Thursday, February 16, 2012

Henry Makow and Jeff Rense...STOP IT!

Showdown at the NOT-OK corral! Rense VS Makow

By Pamela "Peacemaker" Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Both Henry Makow and Jeff Rense have been great reporters exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER and related subjects throughout the years. I have enjoyed various articles from both of them, while not necessarily agreeing with all of  their articles all of the time. Still, they have done a great job, both of them. Here are their website links:

But NOW???  Proverbial blood is splattering everywhere across the  Internet in the latest knock'em-down drag 'em out fisticuffs over silly petty issues between Rense and Makow.

All I have to say about this, after reading BOTH sides' accusations against the other is, STOP IT!

We are on the threshold of WW III, war with Iran, and martial law USA, and THIS is your behavior in this critical when we should be standing united together against a very deadly foe that would LOVE to terminate both Rense and Makow for their reports???

You both are great  in your fields. I and millions of others enjoy your websites and various articles. And as you continue to fight each other with various accusations, you are only downgrading BOTH OF YOUR IMAGES to the public. Don't ask readers who enjoy you BOTH to take sides: many of us like you BOTH.

And the very Illuminati that you BOTH claim to be against and exposing, is LAUGHING AT YOU BOTH! They say, "Hey, lookee at  this, boys! We don't need to take 'em out! There are taking THEMSELVES out with this inhouse fighting! Our opposition can't even stand together...."

So please, for the sake of the perilous hour we are now in, stop this fighting. It doesn't further either of you or your only fosters more mud-slinging. It damages BOTH of your credibility in the sight of the public. First people read Makow's accusations and mud-slinging against Rense. "Wow! LOOK at what Makow wrote about RENSE!" Then they read Rense's accusations against Makow. "Golly..LOOK at what  Rense says about Makow!"

Through this mudslinging they think they are finding out dirt on BOTH of you...and maybe then deciding, "Hey...after reading THIS stuff, I have decided that I don't like EITHER of them now! Yuck! Time for NEW websites!" And this is eactly what is happening. You both are only hurting yourselves.

However, I made the  choice to NOT make that mistake. BOTH of you have some great articles and I hope they continue.

Once again, please, for the sake of the hour in which we live and because so many people need BOTH of your articles,  STOP THE FIGHTING. Lots of us like you BOTH. Don't ruin it.

Although I suspect that neither of you confess to being Biblical Christians, I encourage you BOTH to do what the Bible says is a tried and true tactic that WORKS: FORGIVE and be RECONCILED. Why would Jesus encourage people to do this, if it did not WORK!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Alaska


  1. Agree with everything you said (& great pictures). The Internet is big enough for both parties. I think it started out as hurt feelings, first the one & then the other. After that it has gotten a bit nastier, on both sides. A truce is definitely in order.

  2. Hey Pamela,

    Indeed WW3 is upon us and the bombing WILL START on the evil Jew holiday of Purim, March 7-8, 2012 see this:

    Norm FINKelSTEIN and Makow, both Jews outed just before the war because they are BOTH DEEP COVER and HIGHLY RESPECTED JEW AGENTS INSIDE THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA who are attempting to take down 2 main alternative anti-zionist websites.

    That's how they do it, all Jews remain loyal Jews even when they convert to Christianity, which is a ruse they commonly use to get inside your head.


  3. Great article, I completely agree! I've been reading their assaults on each another with a sense of increasing bewilderment - have they both taken complete leave of their senses? I almost think they might have been infiltrated by the NWO and put up to it!

    Have to say Rense's latest contribution made me laugh out loud it was so hysterically venomous - he has taken to refusing to refer to Makow by name, and instead has given him the touching pet name 'Le Pig' ...

    Dear Lord, you couldn't make it up!

  4. the over reaction of rense is quite childish and goofy. he may have good contributors but this guy simply overreacts just like what happened to him and mark glenn. this spat shouldn't have been upped notches. rense has allowed the racist frosty woolridge and the muslim hater devvy kidd or even the utah idiot drockton with his regionalistic sentimentalities to fester in his website while makow only has given an alternative viewpoint to what happened to japan and fukushima. rense even gets a lot of articles from msm tabloids such as the daily mail when he is alternative news for pete's sake.

    i really do not see any wrong that makow did to deserve him being banned by rense. it was rense who went over the top by bannning makow from his website.

  5. Well said.

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