Monday, August 6, 2012

"But What Do I DO TO PREPARE...? I Am Broke!"

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
Greetings from ALASKA!

Many people tell me that they have no money to prepare for what is to come. They lament, they grieve, they cry. Many are on food stamps. Some are homeless.I can understand their fears! 

Let me tell  you a secret: I have no money to provide for what is to come either! All I can do is PRAY for His mercy and provision, and faithfully continue being a Christian and trusting Him. I find myself much poorer than  many of these Eskimos here, in fact! Many of them have trucks and SUVs, homes and beautiful Native clothing. I have none of the above.

This work of journalism on behalf of the beloved American people for the past 18 years has cost me everything. 
Kotzebue and Point Hope, Alaska

And now helping my friend Lisa here in  Kotzebue, Alaska in the Arctic has cost me everything. Due to horrific  high cost of living remotely, she cannot afford to pay me, and I came to help  her as a volunteer with her work through the Eskimos here in the Arctic circle. I am happy to do this for her and her work with the Eskimos. She could not have made it without my helping her daily here. Tomorrow she will be flying out to the villages to help the Eskimos as a medical assistant, in Point Hope.

Rent for her and her two children and I is $1400  monthly. A gallon of milk-$6.00. A carton of eggs: same. A loaf of bread-$6.00. A box of Arrowhead bottled water-$45.00.
We have no vehicle here, and  must travel by taxi in the brutal winter months. Her children are forced to walk to school in -60 to  -70 degrees below zero in the winter. She too must walk to work in such temperatures.

With her health conditions, it is a wonder she had not died yet. One more winter here may in fact kill Lisa. It almost killed me with arctic lung, staph infections, horrible stomach flu and sinus/lung problems. We are already going into the fall season here. Life is rough on the body here.

No wonder the Russian communists established their deadly gulag system in the Arctic circle, to destroy religious and political opponents of communism! Only 200 miles from us IS Siberia and the gulag system of prisons in the same region as we are in.

Pray for Lisa's and my health. I need survival winter clothing for the Arctic circle.
Point Hope, Alaska

However, as I read and write articles about things to come, I  am concerned for so many of you. What about the Homeless? What about the elderly? What about those in crisis and food stamps? (I am not on food stamps.)

As for me, I have no bank account, no income, only small funds...and as soon as I get any, they are eaten up by the high cost of living remotely. The  water here is horrible and dangerous and polluted with many chemicals. I can only drink bottled water. But here, one case of Arrowhead water is $45 dollars (and I go through 2 CASES A WEEK!) That's more expensive than PENTA water in the lower 48!
Polar bears do fine here and are better dressed...

Lisa often chides me to get out more among the people. But I am am embarrassed to go in public frequently. I have only one good sweater I can wear, and one pair of pants, and even they are cut off at the bottom. I wear one outfit in the home, a sweatsuit, because I do all the baking, cooking, cleaning and laundry for her household. This also becomes my pajamas at night. Everything I have is Salvation Army/Goodwill. Thus is the budget of the missionary for Jesus Christ!

While many of you lament that you do not have anything to provide for the future catastrophes with, I grieve that I do not even have decent clothes to wear in public, not even to face the winter here now. Much less to face the things to come!

Huskies have no problem with transportation here! 

I even sold my truck to come here to help her financially. I now have no transportation and  no home to go home to. I cannot endure another winter here. I suffered deeply with many health issues last winter, including arctic lung, staph infections, one cold after another (and I am  veggie organic!) One thing Lisa does provide is organic fruit and  vegetables for our household, just for survival.

Even the laptop I use for this work is partly broken. Anyone have a nice used laptop they want to donate for  this work?

For those of you who read my website, who have a job, have income, have a wardrobe, have a vehicle, please take the time to consider my desperate needs, and pray, but then decide to go beyond prayer. Prayer is asking God  to do something. But then God turns  around and asks us many times to do something! We are His hands!

If anyone is moved to help provide emergency support for me at this time, and wants everything confirmed that I just wrote, simply email Lisa at She has watched me endure everything and she can confirm everything I just shared with my readers.

God has promised HE WILL PROVIDE! And He will provide for YOU! His promises cannot fail. But often, it is men who fail to obey His word to support His children in crisis and on the front lines for His work. God works through PEOPLE like you and me. Lisa could not do this work here with the Eskimos, without my helping her on a volunteer basis. Praying for this need would not have been  enough. We so often must go beyond prayer to actions, because "Faith without works is dead."

Never fail to give to those in crisis, assuming others will help them. Many people do this, with the result that little support ever comes in! I will post on this article each person's response, so you can see the results. One person who recently responded so compassionately is Brian Strong. Thank you Brian! Previously Justin, Kelli, Gordon, Larry and a few others have helped periodically. Thank you, Charlie also! But here, money comes and goes so quickly due to high costs of living.

Remember: the Mercy you show now to those in crisis, is the mercy you shall receive when YOUR TIME OF CRISIS COMES! Jesus teaches us this, and I have been a mercy-shower all my life to others in crisis, whether Christians in crisis or not. I much prefer to be on the GIVING end! And wish I never had to write this article, ever.

I have no funds to help those of you in financial crisis with, but I can send you a  nice warm loaf of my homemade Alaska bread! (It can be double bagged and arrive safely.)Or PRAYER!

I will pray for you to be able to face the future as well. Have faith in God!

