worked for. We percieved, as Christians in the Washington DC area, that at times there was spiritual darkness in the homes and lives of many as we worked for and with them.

But we also recognized that  Jesus died for all men to be saved. He came to save the world from sin! I was very naive and uninformed in those tender years about many things I know now.

During those happy years (I simply loved everybody) I had no idea that someday I would someday be told by people in the intelligence community that I was in their files, that my life was imperiled by my reporting, that I was even labeled by one branch of the intelligence community to be a "threat to national security" even for my reporting(!)

Nor did I realize that someday I would be informed about things to come to our nation that would shake me to my inner core of my existence...and change my career and destiny forever.

When people starting to come to me as whistleblowers from intelligence like the CIA/ONI to shock me into reality about where America was being taken, you cannot imagine my emotions at that time. And  listening to stories of survivors of CIA MKULTRA from their very own lips. My response? 
I would drive down to the CIA headquarters in McLean, a place where I had done babysitting so many times for "the elite" and helped host a birthday party in McLean that even included(then) little Scott Brady, son of Jim and Sarah Brady...still visibly traumatized by his daddy's shooting during the Reagan era.

I would park across from CIA headquarters and begin to pray from the depths of my heart over all the revelations I began receiving personally from people like Michael  Maholy, Chip Tatum (CIA), and so many others beginning in 1995. God used people such as this to break my heart with the truth and open my eyes.

I prayed for men and women in the CIA...the assassins and spooks, drug runners and MKULTRA programmers...and for all their victims as well. I recognized one truth from the Holy Bible and my years in Bible college, that Jesus Christ died for ALL sinners to be saved. And that included sinners in the intelligence community as well.
Frankly, though I recognize that I am in a real battlefield of sorts because of my journalism, and will probably die someday for my journalism and my Christian stand, my Christian faith is why I will never carry a gun, buy any ammo, or consider this a way in which to deal with the coming crisis and the people behind it in America. To alot of people concerned and opposed to the NWO agenda for our nation, the Federal government they blame and fear is something afar off. 

To me however, it is not. Both of my parents worked for the Federal government and the US military/DoD. I was BORN in Washington, DC. I grew up in that region. I experienced the Beltway Blues every single day I drove in that traffic mess to my families I worked for.

These people were my neighbors and the families I worked for, whose children I took care of. These are the people I have prayed for all my life, for God to touch their lives and bring the glorious power of Jesus Christ into their world.

They were government officials, military, intelligence community, and political families throughout that region. I loved those people and those families deeply, and still pray for them and their children. Hey, I even lived right down Fort Hunt Road, only a few miles from where Marvin Bush lived off Fort Hunt Road, in fact. (He and his wife and two children remain in my prayers for salvation, although I have never met them.)

While in my course of journalism exploring and exposing the NWO agenda for America, I encountered many who only knew the Federal government from afar, and who  were preparing to take a stand against the NWO agenda under martial law when it finally came down. 

But to me, this has taken on a much more personal meaning. While I am personally grieved about the NWO/martial law agenda for my nation, I simply want you to know that my personal weapons of choice are not guns and bullets and violence against the NWO adherents. And there is a good reason, an eternal reason, Mike.

For I see a much greater battle beyond the visible.
Mike, there is a battle MUCH LARGER behind the scenes taking place every single day. It is the battle for the hearts and minds of sinful men and women  to be saved from their sins and receive eternal salvation through Jesus Christ, the only hope and Savior of mankind! And that is the only real battlefield I am in, Mike. 

Nations and governments may rise and fall,  and the battles therein will pass away, but God's eternal kingdom remains forever. And the souls of mankind are eternal, and will spend eternity in either one of two places once the body dies: either in eternal glory in the Presence of Almighty God,with the peace of knowing their sins are forgiven forevermore...or in eternal darkness and torment, forevermore separated for a just a holy God who will judge them for every sin they have ever committed as they stand naked before His judgment throne someday.

Such battles for the hearts and souls of mankind are not won with guns and bullets and hatred and revenge and retaliation. They are won with Jesus Christ dying on the old rugged cross for the sins of mankind. They are won with Gods's people showing love, mercy, patience and forgiveness to the lost. They are won with prayer and the Word of the Living God.

Every day I worked in the Washington DC area, I saw the sin so prevalent and evident therein. My mother would come home from working for the DOD Army, with great tales of flagrant and flamboyant playboys who were the bosses in the offices...who made it clear that the only way up the ladder of promotion would be a midnight rendezvous between him and his secretary(s). My honest Christian mother never really got any promotions for this very reason. Hollywood casting couches are alive and well in the Federal government system in Washington DC!
I am no true "enemy of the state." I am no threat to national security when I tell America the sad truth they all deserve to know. I am simply one honest and deeply saddened Christian woman who knows the dark, sad and painful truth on many levels now. I see clearly what is being prepared for my fellow Americans. I see clearly the future of my nation. And for me, it is heartbreaking to know the truth.

