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A Common Curse Among Christians and Jews Alike: HYPOCRISY

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

This is the article I just HAD to write today, after reading a recent news release about pedophile charges being brought against one Catholic church in the Milwaukee area. I have been thinking about this for a long time now. It simmers beneath my soul constantly. It gets to me. And for good reason.

In the world of RELIGION, there is nothing worse than HYPOCRISY. God's Word saying ONE thing about you and how you should behave to represent Him and the faith properly, and YOU doing just the opposite!

Christians and Jews BOTH are called to a high accountability from the Word of God for their behavior. Simply READ GOD'S WORD in the Holy Bible to see this. It is a high calling to be a Biblical Jew, living up to God's Word and expectations in order to glorify and rightfully represent Him in this world.

It is a high calling to be a Biblical Christian, living up to God's Word and expectations in order to glorify Him in this world. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is also the God of the Messiah, Yahshua or Jesus the Christ and His disciples (Christians.)

In Holy Scriptures in the Old Testament, God's Word speaks very highly about the "seed of Abraham," the Jews, calling them at times "Israel my Chosen." Moses declares in the Pentateuch how God wanted a people who would glorify Him, and be different from the pagan and idolatrous nations around them, and be to HIS GLORY.

Various Jewish rabbinical writers throughout the centuries have further expounded on this, further glorifying "the Jew"  (often out of proportion) as "God's chosen," and all other people vastly inferior who do not worship the "God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.".

In the New Testament, the Word of God reveals how those who come to God through faith in His Messiah, Yahshua, or Jesus the Christ, for redemption and salvation through His prophesied Son, are HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE. Jesus the Messiah is the continuation of God's promises of the Savior to come to the Jews. And all who come to Him for salvation become HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE.

Verse after verse in the New Testament speak of the Christian, meaning Believer and follower of  the Christ (Greek for the Anointed One, or Messiah) as being CHOSEN OF GOD AND ELECT, HOLY, and very special, especially to glorify God in the world and bring others to Him as a result. This is God's intent, to be glorified through His Chosen people, again.

Throughout years of struggling to maintain my Christian walk and proper witness to the world we live in, I have found that so often, the "people of God" have failed Him most miserably. How this brings reproach from the world on the very God that both groups claim to represent. Both Christians and Jews have this problem. The following are some keen observations.

I have recently been reading more and more articles circulating Jewish circles, proclaiming how very "chosen" they are as a people, and how they are going to rule the world someday, with "inferior Gentile dogs" groveling at their feet to serve them. I have even read this in Jewish chat rooms recently.Various Jewish voices and writers are proclaiming the superiority of "the Jew" over all other peoples, and how special they are, just by being a Jew by birth.

I have a problem with this, and for obvious reasons. God's promises are CONDITIONAL. They are resultant upon OBEDIENCE TO HIS WORD to be HIS CHOSEN. They are GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE who BEHAVE as God's chosen people. It is as simple as that.

Throughout Holy Scriptures in speaking of the Jews, God emphasizes this repeatedly. They are not automatically His "chosen people" simply by birth, but rather by FAITH and OBEDIENCE to God and His commands and His will. Examples from the Old Testament confirm this repeatedly.

For example, Is God glorified by those predominantly Jewish elements in Hollywood, who produce movies filled with sinful and pornographic materials, providing examples of lifestyles  that reject God's commandments, to instead portray people living in sin against His commandments? Such movies are desined in fact to break down morality in North America, to communicate to viewers that this  kind of lifestyle is acceptable, etc.

Is God glorified by certain Jewish rabbis and other Jews who are charged with pedophile activities and related(which surfaces periodically in the media)? Is God glorified by that element of Jews involved in the dark realms of Jewish Sabbatean satanism and the Illuminati, like the Rothschilds bankers (founders of COMMUNISM), wherein every occult ritual blasphemes Almighty God? Is God glorified by the actions of the Russian Jewish Mafia and their violence and corruption?,0,4676183.column

Is God glorified by Jewish COMMUNISM, that has brutally persecuted and destroyed the lives of tens of millions of Christians and others persecuted through communism and it's Gentile recruits worldwide?

When certain elements among those who call themselves "Jews" behave even WORSE than non-Jews around them, can you REALLY call them "God's chosen people?"

Will you call these particular Jews as outlined above, who live contrary to God's Word and commandments given to the Jews and mankind, "God's chosen people?" They are ONLY God's Chosen People who LIVE and BEHAVE as God's Chosen people. This is what the Word of God teaches us. God has not chosen them who live in rebellion to His Word! Rather, such people are chosen by Him for judgment who live contrary to His Word!

The answer is obvious from God's Holy Word. But the same can be said about hypocrisy that can be found among certain elements in the Christian world as well. In the alleged Christian realms, you can also find the same kind of hypocrisy.

However, before you read what I am about to say, PLEASE understand the following:

Jesus the Christ, or Anointed One (Messiah) is REAL and perfect and wonderful! His teachings are Divine and from Almighty God Himself. There is no sin in Him whatsoever, nor fault to find. I tell people who are fed up with reading about sin in Christians circles, to NEVER reject JESUS CHRIST  or His teachings, because of the sins and failures of those who profess to be His "chosen." He is not to blame, when His people fail Him and fall into SIN. SIN is the culprit alone.

He and His lifestyle and teachings remain blameless.

