Sunday, August 19, 2012

An Excerpt from An EMAIL I Sent A Reader Today...

I just received an email from a very special reader, K____. She shared how God gave her a prophetic word of revelation. Here it is:
"Pam...the Lord told me last September that '...a great darkness is about to cover the land...' and that what we are about to see will be beyond belief. The oppression that is coming will be tragic. This is only the beginning...-K______
The following is an excerpt from the email I sent to her in response:

Dear K_____, I am entrusting you with a very special prayer request. It is my very heart. 

We were warned that when these things (martial law) were about to truly take place in America, that "they" would come for the voices (radio/journalists) etc. And take them away for termination so they could say no more. 

There is no way that would not include ME. However...

I am a seasoned soldier of the cross, an old vet of many hard experiences, challenges, trials and testings for forty years now. I understand the Gospel perfectly. True Christians are never to seek to save their lives under certain circumstances, but to lay them down for the glory of God and the Gospel and His greater glory and purposes.

I see clearly what is coming. I see the persecution coming. I see martyrdom coming. I see testing and temptation coming. I see suffering coming.

Almighty God, praise be to His name forevermore, has saved and protected me from many a death attempt and danger in my life throughout the years. Technically, I should not be alive. I know that some Feds (bless their little hearts) are shaking their heads saying, "that lady...still ALIVE? I can't believe it!" Yes, she is still alive and kicking...

It simply "wasn't my time." God preserves those He calls out for His Divine purposes!


There comes a time in many Christians' lives, when it is more important to seek God as to how to LAY DOWN our lives for His glory, than to seek to save one's life.

For me, to protect my life in this hour, I would have to slither away and hide under a rock, disappear, take down my blog, shut the heck up, remain silent, pretend, and turn into "...a lily livered coward," as the old western movies would say.


God has not called me to retreat in my message, to be a coward, to seek to save my life in this hour we all face. God is not glorified in cowardice. He is glorified in faithfulness unto death and martyrdom.

For me, God has called me to tell His people the truth, to emphasize spiritual truths to His people, and to call them to NO COMPROMISE in this hour. Not just I, but MANY of His people are  facing persecution and martyrdom in the times soon upon us.

"Be thou faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life."

And for me to preach such a message, I must set the example personally. To do anything less would be hypocrisy at it's worst. I refuse to be a hypocrite before Almighty God or His people.

The deepest desire of my heart and entire creation, is to FINISH THE RACE for Jesus Christ, to experience the fulfillment of my full redemption and salvation, to enter into eternal life and remain faithful unto the end. And to bring as many souls into His kingdom with me that I can reach.

K_____, I am but weak and frail human flesh...yet so zealous for the glory of God to be manifested in me in this hour that we face. Please do the greatest thing you could ever do for me. 

Join me in prayer that the Almighty God alone will divinely declare by predestining where I will die for His glory and how I will die for His glory...and design this to reach the maximum number of souls for Christ Jesus and His glory and Kingdom...and to inspire countless other Christian to confess a good confession of Jesus Christ before men and to also remain faithful unto death.

I have glorified God through 40 years of non-stop ministry. Now as the hour approaches in our nation, I have but ONE desire left: To glorify God in my persecutions and in my inevitable death for His sake. 

I have always known that someday I would seal my testimony of Jesus Christ to the world with my blood. God told me that His call on my life would take me to the cross. So be it. We are to follow Jesus Christ. There is nothing finer or higher.

I refuse to seek to save my life in this hour, at the expense of far more eternal and important things and principles.

This is not an hour to retreat in fear or cowardice, but to advance with the unchangeable message of the everlasting Gospel...even if it means into a hail of gunfire from the enemy camp.   

Right now I am not burdened for myself: I am burdened for millions of my fellow Christians in our nation, who do not realize the hour of testing is coming so soon. They will be asked to deny their faith in Jesus Christ to avoid the guillotines and the camps. But to deny Jesus would mean an even greater horror of dying in sin and perishing eternally. 

I have but one message for my fellow Christians facing these things: remain faithful unto death, and confess Jesus before men regardless of the cost in this temporal world or this temporal body. 

DENY YOURSELF... TAKE UP THE CROSS AND FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST! And be overwhelmed or overcome by NOTHING that the future holds.

"You need not fear what the future holds, when you know Him who holds your future!"

You too need not fear, dear K_____. Your life is wrapped in the arms of HIS ETERNAL LOVE and protection for you and your precious children and family.You know Him. He will bring you through the fire safely. Remain in Him....-End of excerpt

-Pamela Rae Schuffert, praying for our nation and all my readers at this time.

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  1. Thank you Pamela for sharing the truth! God bless you!