Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet Alexander Ogorodnikov, Christian SURVIVOR OF THE GULAG

            Alexander Ogorodnikov, sent to Gulag for his faith

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

This website and my ministry proudly stands with Alexander Ogorodnikov, a brave Christian man who endured 9 terrible years in the Gulag system (Perm 36) under Communism for his Christian faith.

Although most American Christians have never heard previously of Alexander, I have followed his situation  now for many years, praying for him when he was finally arrested and sentenced to many years in the gulag, and then praying for his success in difficult Christian outreach in Moscow following his release. 

Unfortunately, Ogorodnikov lost his place of Christian outreach in Moscow: the government did not support his kindness and forced him to close down. However, God had a BETTER IDEA!
                    Alexander's new ministry base in Buzhorova

Thanks to wonderful Christian volunteers from Russia and Germany, his own personal house of outreach has been finally built. In this place, "Island of Hope,"Alexander takes in the homeless, single mothers with children, and those in crisis, fulfilling Bible commands to so do. His work is persecuted even under Putin and Medvedev, however, and FSB (KGB) monitoring of his Christian activities continues to this day. He is also vilified by the  Russian media as well for his brave Christian stand.

         Inside the new ministry base: people enjoy God's love here!

While sentenced to the Gulag system, including notorious Perm 36, Alexander was subjected to much cruelty. At times he was forced into isolation cells that were unheated, with the intent of killing him by hypothermia. 

But at times as this, Alex would experience what he felt were the "arms of God" embracing him and breathing divine warmth into his shaking body suffering from hypothermia. He is convinced that these "arms of God" were the result of Christians from all over the world, following his situation, who were praying for him.
Infamous PERM 36 GULAG

And, yes, I was one of those many Christians who followed his situation throughout the years through reading excellent human rights publications that  monitored communist persecution of various people, by keeping in touch with contacts of his and family members, who updated them on Ogorodnikov's situation. And I prayed for him continually.

This is the probably only reason Alexander is alive today. I am convinced. Christian readers, THIS is the power of YOUR prayers for Christians on the front line for Jesus Christ...and prayer for any other purpose as well! 

Are you praying for Christians being persecuted for their faith across the globe? You should be. There are excellent websites bringing to us true accounts of Christian persecution worldwide. Go to these websites and begin to pray for these precious Christians, especially that their faith will not fail under persecution.

Such Christian prisoners of the faith are constantly being tempted to DENY JESUS CHRIST. Often deprivation of food, sleep, proper clothing and other necessities are used as enticement to fall away. Your prayers are critically needed by them.

Remember: genuine persecution is coming to NORTH AMERICA and very soon. A very Communist NWO agenda has been planned for our nation. 

We too shall someday know the horrors of martial law (military rule) in North America. We too shall experience the sorrow of being rounded up and arrested for our faith. We also shall understand the heartache of being separated from loved ones as some are arrested and sent to the terrible FEMA/Homeland Security detention camps, many by prisoner boxcars with shackles (just as the Communists did to millions of Christians.)

FEMA will begin to seize churches and church property under martial law (Presidential Executive Orders will permit them to do so LEGALLY)and forbid Christians to meet there again. 

This is how the Bolshevik Communists attacked Christianity throughout Russia: they seized and destroyed churches or converted them into secular government buildings instead. And then they forbade Christians to freely assemble. 

The freedom to gather to meet for Christian purposes will be taken away someday in America. Underground churches and prayer meetings will become common in North America. Christians will be arrested for meeting together in groups. And yes, there will be those who are martyred under this dark agenda for our nation. 


All of what is coming to North America follows a Communist(now referred to as a NEW WORLD ORDER) pattern of takeover and persecution of the Christians. The groundwork has been carefully laid over the past decades, and the infrastructure is fully in place throughout North America.

Christian reader, the mercy you show NOW to Christians under persecution throughout the world, is the kind of mercy you shall  someday REAP as persecution comes to OUR NATION

Jesus Christ declared,  "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy." You shall REAP what you have SOWN. Also, the mercy you show to those in crisis all around you in America...the homeless and the hungry and those in need...is the mercy you shall reap someday as well.
PRAY for the prisoners of Jesus Christ WORLDWIDE

Remember to take the time to fast and pray for these precious Christians under persecution in countries throughout the world. READ their true-life accounts of persecution: then put YOURSELF in THEIR place. How would you want Christians to respond if YOU were that one being persecuted?

Then take the time to LOVE them through your prayers, as Christ Jesus has commanded us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. DO such prayers reach them and affect their lives? YOU BET! I was a Christian prisoner for Christ in both jails and prison for Christian pro-life RESCUE for four years, across this nation. In my often lonely and decrepit jail cells, I FELT the prayers of God's people so many times!
                                    Alexander Ogorodnikov

PRAY for Alexander Ogorodnikov and the worthy Christian work he is doing in Russia today. And remember in your prayers the suffering and endangered Christians worldwide as well.

"Sasha, we love you and appreciate all that you do for Jesus Christ! Thank GOD you are alive today to serve Him and others as well! We are praying for you! Keep doing such wonderful work"
For more information about Alexander ("Sasha")  and his amazing experience as a prisoner in PERM 36, and God's miracles in the midst of great darkness, go to:

-Pamela Rae Schuffert, reporting from Alaska, 2012-

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