And so I spend countless hours in prayer before Almighty God for my nation and my fellow Americans. These hours in prayer frequently include for men and women in the intelligence community and many different alphabet soup intelligence agencies. DIA, NSA, CIA, FBI, and so on. In each there are the good, the bad and the ugly. 

And through my research I discovered that sin indeed is prevalent in the intelligence community, by God's definition. So many in the intelligence community are in fact playing a major role in the unfolding of the NWO agenda for America, sadly.

But this is good in a sense, because the Bible says that "Wherever sin abounds, there God's mercy and grace abounds so much more..." in order  to SAVE men from their sins. Jesus Christ declared, "I am NOT come to call the righteous, but the sinners to repentance." Yes, God's grace and mercy abounds among people in the intelligence community, dealing with hearts and lives and convicting people of their sinfulness in the sight of God, and bringing some to repentance and a right relationship with God. 

I know this personally, because some of my friends are former intelligence, people who were apprehended by the love and mercy and conviction of Almighty God, and finally yielded to God's persistent wooing and came to salvation through turning to Jesus Christ at last. (Hello,Steve, Michael, Elaine, Larry...)

Is brutal renditioning of people who are in fact innocent, sin in the sight of Almighty God? Yes. (One military man recently admitted to me they have taken waterboarding to new levels of brutality, with the victims suspended upside down, chained around their feet, and attached to a machine that repeatedly submerges the victim in cold water hour after hour. Up-down, up-down repeatedly. What horror...)

Is brutally abusing even children by CIA programmers and handlers a sin in the sight of God. Absolutely. Is the murder "(assassination) of  people innocent in the sight of God, a sin in the sight of God? Yes. 

But Jesus died for sinners such as these in the intelligence community. Jesus loves such people as these, because He knows where they will spend eternity for their sins, if they do not repent and receive His mercy and forgiveness before they die. 

For such people, Jesus always stands ready to receive, to save, to rescue  from their sins and to heal and forgive and change their lives miraculously. I know, because He changed and saved MY life when I was sick and dying in  the Washington DC area so many years ago. When I was about to die and doctors had given up hope, I reached up to Jesus Christ...and He stepped into my life and healed my body (doctor confirmed) and saved my soul!
For Biblical  reasons such as the above, I can never really consider the intelligence community to be my enemy. I see no enemy: I see men and women for whom Christ Jesus my Savior died. Yes, I have been threatened by the intelligence community for my reporting. Yes, I have had my laptop stolen by one intelligence community officer. 

Yes, I have experienced a sloppy assassination attempt by yet another, that failed because of my hours in prayer for protection, and an Almighty Father in heaven watching over me.I know the name of one officer involved in some attacks, and he and his children and family remain in my prayers, Mike. I forgive him: may Jesus Himself have mercy on His soul and his children and save them forevermore!

This is the love of God that overcomes the world. I care about people and where they spend eternity. I care about these people, even those monitoring me, and where they will spend eternity.

And when I shook your hand after you spoke several years ago at the Border Security, and told you I was praying for you, I meant it. Somehow when I met you that day, I never got the impression from God's Holy Spirit that you were living in the realms of darkness that I have sensed about many others in the intelligence community whom I have encountered throughout the years.

And for this reason, I decided to write this article to you. And share my heart at this time.

And so many times I wonder: where will this road take me finally?I  am compelled by the word of God and truth to keep informing my fellow Americans as I watch with sorrow the unfolding of America's police state destiny. I am driven to continue to wake up my fellow Americans, as suicidal as this may prove to be.
But even as the moth is driven closer and closer to the flame of a candle,only to finally be drawn into it's deadly flames and consumed completely because of the moth's irresistible drawing to the light, even so I am drawn irresistibly to uncover the truth in this hour about martial law and the NWO agenda for my endangered nation...that truth that will ultimately rise up and kill me someday.

But how can I possibly be silent in this hour! 
An American Holocaust is COMING. 

I cannot be silent.

I have been warned more than once by the intelligence community, that they do not appreciate my type of reporting to the American people. One intelligence source even warned my former webmaster that I was marked to be "taken out" if I did not desist. 

One retired CIA vet of 30 years even told me that I had been put on a CIA hit list for my activities (he even called it "the  top one hundred" hit list.) That was when I rescued a fellow journalist who apparently said too much on radio in Denver, and then went on the run when he saw they were trying to terminate him. 

I simply did what Jesus would have done: rescued him out from their set-up, got him up to the border safely into Canada, and that was that.

But, Mike, truthfully, what am I supposed to say to my fellow Americans in this hour? 

Meekly submit to this future imposition of this NWO tyranny, abandon your cherished religious beliefs, let them destroy our Constitutional Republic, surrender your weapons under martial law, simply let FEMA seize your home and property, ONLY to be marched off  to FEMA boxcars and camps and to be brutally destroyed, simply because they are Patriotic Americans and Christians who can never accept a communist-styled regime that is contrary to everything America has stood for?

What shall I tell my fellow Americans? Surrender your hard earned emergency food supplies to a pack of government thieves who ridiculously accuse you of "food hoarding"...with the US government/ military/elite themselves hoarding up to ten years worth of emergency food supplies in deep underground bases in full anticipation of a prolonged nuclear war to come? What kind of double standards  and caste system is THIS!