Is God glorified and properly represented by those who call themselves "Christians" or followers of His Anointed Savior of the world, when sin and rebellion to God's Word is found therein? No. They are CHRISTIANS and GOD'S CHOSEN and ELECT, who BEHAVE as Biblical Christians! There is much pseudo-Christianity in today's Christian circles and churches. Such false Christianity can never save a soul from hell.

I get disgusted when I read about yet another case of pedophilia and sex abuse charges regarding Catholic priests and young children and altar boys.

From MSNBC comes this report today:
Milwaukee-About 550 people are asking for restitution for alleged sexual abuse by clergy in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee — more than in any of the other U.S. dioceses that have filed for bankruptcy protection, according to a lawyer involved in the Milwaukee case...

And on...

Similar reports surface from time to time regarding the Catholic Church and such allegations against priest and other religious leaders. At times, however, the same can be found among Protestants as well. (Remember that SIN IS UNIVERSAL!)

In the Protestant world, you have periodic sex scandals regarding popular evangelists on television who fall because of  sexual sin and immorality. People who "fall into sin." Famous names in the Christian world become infamous the next day as their sins are exposed by the gloating media.

" Ha! Christians! Whatta buncha a hypocrites..." they seem to exude in such articles, forgetting they too are sinners themselves! But who can blame them? God Himself is disgusted with such hypocrisy and sin. That is WHY He sent Jesus Christ His Son, to SAVE the world from SIN!

Never mind that the WORLD and it's leaders and influential are having affairs all the time, committing acts of pedophilia and worse, and no one cares! CHRISTIANS, or followers of Jesus the Savior of the World, are called to certain higher standards by the Word of God, and they must maintain them to the end. This is how God is glorified through His people, when they BEHAVE as HIS CHOSEN according to HIS Word.

SIN never glorifies GOD!

Is God glorified in the realms of CHRISTIANITY, when...

-There is reportedly corruption in the Vatican itself ,and many other places of Christian leadership or power in the world today?

-People who boast of being Christians are living in hidden sin and breaking the commandments of Jesus Christ and God daily?

-Famous names in Christian circles fall into sexual sin, love of money and many other forms of hypocrisy?

Would God call any of this "Christianity" or following His holy Son Jesus Christ and glorifying Him in the world by such behavior? The answer is obvious.

God is calling HIS PEOPLE to BEHAVE as His people! Only this will save a soul from damnation. Only this will glorify God and bring people to salvation as they see His glory and truth manifested through His true chosen and holy people.

It is time for sincere Christians and Jews alike to re-examine themselves in the light of the Word of God and see wherever they fall short of what God has declared they are to be, and repent and get right with God by obedience to His word.

It is disgusting when Catholic priests are implicated in sexually abusing young children.It is disgusting when Protestant leaders fall into sexual immorality and compromise. It is disgusting when Jewish rabbis are implicated in pedophilia and pornography charges. Etc. The list sins uncovered and exposed in each group goes on and on.

Leaders from both Christian and Jewish circles claim to represent "God." and His people. But how does SIN in their ranks accurately represent a holy and righteous God to the world around us?

 Leaders in the religious world must hold to the high standards of the Word of God, as examples!

The Bible admits we have ALL sinned, Jew,and Gentile alike. Those who call themselves JEW or non-Jew can and DO sin. Yep. We have all blown it at times!

The ANSWER to SIN is God's Son, Jesus the Messiah, Who died for ALL sins to be forgiven. This is WHY God sent His Son into the world, to provide forgiveness and deliverance from SIN! The whole WORLD lies in SIN! And the whole world needs Jesus Christ.

Every day, I ask God the Father for forgiveness of my sins. I examine my life from the Word of God, and repent where I find myself falling short of His Word. I daily seek to walk in the light of His Word, with Jesus Christ. I trust in the precious Blood of Jesus the Messiah, shed on the cross to atone for my sins (and the sins of the whole world) to forgive and cleanse me. I ask Him for help to live for Him and His word every single day. I too am  in need of His forgiveness and His help every single day. We all do. We deceive ourselves if we think we don't. This is how a true follower of Jesus  must live. This is a part of truly behaving as God's CHOSEN.

Because ALL have sinned, ALL need Jesus The Messiah and Savior for SALVATION, Jew and non-Jew alike. My Jewish friends and readers, Your Messiah died to atone for YOUR sins according to the Jewish prophets' declarations of Messiah. You can come to Him today for your full salvation from your sins and to be right with a Holy God of Abraham. The Holy Scriptures declare that He would die to atone for the sins of ALL who come to Him, Jew and Gentile alike.

All who obey God and repent of their sins, to receive forgiveness and atonement through Jesus/Yahshua the Messiah, become as a result, God's true Chosen People by faith and obedience.

Let's admit it: there is sin in the Jewish world. There is sin in the Gentile world. Who would be foolish enough to deny this? And God has provided an answer for BOTH: Jesus the Messiah and Savior of the World. It is that simple. Because we have all sinned.

The bottom line is, again,  they are God's CHOSEN PEOPLE who behave as God's Chosen people.

Are YOU one of God's truly "chosen people" in truth and according to His Word's dictates, or are you only deceiving yourself? If you are living in deception,  REPENT TODAY and get right with God through Jesus Christ and His forgiveness for YOUR sins and salvation.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Alaska

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