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Learning from THE TITANIC: Putting God to a Foolish Test

"..THIS is the ship that GOD HIMSELF could not sink!"

 -Actual words spoken by various sources, including bellmen, on the Titanic prior to it's sinking.
By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I remember the days as a child when I would visit my beloved grandfather's home in upstate New York. How I loved exploring the many rooms in his large house in Endicott! It was an grand old home, filled with antique furniture and very old books. Being an avid book reader, I would love to sit down on the floor in front of his dusty bookshelves, and find fascinating old books to read. Titles included "A Girl of the Limberlost" and many others, long forgotten by modern society.
Home similar to Grandpa's old house on Cleveland Avenue in Endicott, NY

But one  book that I discovered as I searched through those shelves, had a profound effect on my young life. It was about the sinking of the Titanic, written only several years after it sank, and included interviews from actual survivors. I would curl up in one of grandpa's big and warm chairs in the living room, and read that old book for hours on end.

The Holy Spirit was very active in my life, even as a young child. Often, He would come as I was reading, and cause my mind to focus on something that was of  deep spiritual importance.
                 Book similar to the one I read at Grandpa's house.

I can never forget reading those words, actual quotes as remembered by Titanic survivors, spoken by bellmen serving the guests as they walked up and down the halls of that once great ship.

When the huge icebergs began ominously appearing in the icy ocean waters, and guests expressed concern, cocky pursers and bellmen would reportedly reply with words to the effect of , "Oh, ma'am, you have nothing to worry about. This is the ship that God Himself could not sink!" Relieved to hear these words, the guests would soon calm down, go to dinner and forget the dangers surrounding the ship that fateful journey. This old book that I was reading conveyed this message to my young mind and I read through it's pages, fascinated.

But even as a child, I somehow KNEW that these were dangerous words that never should be spoken!

I remember thinking about these words, as I continued to read the riveting account given by survivors, of how in fact that great ship DID strike an iceberg, and tragically began to take on water, and slowly began it's journey  to an icy and dark ocean graveyard over a mile beneath the churning waves.

To me, it became a simple lesson to never forget. YOU NEVER CHALLENGE ALMIGHTY GOD! Even as a child, I simply knew that God was indeed Almighty.

Every night, when I looked up at the twinkling stars, I simply knew HE MADE THEM. Every time I went on summer vacation with my family, and visited the Rocky Mountains or Yellowstone Park, I simply knew that HE MADE THEM.

Whenever I held a newborn baby in my arms and kissed  and hugged that child, I simply knew HE MADE IT. When I held my new little kitten in my hands and played with it and kissed it, I simply knew He had made it. 

Life is so simple to understand, when you believe in GOD.

Whether through the natural processes that He Himself had set into motion Divinely from the Beginning, or through instantaneous creation in the Beginning, I knew that Almighty God was the author of it all. Even a little child can know this. (Isn't it strange how Harvard-trained professors and scientists often DON'T?)

As I read and re-read that account of the Titanic sinking, the Holy Spirit repeatedly spoke to me from deep within. He impressed upon me that mankind should never be so foolish as to challenge Almighty God, and put Him to a foolish test. Many years later I attended Bible college. I finally found and studied that actual verse in the Bible, where Jesus Christ Himself spoke the words regarding the commandment of NEVER putting God to a foolish test.

"Depart from me, Satan, for IT IS WRITTEN: You shall not put the Lord thy God to a foolish test!"

Satan had tempted Jesus Christ, in the days of His forty-day fast, to throw Himself off the pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem, so as to make God's angels catch Him, thus "proving" to the onlookers that He was in fact the Son of God. But Jesus recognized this wile of the devil as a temptation to put God to a foolish test, and rightfully refused, and rebuked him instead with the word of God.

And now, that once great nation America stands on the threshold of great and cataclysmic events destined to unfold that will change it forever. There are shortsighted Americans(including many Christians) foolish enough to think in this day, that:

"...AMERICA IS UNSINKABLE! NOTHING can happen to her! She has the greatest military forces in the world! Plenty of FOOD! Plenty of resources! We have a Constitution guaranteeing our FREEDOM remains in place! America is the greatest nation in the world!"

Yet I tell you emphatically from the Word of Almighty God, that unless repentance is found for her manifold sins of over 300 million inhabitants, American CAN and WILL sink into judgment and oblivion. God is not mocked. The same God Who moved to BLESS America through previous generations BECAUSE of her God-fearing remnant and BECAUSE of America's godly beginnings, is also more than capable of JUDGING AMERICA for her sins when repentance is not found. God can and DOES judge nations through permitting  WAR, FAMINE, PESTILENCE and more. Don't believe me? Then GO to the infallible Word of God and READ throughout the Old Testament. Also carefully read throughout the New Testament, including the Book of Revelation. He remains a just a holy God of JUDGMENT as well as MERCY.

