Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thank You MY READERS For Your Support!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I want to take the time to thank  a small handful of readers who lovingly came through with my request for help in crisis at this critical time. Many of you may not realize this, but our fall/winter season is coming upon us rapidly now. Snow can come as early as the end of August or September. We have already experienced building-shaking winds here in Kotzebue. Our apartment is built on posts sunk deep into  the permafrost. And when the Arctic winds hit us, the whole building shakes at times.

Last winter we experienced prolonged cold periods of -50F below zero to -70F below zero for several months! I suffered arctic lung at one point due to the super cold air inhaled, similar to temporary emphysema. Very scary when you cannot breathe at night!
 Because of YOUR kindness, I have been able to purchase some much needed clothing to face the brutally harsh winter that is coming to the Arctic Circle in Alaska.To protect my eyes from the howling Arctic gales, I was able to purchase a pair of quality goggles designed for such purposes.

You see, we have no vehicle to travel in here. Vehicles must be shipped up by barge in the warmer summer months when the ice is melted in the rivers. This is cost- prohibitive for our budget here, and so is the cost of gas and maintenance for a vehicle. So even in the coldest months, Lisa' children walk a mile to school and back again in bitterly cold weather, and I must also walk at times to many places. Using local taxi is also cost-prohibitive. So as you can see, the challenges here are immense.

To keep the rest of my body warm, I was able to obtain some warm thermal and related items to insulate from the bitter cold. One kind and concerned reader from Montana even sent me some thermal garments and clothing to help me stay warm, which I will wear with gusto!

Desperately needed vitamins for strength to overcome came in the mail from one kind reader in New Mexico.

Your kindness has even helped to feed us, essentially a family of four.

Due to the exorbitant food costs here (everything must be flown into the village) we have even suffered a food crisis. Thanks to your kind support, I was able to purchase some local meat (caribou) from our friend Lance, who is not only a wonderful evangelist to his people but an admirable traditional hunter among his people. The money we gave him for the caribou went right back into his ministry and outreach to his people in Kotzebue!

Of course, skinning and chopping the caribou up was not included in the cost, and so I put on a brave face (gulp), grabbed a small ax, handsaw and hunting knife and skinned, cut and chopped away! Finally there was a nice pile of fresh " 'bou" as they call it, and I quickly bagged it up and froze it for the coming winter months.
Lance and Corina Kramer
I want my readers to know that I always tithe out of everything I receive from readers, to worthy causes. Brother Lance Kramer, a local Native Inupiaq and mighty man of God, is starting his own Inupiaq church to reach the youth here. I was able to give  a portion of your support as a tithe to help him in this desperately needed and worthy cause. You can support his wonderful work among his Native Eskimos directly:
Another friend of mine, Hadassa, performs outreach for Jesus in the NYC area, including reaching out to her Jewish community for Jesus as well. Her needs are great, and so I sent a tithe to help my friend Hadassa as she reaches out with the love of God in a difficult ministry field.
I am so very proud of her work in NYC. While many   are complaining about various corrupt Jewish elements involved in Hollywood, government and NWO agenda, my friend Hadassa is determined to do something about it! She and I both know that Jesus the Messiah is the only answer to sin among ANY people, Jews included. "You shall call His name Jesus (Yeshua) for He shall SAVE His people from their sins."

                Solomon Shindler (left) at Lance's BIBLE CAMP
Lisa's son Solomon, now in 11th grade and doing very well, desperately needed some winter shoes: the last pair I bought him (the ones above) are falling apart and brutal weather is coming. We discovered the cold weather here destroys synthetic materials quickly, and so we decided he needed a quality pair of leather hiking boots that would not fall apart. Solomon has foot problems, but found NEW BALANCE does well, and so I ordered a pair of hiking boots for him.
Quality leather hiking boots are not cheap. I was able to tithe into Lisa's needs by purchasing Solomon some quality shoes that he is SO excited about to start the school year with. Previously, Lisa had been in despair: due to the high cost of everything (her rent for a standard 2 bedroom apartment here is $1,400 a month!), she could not even afford his shoes and had prayed for God to help. Your kindness answered those prayers. Thank you!
Thanks to your support, I was able to replace a much needed musical instrument that I have always used for ministry, including to the elderly. Due the costs of being on this road with this journalism, all my treasured musical instruments used for ministry had to be sold or pawned, greatly crippling my ability to reach out to the lost and elderly through music. My last autoharp was sacrificed a few years ago to obtain funds to help feed a Russian Christian family, the Borodays, dear friends going through financial crisis in Ramsey, MN.

The winters here are cold and lonely and oppressive, and how desperately I had needed a musical instrument to praise God with to lift my heart out of depression...but had none.
Oscar Schmidt autoharp 
I was able to purchase an autoharp, and immediately have set up a program starting MONDAY in the senior citizen's home here, of  MUSIC MINISTRY! The Native Eskimo people in the long term care facility here are so excited. Just baked some fudge brownies to take to them as well...they love this!
Frankly, my life feels worthless and empty if I am not out ministering. It has been very difficult with the lack of musical instruments and the intense cold. But I have now been able to increase my cold weather gear and now have a beautiful autoharp (Oscar Schmidt Appalachian) regardless of the temperatures here, I WILL be going out now to minister and to touch as many lives as possible while here...thanks  to your support!
While living costs remain exorbitantly high and our needs remain great here, God has promised that as we seek first His kingdom and do His work in this world, He WILL continue to meet our needs as we glorify Him and minister the precious word of God in a very dark world.

It doesn't matter that we face martial law and many crises in America!

The ministry of the WORD OF GOD to the perishing must continue relentlessly to reach the lost WHILE WE CAN! There are many needy souls here throughout this region. I have learned to put the subjects I research and report out of my mind completely at times so I can get out and minister the Word of God and love and compassion to people in need.

We can NEVER let the problems of this world crowd out MINISTRY TO OTHERS. Nothing can stop the people of God and His word from advancing...not war, nor famine, nor persecution, nor disasters. His Kingdom is an EVERLASTING KINGDOM!
God BLESS you and keep you ALL in the  times we all  face together. May God abundantly meet your needs as we face the coming times of testing.

Pray for my success in outreach in this challenging setting in the Arctic Circle to the beloved local people that we all love here. Pray for Lisa and her continued outreach into the Native villages through her medic work.

PRAY FOR THE VILLAGE OF KIVILINA! This village just got flooded out due to lots of rain,  and they had to bring many of the  Native people here to Kotzebue. Not a good way to begin the increasingly colder descent into fall/winter here.

I am praying for my nation and all my readers daily (Jesus knows who you are)...and often all through the night.(Like the other night til 5:30 AM....)Honestly, I simply cannot sleep well with all I research, because it compels me to pray more. How could I fail to pray in this hour, in good conscience???

Thank you AGAIN for your very kind gifts at this difficult time!They are so gratefully appreciated!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert, and her friends Lisa, Adam and Solomon

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