Monday, August 6, 2012

My Eternal Hatred of COMMUNISM...and WHY

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

"HA! Stupid Americans! As life WAS in RUSSIA, so shall it SOON BE IN AMERICA!"
Boast of Russian FSB/KGB spy in Spokane, Washington, to my Russian friend Olga

World Globalist Communism imposed on every nation-NWO
Note the clear rays under
the hammer and sickle, 
standing for THE DAWNING

There is no other cult on the face of the earth that has brought so much sorrow, heartache, destruction and misery and bloodshed as the deadly cult of COMMUNISM.

And as it ruthlessly seeks to be a WORLD GOVERNMENT (as outlined in Revelation 13 and other chapters) it will continue to trample on the lives and freedoms of the people of the world in it's bloodlust to establish a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT UNDER LUCIFER. 

COMMUNISM...that perpetual enemy of everything that is good, moral and upright in society. which tens of millions of innocent victims have suffered and died, especially for the Christian faith and her lofty morals and ideals. 

COMMUNISM...that cult of oppression, stealing, murder, lies, imprisonment and torture and death for all who defy it.

COMMUNISM... that soul damning doctrine of demons that has deceived countless souls into hell throughout the decades. How many eternal souls are in hell today and eternal suffering and damnation, because of COMMUNISM destroying churches and Bibles and  Christian leaders and liberties???

COMMUNISM... that tool of the corrupt elite bankers that destroys sovereignty and morality and justice and freedom, all for the benefit of the relative few. And pursues the NEW WORLD ORDER globalist agenda non-stop.
COMMUNISM... whose roots come directly out of hell itself, with actual Jewish and Gentile Luciferians and Illuminati behind it's antichrist message coupled with hatred of Christianity, especially among certain elements of the Jews, joined with their Gentile recruits of many nations.

Note: did I SAY  I hated COMMUNISTS? Did I SAY I hate the Jews and Gentiles working to establish it? No! I have ministered the compassion and salvation of Jesus Christ among communists and Jews and their children for years. I have prayed for them for many years. 

I have personally witnessed communists and children of communists...including children of Russian KGB/FSB spies, come to Jesus Christ and be set free. 

Olga and Igor found Jesus Christ, even while their father worked for the KGB/FSB! This was during my many years of working with Russian Christians in America to reach the Russians for Christ in America, and that included Russian Jews, even Russian mafia, as well.

This also  includes Jewish communists as well. Many of them have come to Jesus Christ and out of the terrible darkness of Communism. I witnessed this first hand in NYC in my years of sharing the truth and love of their Messiah to them and their children. Even Russian Jewish children knew that communism was terrible, and knew that God and Jesus were real...and they told me so!
A true Christian never hates the sinner! Rather, I hate the doctrines that twist and warp the soul and mind of all who study and embrace it's deadly cult lies. I HATE COMMUNISM and the Lucifer behind it! While Jesus hates the SIN, He loved and died for the SINNERS behind that sin. I have battled Communism for years by faithfully sharing and praying with and ministering Communists and their children through years of such outreach into the Russian/Slavic communities in America.

I have studied for years the horrors of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe, China, and other nations as well. The Slavic Gospel Association and their Institute of Slavic Studies, then in Wheaton, IL, did an excellent job of instructing me in the history and truth about communism, and how Christians have suffered intensely under it.

 I have studied the Russian language as well, and worked with Christian survivors of communism in Russian and Eastern Europe. Their legacy of suffering horror, pain, anguish and suffering and imprisonment...and for some the hands of their communist tormentors is well documented from many communist nations.
Patriotic nationalist freedom fighters who fought in Eastern Europe for their sovereignty and freedom to continue even after Russian communists invaded their nations, also suffered greatly in the gulags and were murdered therein as well. 

Did you realize that this is exactly what OUR government will do in America under martial law, as brave American freedom fighters begin to stand up and fight for their freedoms to  continue?The FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention (death) camps were designed for all resisters of the NWO, or the communist styled blueprint for world government tyranny to be  imposed on our nation, just as the gulag system was under the Soviet Union. 

There is no difference between the Communist gulag system of Russia and it's purposes, and the present day FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camp system. Period.

I will repeat again..and again...and again what former CIA/ONI officer MICHAEL MAHOLY informed me in 1995 about the NEW WORLD ORDER and the DETENTION CAMPS I had been hearing about so many times.

"Oh, ALL OF US in the CIA know about the detention camps in America and their purposes! We ALL know they are to TERMINATE THE RESISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER as it comes down in America under martial law." 

He did not say DETAIN: he said TERMINATE! 

American patriots and Christians who will stand relentlessly against the NWO tyranny to be imposed under martial law, will soon find themselves being openly labeled TERRORISTS by the government and the media. Janet Napolitano has been working very hard with HOMELAND SECURITY to make this happen, in fact, already. 

The DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY/FEMA is not working FOR the interests of the America people, but rather solely for the imposition of the coming NWO tyranny and eliminating all who stand in it's way, all in the name of "fighting terror."

That is what FEMA BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES are all about. That is what FEMA camps are all about! They plan to send tens of millions of Patriotic and Christian freedom loving Americans TO THE CAMPS, patterned exactly after the style of COMMUNIST RUSSIA and the former Soviet Union, and how they eliminated all political and religious enemies through the GULAG and prison trains system.
A COMMUNIST WORLD GLOBALIST (NWO) AGENDA IS THE MOST DEADLY ENEMY OF FREEDOM AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND HER CONSTITUTION THAT WE CAN HAVE! Why have we forgotten this? And why have we forgotten the Christians who languish worldwide under communism to this day?