I tell you truthfully, I live in the fear of God every single day. Throughout 15 years of investigative journalism, I understand perfectly the manifold dangers America faces as a nation. We have enemies from within, and without, poised for the destruction of our nation and her Christian heritage and freedoms. I spend much time in prayer daily over what I know. I fast often. I take none of our freedoms and bounty in this nation for granted, ever.

I come from a Pentagon military family background in Washington DC. I know through various military source facts that the compromised/censored news media will not tell the American people: we are on the threshold of nuclear strikes on American soil because of our foreign policies in the Middle East. And WHERE are the mass nuclear evacuation fallout shelters prepared nationwide to house and feed over three hundred million endangered fellow Americans in such event? THEY DO NOT EXIST! With America quite obviously preparing to go to war with IRAN, and Iran's well armed allies saying "NO!"we have no promise of even a free tomorrow.

Through years of research, I also understand much better the horrific  sins of this nation, from  sources such as organized crime nationwide to organized satanism, the hidden horrors and corruption of the movie industry, the  vile abortion industry, and much more. Sexual sin is at an all time high, with incest and rape and pedophilia included. ( Remember how God judged Sodom and Gomorrah for her sexual wickedness alone. Has the character and nature of a holy God changed? No.)

One more innocent child murdered by ABORTION

The blood of well over 50 MILLION innocent children, slain through abortion, stains America's soil. Their silent screams emerging as the tiny limbs are torn into pieces by the ruthless tools of the abortionist, unheard by the world, have nevertheless entered into the ears of the Lord God the Almighty and broken His heart. The Bible calls this, "the shedding of innocent blood in the land." God brought great and terrible judgements upon ancient Judah and Israel for their sins, including the shedding of innocent blood, as recorded through the Old Testament, or Holy Scriptures. This included the blood shed of Jewish infants at the pagan altars of Baal and Molech by their parents. Oh, how God HATES such sin!(And both Jew and Gentile can be involved in this today.)

And today, when America defies the laws of Almighty God, to manufacture pseudo laws that break the very commandments of God, that nation then faces the judgment and wrath of God. Such "laws" are NO laws in the sight of the ULTIMATE LAWGIVER, Almighty God, Who has forbidden the shedding of innocent blood and MURDER in HIS laws. Abortion is murder of the innocents, plain and simple. And the commandments of God tell us that we are not to murder! Therefore no laws of man that try to contradict the revealed word and commands of Almighty God, can give legitimacy to such actions. They remain SIN in His sight. As as sin, they WILL BE JUDGED by Him as well.
            The horrors of WAR as depicted in France in WWII-
               Will similar judgments be someday permitted 
                             upon AMERICA for her sins?
According to various sources (including former FBI and former high level participants in satanism)I have interviewed throughout the years regarding organized satanism and occult crime in North America, innocent victims who die on satanic altars or crosses (etc.) due to ritual crime, number well into the upper hundreds of thousands annually (if not up to one million according to some sources.) Such victims are murdered in the most inhumane and demonically inspired methods known to mankind. The news media effectively blacks out 99 percent of all ritual/satanic crime, I have also noted, and for various reasons.

Now, if authorities and law enforcement America were pursuing and hunting down such heinous criminals committing such horrific crimes against humanity, it would be one thing. God approves of a nation that confronts those things which His word utterly condemns as SIN.

But when satanic crimes are repeatedly covered up, even at the highest levels of leadership in this nation, and when wicked people involved in such abominations are promoted as leaders and honored in various official circles by this society, then judgment for such horrific sins must follow from a holy and righteous God.
                             The horrors of FAMINE (Ukraine)
                           Will such judgments be permitted
                                    upon America someday?

My many years of research into satanic crime in America (even working with victim families and various elements of law enforcement to expose satanic crimes) has revealed that satanic crime is repeatedly being covered up throughout this nation.

Satanic crime one of the hardest of crimes to successfully prosecute, because of satanists repeatedly infiltrating their people into police departments, courthouses and judges' benches, and also into positions of DA's and lawyers and Sheriffs, etc.. It is commonly called the "good ol' boy networking system" designed to cover up from the inside this kind of crime. It is the same principle by which organized crime can also "get away with murder." They also do this as well. This is also practiced in high political levels, and  in every sector of our society today.

In fact, rich and politically powerful satanists/Illuminati laugh at the legal system in America, so confident are they that their networking cronies are firmly in place to cover for them. And they are furthermore confident that no one DARES to come after them from a legal standpoint because of their corrupt money and power and influence. They too have the same type of mentality of being "the ship that God Himself cannot sink" as well.

But these utter fools who worship a defeated foe (Satan) have forgotten the "GOD FACTOR" in all this! God SEES! God KNOWS! He is OMNISCIENT! Not ONE scream of the countless hapless victims perishing annually on their satanic altars goes unheard by a compassionate Almighty God!