No... I cannot be silent in this critical hour of America's unfolding destiny.Not even to save my life. And why should I be? The plans of the NWO agenda for my nation are simply too outrageous and appalling at this time.

At least God, knows where all this will take me in the end. And in fact, I will finally be HOME FOREVERMORE in that final hour. Outta here. Home free forevermore. At last.

God bless you, Mike. I continue to pray for you, dear. Your people in the intelligence community should really  take more time to know the hearts of the people you monitor. While agencies like Homeland Security takes fiendish delight in villainizing us as "terrorists" with Orwellian mind-conditioning principles of calling good "evil"and evil "good", you will find we "NWO RESISTERS" are not such bad people after all...only concerned and conscientious Americans who really care about our nation, her people and their future.

Come on over for dinner...the door is open and you are always welcome. I am an awesome cook! Let me share my heart, and the love of Jesus my wonderful Savior with you as well. Let us pray together for the future of our nation. Just come before the Arctic winter sets in!

Praying for our nation, for you and all in the intelligence community,      

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. The Laser Locusts and the Coming Five Months
    Rev.10:5 ...and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion when he striketh a man." This is what's coming on those who refuse the mark of these nwo satanists. The scriptures have told and I can describe it because I lived thru it. The torture starts by creating a tremendous sense of awe. First, they turn your hearing wide open by laser to auditory cortex and then having racing thoughts that assimilate everything you look at to mean seven or eight things. Things pulled from your memory bank and the pictures to go with it. This lasted several days and they agitated the adrenal glands to the point of exhaustion. The people that think this IBM BLUE BEAM project won't effect others do not realize the laser in their heads will awestruck them. This laser show will be nothing to the real Rapture of our Lord Jesus Christ that they are trying to coincide with. This could be the start of the five months.
    Then will come the sharp cracking blasts to the head and body. This is to give the illusion of an exterior force and that you are responding on your own thinking. I soon realized that it was an infrared laser striking me but did not realize they had replaced my thought voice. This came much later after months and months of torture and sleep deprivation. The goal was to distract and debilitate me from realizing that mind control lasers were inserted into my cerebellum and neocortex. People in mass will realize that every human right has been stripped away.
    The search for the hidden cameras is usually the next laugh these satanists have. While I was reading they somehow knew the next paragraph and I thought there is no way they could see that. It is hard to believe that a laser to the visual cortex could see in real time everything I could. The fact is they and this supercomputer can. You now have to comprehend that every shower and bathroom visit or intimate moment is recorded and watched. And they want you to add this to your stack of worries. If that was not enough they abuse by awful nightmares and horrific images as part of the visual cortex torture. This is where every human right is truly taken away. To block this access with vcr tape and a silk bandana works well.
    They know that the human brain can't process this amount of trauma that quickly so they amnesia wall yesterday and use it to create fear at a later time. This doesn't lessen the effect but suspends one in a timewarp and in an extreme stress state. The sad fact is that the sleep you do get is controlled and is usually only half sleep. This technology will agitate you in your sleep and wake you up or never let you enter true REM sleep. The effects of this torture and the coming disasters could be too much if they don't trust the Lord unto death.
    My greatest hope is that when the Lord floats down with the saints and the angels in the Rapture that He will knock these satellites out of the sky. This will make the nwo have to "mark" the hand instead of the present laser in forehead. People would have their minds and would be able to reject the mark. We must all pray for this to happen.
    Rev. 3:26 "And he that overcometh and keepeth my works til the end, to him I will give power over the nations:"

  2. Hello Pamela.
    Thank you for saying the things you say. You are absolutely correct about everything. The truth rings like a bell, it cannot be hidden. As you say, there is an agenda beyond the human realm, a Satanic agenda, which although it seems so powerful and overwhelming, is already defeated in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. But there is coming a time of great Tribulation, as we know. I would recommend that you watch The Daniel Timeline, if you have not done so already. Dates are given. To further encourage you, in a world given over to darkness, there is The Other Bible Code website, which reveals thrilling realities about the Word of God, which no power in heaven or earth can stand against or gainsay.
    The only slight difference of opinion I have with you is about where the unsaved will end up. Because the Lord Jesus died for the sins of the world, and as John Baptist said, took them away, then YHVH has no requirement for a second punishment; that would be unjust, and as we know, God is perfectly just. So just as the dead in Christ are sleeping and will have no consciousness until the resurrection, so those subjected to the Second Death after their judgement will similarly have no consciousness for the rest of eternity. As Isaiah 66 v 24 tells us, their carcasses will be visible, subject to eternal fire and worm infestation, but they will not be conscious of this fact; they will be simply a reminder of past things to those of us who live on that new earth, beneath that new heaven, foretold in verse 22.
    Until we meet there, I send my love in His precious Name, that Name which is above every name.

  3. Thank you Pamela for your voice, your heart and your love for Liberty and Country! We are indebted to your years of commitment to exposing the hidden agenda of the NWO.