If any  of you feel led of God and true compassion to send support as the fall/winter season starts already to come in, please send US Postal money orders purchased from your local post office. Mail them at your local post office in a two-3 day priority mail envelope with a tracking number to ensure it arrives here in this remote Eskimo village.
Make the money order out to me, but send it to:
Lisa Shindler, PO box 106, Kotzebue, AK, 99752-0106

Thank you truly at this time for caring and sharing!
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
-Please read this sobering postscript-

Actually, let me be very honest, painfully so, with my readers. I will probably never leave Alaska and this region alive, unless God has a greater plan. This may very well be my last place on earth before I die.
Russian Christian grave who died in the gulags. 

How can I deceive myself, after all my research? Alaska is America's future GULAG STATE. 200 miles across the Bering Straits is SIBERIA and the gulag system under communism! We have a communist/NWO police state coming, with a Communist/Marxist President. 

Russian gulag, older

Russian military have been building detention camps for Americans on the Aleutian Islands. Obama has just given more Alaska Islands to Russia. There is a joint military tunnel connecting Russia to Alaska. The largest detention camp in America is near Anchorage. It has Russian military advisers over it and flies a joint US/Russian flag. Why? Russian military ran the Soviet Gulag system for decades successfully! 
Cold, hard, ruthless and brutal. Just ask my friend Alexander Ogorodnikov, Christian prisoner of faith who suffered 10 years in the gulag system (Perm 36) for his Christian faith in Russia! 

I just communicated with Alex personally last night through FACEBOOK. And you can too! He told me he was thankful for all my prayers during his years in the gulags for his Christian witness and stand against communism. Contact him and encourage him. Go to the translating website below and type your message in English and get it translated free of charge into Russian, and then paste into FACEBOOK communication with Alex.

Alexander Ogorodnikov

As my CIA and Pentagon sources told me, the FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps in America were created to remove and terminate all future resisters of the NWO/communism under martial law. That means Christians. That means Constitutionalists. That means gun owners. That means Patriot flag waving Americans who love freedom. That means radio broadcasters and journalism that attacks the NWO/communism.

In other words, the camps were created for people like me. And for tens of millions of you. I have written about this for 18 years now. How can I retreat in a safety-comfort- denial zone here and now? Look where Obama the communist NWO puppet is taking  America and so rapidly!

I am no fool in this hour.

Well, let's see. I am 60 years old now. How much longer do I have to live? I am too old and too long a Christian to not understand where my faith and my journalism is taking me slowly but surely. I am too old and too tired to run. Besides, I have no home to go home to...all has been sacrificed for this journalism on behalf of millions of my endangered fellow Americans.

My Christian love for the lost is too deep to bear arms against the enemy(and NO ONE has to agree with me!) So here I stand, unarmed, poorer than even most of the Eskimos here...but rich in Jesus Christ for all eternity. 

So I am no hypocrite in my reporting. When I tell Christians they must face these persecutions for Christ and His sufferings in this generation in North America, I too am in a position to greatly suffer for my Christian faith and to die for it as well. Only two hundred miles across the ocean are the graves of tens of millions of my fellow Christians who died under communism in the gulags in Siberia! Am I any better than they, that I should not suffer for Christ as they have?

Alaskan railway to be used to haul 
prisoner boxcars with shackles to the camps

Well, NWO elements tracking my blog, here I take my open stand for Jesus Christ. Here are my hands and feet to be bound in shackles in the FEMA/UN boxcars that are here (as metal workers have admitted welding shackles into here,) for His name's sake. Because I am not denying His Name to save this body of mine. Nor am I retracting one thing I have written or spoken.

Here is my head to be decapitated for His name's sake, with your military/Noahide Laws guillotines that are indeed here, according to my eye-witnesses in Alaska. 

Russian government, Putin, and military, here I you have hated my work against communism for so many years now, bringing Russian communists to Jesus Christ and praying for Christians in the gulags for years! 
Mr. Obama, I know exactly where you are taking  my beloved America, and the many people working with you for a NWO/communist agenda for my nation. However, I have no hatred for you: I pray for you and your dear family and I pity where you will spend eternity without Jesus Christ for forgiveness of your many sins. Please repent and get right with God, dear.

To all my friends in the military/Federal intelligence community who have monitored me for many years, and for whom I have prayed for so many years for salvation, here I stand for Jesus Christ unapologized and without regret. And without hatred of violence or revenge against my enemies for the truth's sake.

I have no guns, no ammo. My truest battles are fought on a higher level, for the salvation of men through Jesus Christ, and such battles are not won with guns or violence. Federal and military intelligence, Jesus died for YOUR sins! I know what I am doing. And I know where it will all lead.
American Christians, don't be afraid to suffer for Jesus Christ!

But as I have said so many times before, 
And I guess I will be proving this to all my readers with my very life someday.

Pray for me, my Christian readers, as I have been praying for you all in this nation for so many years now.Pray for me to remain faithful unto death with what is to come. I am not running as a coward from the cross. And neither can you, Christian in North America. WE MUST OVERCOME! Revelation 12:11 

And remember that the  kindness you show to me and to others in crisis for His sake, is the measure of kindness you shall reap in your time of coming crisis in the future. This IS the Word and promise of God. "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy," declared Jesus Christ. And the measure we give, is the measure we shall receive. I have lived by the law of God's love and these principles for 40 years of my  Christian walk, and have found them to be ever true. 

"Father, THY Word is truth."

Thankyou and God bless you all.
-Pamela Rae Schuffert  


  1. God bless you Pamela!

  2. Dear Pamela,

    I wrote you via email this morning, and am writing you here to reiterate that I am committed to sending you money every time I can. Also prayers for you and you friend. Look for funds from me soon.


  3. this is December 2013-are you still there?