And unless true repentance and turning from such heinous crimes against humanity and against Almighty God is found, I tell you that such judgment as the world has never known from her beginning, is COMING to avenge every drop of innocent blood! God's Word is truth. What do you think God will do to such a nation, who has known the Word of God and Biblical principles from her inception (I am a direct descendant of Mayflower Pilgrims and know our godly American Heritage and that of our Founding Fathers) to then turn to worshipping Satan and demons and committing abominations linked to this as well? Especially when such sin is also found among various of her leaders and people in high positions in our nation? (Do your research: this is tragic fact in America today.)

Simply follow the pattern of judgment outlined in the Bible (Old Testament/Holy Scriptures)of God judging Israel/Judah for similar sins of both the people and her leaders, and you will see why America faces war and famine and pestilence and JUDGMENT in this very hour. God is NOT mocked.

Many satanists and Illuminati are laughing at the God of the Bible, even now. Hey! Haven't they successfully gotten away with MURDER for decades now? Aren't many of them swimming in their million$ and basking political power and the praise of men on television and Hollywood? And isn't their satanic NEW WORLD ORDER agenda fully in place in America, just waiting to come down even as you read this? Oh, GOODY, they chortle in their behind-closed-door sessions with their shadow governments...we are gonna rule the world soon! One world under Satan! Har-har-har!"

If only these brain-dead NWO idiots would take the time to READ God's Holy Word, especially the Book of Revelation, to find out what will happen to both THEM and their "NEW WORLD ORDER" at the hands of an angry God Whose name is not "Lucifer!"

"And the smoke of their torment shall ascend forever and ever, and they shall have no rest day and night..." from the eternal agony of the everlasting judgement that a holy God shall inflict on these unrepentant God-mocking sinners! The worst of temporal torments and persecutions these NWO madmen could ever inflict on godly Christians who will never accept their NWO agenda for America or the world, cannot compare to the everlasting torments they shall face at the hands of the Almighty God whose mercy they have mocked.

They have mistaken Almighty God's patient mercy for weakness on His part, thinking God cannot judge them. They do not comprehend that God is  waiting for them to repent before pouring out His wrath and utter destruction upon them, and THEN casting them into eternal torment and perdition forever.

Oh, the fathomless mercies of God and love for sinners, waiting for even such wretched shreds of rotten humanity like these to REPENT! Such is the incomprehensible love of God for lost sinners, that even THEY can be forgiven and saved!
                     John 3:16 from the New Testament

BUT WHEN REPENTANCE IS NOT FOUND, and corrupt men continue to mock the grace and mercy of the Living God, then only irreversible JUDGMENT MUST FOLLOW! And I tell you, that the longer God waits for such as these in America to repent and they do NOT, the greater their judgment will be when it comes. Thus saith the Lord! (This in fact was spoken by the Holy Spirit to a man of God in Asheville, NC, Bill Thurmond, known as a true prophet in a region of America where satanism is very prevalent.)

So many sinners and corrupt leadership throughout America have the same mentality that proceeded the sinking of the Titanic that fateful night. Confident in their own wicked power and strength, and previously having gotten away with such sin untouched by the legal system, they are confident "their ship cannot sink...even at the hands of God Himself."

 And the list of the sins of this nation simply goes on and on. Organized crime. Pornography. Phony "war on drugs". Corruption in government (in fact corruption in every segment of society.)And so much more.

If I were in the position of sinners in rebellion and defiance of the Living God, I would fear greatly!

Because THIS  modern-day "Titanic," this huge nation of North America, is about to SINK, my friends. And once the wrath of God is fully unleashed, there will be none to stop it and none to save her! Do not ever say in your heart, "Why, THIS could NEVER happen! This is a nation that can NEVER fall!"

When a once blessed-by-God nation turns from honoring His commandments and holy Word from her inception, to later rebel against Him instead, and even plans to  persecute and kill those citizens who DO believe in Him and fear Him (NWO agenda), ONLY judgment and a mighty casting down of this nation  can follow at the hands of a just and angry God!

Do you want to know what God showed me one night?

I was going to lecture in Cleveland, Ohio, to a group related to Pastor Ernie Sanders about my research. That very night before, God gave me a awesome and terrifying dream about the future of AMERICA.
A convoy of Russian military forces-

I saw America under MILITARY OCCUPATION and martial law. Foreign tanks (in this case RUSSIAN) were everywhere. I saw once-beautiful and extravagant shopping malls vandalized, store windows smashed and looted, with no lights (no electricity.)

I watched as military troops surrounded and seized schools. Children were forced outside the classrooms and forced to line up according to age, and then marched away by these foreign troops, to never be seen by their parents again. The look of anguish on their faces I can never forget.

The vision went on and on regarding foreign occupation of America. Finally this vision/dream ended. I asked God, "Father, if this is a real portent of things to come, what are Your  words regarding this?" The Holy Spirit spoke only five words:


That was all. But, that was enough. I understood perfectly. God's words were simple and to the point. Even a child could understand them.

America, believe the Word of God and act on it and REPENT.

Your time is short.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Alaska

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