Christians in America have seemingly forgotten the Christians who suffer in communist nations, especially in China. We Americans buy things from WALMART made in China in the many prison labor camps, filled with Christian resisters of communism in fact. Do we ever think to pray for the Christian Chinese prisoners in these camps who make many of the products we buy and use from China?

The sufferings of Christians under many decades of communism in  the former Soviet Union are whitewashed from world history textbooks. Gone in America is the once present watchfulness many years ago  against communism infiltration into our schools, our government, etc. I want to tell you: the NEW WORLD ORDER is nothing but the modern term for WORLD GLOBALIST COMMUNISM! 

And it is alive and deadly here in America today. The Presidential Executive Orders are a clear blueprint for imposing a communist police state on North America.
And we now have a clearly Communist president passing more and more oppressive Presidential Executive Orders. Deceived any longer, America?
The entire chain of FEMA/Homeland Security gulag camps, with their prisoner boxcars and shackles to take American freedom fighters and resisters to the camps for termination, is inspired by the Russian communist system of dealing with resisters for decades. Long before Hitler ever used trains and detention camps against enemies of his regime, the Communists in the Soviet Union were using boxcars and camps and gulags to eliminate religious and political resisters.
And now North America (including Canada) has her very own gulag system and prisoner boxcars with shackles to deal with all NWO resisters under martial law. Americans can expect the very same kind of horrors in this prison camp system, as Christians and political resisters experienced under decades of communist oppression in Russia and Eastern Europe...and in many communist nations today.

Yes, there is absolutely no difference between the gulags and their prisoner trains of yesterday in the former ( and still to come!)Soviet Union under communism, and the FEMA/homeland Security camps throughout North America today. Their purposes are ONE AND THE SAME. 

Oh, how I hate communism and all it has ever done, and all it will ever do in the future...especially as it unfolds clearly in our nation, North America and Canada as well.

Patriot and freedom-loving Americans and Christians of our nation:do not be taken alive to the camps under martial law, ever. Stand up for your freedoms, your Constitution, your families, your houses and lands, your precious food supplies, your churches and religious leaders, and for your right to bear arms when they come to install tyranny.
Our wise and perceptive Founding Fathers sensed that such an hour could come someday to America, and that is why they gave Americans the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS when the government turned against them to become an oppressive tyranny. They also knew that it was important to give Americans the right to form MILITIAS to resist tyranny should it rise up in our government.

Christians, always remember: any laws of men that contradict the higher and eternal laws of Almighty God, become NO LAWS AT ALL. They are NOT BINDING on you! You are commanded to feed for families and loved ones. You are commanded to "resist the devil" and his works...and the NEW WORLD ORDER is the most terrible work of darkness and the devil on the face of the earth at this time. 

You are not called to do the will of the devil, but the will of God! To obey and cooperate with the satanic plan for destruction of America and the persecution of Christianity under their NWO is to cooperate with satan himself. God is  not schizophrenic! Stand against the darkness with all your might in these times we face!

Wait a moment: did I just say that? For all the world and the government and military to read? Yes. I refuse to be afraid. For when throughout the history of  mankind have COWARDS ever WON THE BATTLE??? Think about it...
I am tired of compromised and cowardly pastors who will not speak the truth in this hour to their congregations. I am tired of compromised and cowardly politicians who will not speak the truth in this hour. Both serve filthy money and their own selfish self interests when they now the truth about this, but will not warn the people or stand boldly against it! You can read my following article and know certainly that I do not serve filthy money or self interests, but God's word and will instead!

Take the time to read the horrific accounts of life under communism in CHINA, in NORTH KOREA, in KAMPUCHEA and beyond...understand why it should be hated and treated as an eternal enemy. Read the accounts of Christians suffering worldwide from Communist terror and persecution.

And then understand clearly that this is the PLAN of the world globalists for our beloved NORTH AMERICA! Wake up, oh America...your days of freedom are sadly numbered!

Yes, the NEW WORLD ORDER is satan's manifested kingdom on earth, as former satanists and Illuminati have admitted to me during interviews. WHY do you think it ruthlessly battles Christianity in every nation??? Therefore, Christian readers, take the time to study spiritual warfare even more deeply and put it into practice! 

Christians, earnestly CONTEND FOR THE FAITH NOW! 

Because the NWO is soon coming to seek to destroy arrest YOU and take you to the seize and destroy YOUR crush all religious and Patriotic freedom of expression and value systems. Simply study the pattern of Communist takeover in every nation previously, and you can understand the pattern of persecution and martyrdom and oppression coming to the Church in North America.

Prepare for the coming onslaught....examine your hearts before God, and PRAY WITHOUT CEASING against the approaching darkness. You can tear down the dark kingdom of the wicked one called COMMUNISM/NWO with powerful spiritual warfare through fasting and prayer and the mighty Word of God! 


Slumbering Christians in North America, the evidence is all around you. I continue to plead with you, because so many of you remain ignorant of these truths and reality.

You had better wake up and prepare, because someday THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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  1. Thanks for your work! I am following and look forward to your post.
    Check out the term "Pink Pastors". These are communist pastors that have been taught to teach and lead folks to "Christian Communism" they have been around for a long time in our Churches.